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10 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs In 2021

Would you like to work from home but have no idea how to find a job that suits you? Read this article from my top 10 workings from home jobs that will pay the best in 2021. If you are considering transitioning towards working from home job, or getting a side hustle, or even finding a job within a company that would allow you to work from home and you have no idea where to start, by the end of this article, I will share with you the top 10 highest paying work from home jobs for 2021. 

1. Web Developer

$40 - $165/hour

I can personally tell you that this is going to be a job that will be in demand for years to come. Not only am I bringing this up because you can earn between $40 up to $165 per hour doing this job, but also because it's not as difficult as it used to be. Because nowadays with websites like Wix and WordPress and a number of others, you would be able to very quickly learn the dos and don'ts of website design. If you have an interest in design, and if you have taste for design, then this might be a really great idea for you to look into. 

2. Online Marketing Agency Owner

$50 - unlimited/hour

And again, I'm bringing this up because it is something that I see as being so high in demand more and moreover the past few months and a couple of years. It is something that doesn't require you to have a lot of training and certifications prior to getting a job on this. If you are interested in owning your own online media agency, then you can definitely learn those skills on websites like Skillshare and Udemy. What an online marketing media agency owner does is basically, creates ads and drive leads for small businesses like small doctors offices for hairdressers, but also for larger ones. So you can work with freelancers, you can work with small businesses, you can even work your way up and collaborate with larger companies afterward. 

You can earn as an owner of an online marketing agency between $50 per hour, up to unlimited, depending on your capacity and the kind of collaborations that you are able to close. 

3. Programmer Or A Software Developer

$50 - $130/hour

I know this is one that probably comes up in a number of other articles and there's a reason for that. With the digital transformation that we are going through nowadays and with the increased demand for technology skills, being someone that has programming skills or software development capabilities will definitely allow you not only to work from home, but earn a pretty nice income. As a software developer, depending on the language that you're specialized in, you could earn between $50 per hour up to $130 per hour. There are so many developer areas that you could focus on, if IT is a direction that you're passionate about, and you're interested to learn more. If you do, then again, there are plenty of resources where you could learn from and get better and be able to scores those working from home jobs as a programmer or a software developer. 

4. Sales Conversion Specialist Or A Phone Closer

$80 - $200/hour

If you are someone who is passionate about sales, if sales are in your blood and you love to close, then this is the job for you. As some of the other ones that I have been talking about, it does not require any special training or any certification, you definitely will be getting better as you go and practice. If you're interested in getting into sales, then this kind of role could be interesting for you to look into. Especially nowadays, as we have so many programs and online entrepreneurs selling high ticket items where there's a need for someone like you who would be able to go in and close in that last mile execution, then please consider this as an option for you. 

A sales conversion specialist could earn between $80 up to probably up to $200 depending on the kind of projects that you're working on. Also consider that in this kind of role, you would be able to ask for a percentage of the deal that you will have closed. So you could even end up earning way more than this if you work on those high ticket items. 

5. Social Media Manager

$50 - $100/hour

This is the kind of role that I have been using myself for my startup, I have been already working with a number of individuals who act as freelancers and offer social media management services. If you are someone interested and passionate about social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, you name it, then this might be something for you. A role like this could help you get between $50 and $100 per hour. And what you would be doing is managing one or multiple accounts for freelancers or small entrepreneurs, you would be interacting with their audience, you would be replying to comments, you would be posting, making sure that their editorial calendar is in place, ensuring that the creative and the visuals are done. And that could help you either get that side hustle or transition into freelancing while working from home. 

6. User Experience Consultant

$20 - $120/hour

This is the kind of role that would certainly be in high demand for now for years to come since everything is moving online and with the number of online platforms and online retailers that are so looking to make sure they create a smooth online experience for their customers, someone like you if you are passionate about online retail and online marketing and online experiences, all together then this could be something that you should consider. 

Being an online user experience consultant would bring you between $20 per hour up to $120 per hour, depending on the kind of depth and the kind of value you would be adding. 

7. Copywriter

$35 - $110/hour

If you are someone who is passionate about writing, you've been writing since you can remember, or even if you didn't, but you can still write in a decent language, then this might be something you would like to consider. And again, with the explosion of social media and of the online presence that any company big or small is looking to have nowadays, there is definitely a high demand for copywriters. For those folks who are able to create content, be that short in tweet style, or longer for Instagram or Facebook, or even longer if we're talking blog posts, brochures, and so forth. 

If writing is something that you would like to try out, you definitely have something that you're passionate about, an area of expertise. So maybe you would like to consider copywriting for somebody that is acting in that area that you are already passionate about, and to an extent, a subject matter expert. A copywriting job would bring you between $35 per hour up to $110 per hour. So definitely something to remember. 

8. Recruiter

$10 - $15/hour

And yes, you would certainly benefit if you already had HR experience or HR studies, but you don't necessarily have to have it. You can always start on small assignments, charging very little or even working for free until you get that experience. And then you can certainly start working on more recruitment assignments. That is the kind of role that I have already hired for, for my startup, I have someone who helps me find all of the other resources that I work with, she's amazing and I could certainly not be able to do everything I do without her help. So if you are someone who's passionate about human interactions and helping others find new opportunities, then maybe an HR recruitment agent is something that you would like to consider. 

This kind of assignment would bring you somewhere between $10 and $125 per hour depending, of course, on your expertise and on the value that you will be able to bring. 

9. Data Science Implementation Consultant

$20 - $110/hour

And yes, this is the kind of role that would require that you are passionate about data and numbers, and if you are not, then this might not be for you. A data science implementation consultant is certainly a job that will be in high demand from now on because it relates to everything that has to do with artificial intelligence, big data, and that kind of stuff. So if you are passionate about statistics and data science, then this might be something that you would like to pursue. Even if you don't have experience, again, there are plenty of resources that you could leverage to learn more and get some experience in this space. 

This kind of role would bring you somewhere between $20 to $110 per hour. So certainly something to remember and keep in mind because it will be able to bring you really nice pay at the end of the day. 

10. Udemy Online Course Creator

Maybe you are not necessarily a teacher, but you certainly are a subject matter expert in something. If you have something that you are so passionate about that you could teach others in your sleep, then that is an area that you might consider creating an online course for. Depending on the value that you bring, you will be able to sell that course in Udemy, which is a platform that offers this kind of course to people who would like to learn more in different areas.

The course itself usually sells at around $10 per sale, and obviously, if your course is one that is appreciated and is seen as one that brings a lot of value, then with volume, you will be able to earn a really nice amount. 

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