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6 Remote Jobs For Beginners In 2021

We are going to talk about how to make money online with remote jobs and how newbie beginners can make anywhere from $100 a day to even $300 per day. I want to talk about a concept that I learned from the "4-hour workweek", which is one of the bibles when it comes to remote work, making money online, traveling around the world, taking selfies in front of coconut trees and whatnot, and hanging out in places like here in Bali or in Thailand and whatnot. I remember when I read that book and my entire life changed because it's not really preaching entrepreneurship, it's preaching efficiency. I remember there was this aspect in this book where it said, if you have a job, your first goal is to get your job online or remotely because when you are being able to be remote, you can start winning back your time and using the more free time instead of clocking in and out 8-hours every single day to actually start building something on the side and making more money or then you can say peace out to your job, and then go out there and live your dreams

But the thing is, what most people realize is you don't even have to wait, while working a job that maybe you're working right now you could actually find remote work like almost in the next 24 to 48 hours. 

1. Sales Conversion Specialist Or A Phone Closer

As you can see, here are Upwork sales jobs

If you're good at the phone, you like closing, you've seen wolf of wall street one too many times, you like when people buy, maybe you want to be like Jordan Belfort when you grow up, you could literally apply for any of these jobs. As you can see, 30 hours a week, 10 to 30 hours a week, 450 fixed price, 10 to 30 hours a week

You're probably thinking about how much you actually will make? You see this person made $2,000 already from the united states. The other person made $900 and they're from Panama. So you could be anywhere in the world 

This one charges $45 an hour from the UAE. 

Do you have to be going to a cubicle? Probably not, you really just need a phone and you need to know some type of sales script, sales scripting is pretty easy.

2. Writing

The thing about a lot of entrepreneurs especially here in Bali is a lot of them have blogs, a lot of them have content, but the problem with that is they can't be the ones always writing all the time. The reason why writing is so valuable in terms of businesses and online businesses is that it helps businesses rank on search. So think about this, if a blog or a website ranks on search, for example, how to comb my hair? Do you think that somebody that has an e-commerce store that sells combs would actually hire you to make an article like that because they're selling combs and they know if someone googles it then they're more likely to buy the combs? It's just a no-brainer. So writing jobs have literally exploded in the past couple of years

You can see there are 2,800 jobs available. You see 30 hours a week, 10 to 30 hours a week, and soon

How much can I actually make? That's all I really care about. Well, you got rick from u.s. made $3,000. You got Brynn from u.s. made over $10,000. You got Michael to make $40,000. Etc...

You see it's like there are so many people making really good money. You see what the internet has done, is it literally democratized the way that people can actually make money remotely. You do not have to die in a cubicle, you do not have to die in the same damn city and country that you've been living your entire life. You can make money online and then leave, or you could make money online and stay at home and hang out with your kids. Maybe watch tv with them, maybe watch Netflix with them, have a nice family dinner, actually put down the phones and look at each other's eyes and actually talk. 

With remote work, remember, you can now win back your time and get some peace of mind

3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

3,619 virtual assistant jobs with Upwork 

Virtual assistants though they do help people in third world countries because it is like a consumer amount of income-based off on their level of income that they are normally used to. But you could even do this in the u.s. Megan made over $10,000. You have Michelle make over a $1,000

Essentially, what this is, is you are just supporting the online business. Like the reason why I would get online virtual assistants is because I would maybe need help with scheduling appointments or emails or answering emails or customer service. If you have a good personality and you are naturally calm and centered and you love supporting people, this is an amazing job for you. Because of the fact that not only do you get provided stable reliable income, but you also benefit from an online business without actually having to go through the risk of an online business yourself, does that make sense?

4. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping jobs are pretty interesting, not that many jobs, but they do well as well.

There are all these jobs available here on Upwork and as you can see, there's a lot of people doing really good

You see that people are doing well with this. My friend hired somebody over here in Bali I think she's from the Netherlands or Serbia or whatever she lives, and she has her own bookkeeping business and essentially what she does is she helps entrepreneurs like him who are bad at math to literally plugin with either zero or QuickBooks and have all the bookkeeping done and ready. So he knows that he's not losing money every single month and he knows he's making money. And it's super essential for businesses because I'm telling this right now, a lot of entrepreneurs like him hate doing the numbers, hate crunching the numbers, hate looking at things. They're really good at making money but they're really bad at all the back-end things. If they're allowed back there in that kitchen they're gonna end up breaking stuff. So bookkeepers are very very valuable

5. Graphic Design Jobs

This is also huge as well as you can see there are nearly 5,000 jobs. You have 20 fixed rate but then you also get a more stable job

You can see all the people that are making money with this. We have Ukraine made $100,000 with graphic design. Then you have Romania $40 an hour. Philippines $44 an hour, and so on 

The reason why this is very valuable is that marketers need images for either their advertisings or thumbnails or whatnot. And think about this is like when people are good at marketing, like most online business entrepreneurs, usually they're really bad at design. It's very hard for marketers and designers to be like the same thing. But if you could support a marketer and you're a good designer, you could make some really good money 

6. Transcription Jobs

It's basically taking words and turning them into texts. These fairly do really well as well. You have $10k earned. You have a medical transcriptionist expert who's made over $700

For all my grammar nazis out there, has anyone ever messaged you with the weirdest of mispronunciation or misspelling and you just get really angry? Well, did you know that you could actually make money from your grammar nazism? As you can see, there's a bunch of different jobs 1,631 to be exactly where you get people like homegirl Alexandre d, who's made over $10k from the UK, or Emma m, who's made over $10k from Australia, or $3k united states Corey w,

You could see that you could literally make money with all these remote jobs as a complete beginner

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