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Top 8 Side Hustles That Pay The Most Money

In this article, I'm gonna be going over what I consider to be the top 8 side hustles that are paying the most money right now. Now, I've been doing side hustles for years like literally ever since I was about 12 years old maybe even younger and I have been looking at what other bloggers are suggesting, and honestly, most of the suggestions kind of suck. But if you read this article and you really pay attention. I'm going to share with you some side hustles today that are going to make you some serious extra cash and they are also gonna stop you from just wasting your time, going down a road that's just not gonna get you anywhere.

Take uber for example. So a recent poll conducted on a really popular blog by this guy Campbell. Found that Uber drivers make about $15.68 an hour and that might sound pretty good until you factor in expenses like gas, maintenance, and depreciation. Because then it goes down to about $9.21 an hour. Which is just a little bit over minimum wage. 

So with that being said, chances are you probably shouldn't be wasting your time being an uber driver. Instead, you should do my number one suggestion which is getting paid to be somebody's friend 

1. Get Paid To Hang Out _ $10 To $50/hour

You can get paid between $10 to $50 an hour using 

Now, before you go in the comments section and type, well, that's stupid, nobody would ever pay $50 an hour just to be somebody's friend.

Think about the last time you traveled somewhere. Think about all the time it took to plan it out, to figure out what restaurants you were gonna go to, to figure out what sites you're going to see, to figure out what parts of town were the good parts of town that you really want to go to, and which ones you kind of just want to ignore.

Chances are you ended up going somewhere at the wrong time you probably ended up stuck in traffic or even worse you ended up looking ridiculous. Standing in a long line like those silly people who stand in line just to get the newest iPhone for like six hours 

Now, a really good example of this is Las Vegas. So I lived there for about three years and I could tell you exactly which spots are completely overrated and which ones are freaking awesome. So with this site, you can just basically hire someone to show you around the city, show you all the good spots, the good restaurants, etc.. and it's basically just like having your own personal travel guide where it probably took them years and years to learn which spots were good and which ones sucked.

And they will save you from going to different spots that are just really overrated. Maybe overpriced or you have to wait in line or it's just a waste of your time 

That way you don't have to spend as much time researching and the whole experience is just a lot smoother and just a much better experience overall. And going back to my example of Las Vegas it's just a perfect example of this because the casino spent so much money making you think that their attraction is better than everything else, and a lot of the time the really good attractions there's just no way they can even compete with the casinos and so nobody even knows about them. And there's a ton of really good spots that pretty much only the locals know about and it would be tough to even find them online.

Even the spots that people do know about like the Las Vegas sign. A local could tell you when to go there so that you don't have to wait in line for an hour 

So if you live in a city where you got a lot of tourists and you are familiar with the city you can sign up for this site and you can make really good money just by showing people around.

2. Golf Caddy _ $30+/hour

Golf caddies can earn $100 to $200, and sometimes that doesn't even include tips. And this is just when you are starting off. So basically what you do as a caddy is you just carry around all of the Gophers during rounds and in between rounds, and then whenever a golfer

needs something like he needs his balls or like a club, you just hand it to the golfer. They will ask you and you hand it to them

Now, it does help if you know which clubs are which and it helps even more if you know which general clubs that you should use in different situations because that would make the Gophers job just a lot easier, and honestly, that's pretty easy to learn you could probably learn that in like an afternoon.

Benefits to this include you really get a good workout, and you get to spend time around awesome successful people like Tiger Woods. So it's really good for networking that is one thing that is definitely underrated about being a caddy. And believe it or not, this can turn into a full-time gig. I mean, there are caddies who make over a million dollars a year like Jordan Spieth's caddy

You can get work as a caddy by visiting your local golf courses and country clubs and this is kind of seasonal. You are probably not going to find too much work in the winter in the fall. You're gonna get most of your work in the spring and the summer when they are out golfing all the time.

3. Package Delivery Driver For Amazon Flex _ $18 To $25/hour

You can make a lot of money with this all you basically need is a vehicle that has quite a bit of space so that you can store packages inside of it. Right on Amazon flexes website you can make $18 to $25 an hour doing this 

But one problem I see is that they limit you to only working about 12 hours a week, and it's pretty unpredictable. They need more drivers at certain times of the year so obviously, during the last three months of the year. You got Christmas, the holiday season, they are going to need more drivers and they are gonna give you more hours and then even certain times of the week. So there are certain times of the week where more packages get delivered so you're gonna get more work during those times of the week, but if you find yourself in the holiday season and you don't have much to do you have a lot of extra time this is something that you could sign up for and really make a lot of extra income 

4. Moving And Hauling Stuff _ $50+/hour

Whenever somebody does something significant like moving or getting a new washer or getting a new couch or something like that, they need a truck or like a big van to move things from point A to point B. Now, a lot of the time the big moving services will have like a minimum service payment, with a minimum amount of hours, and a minimum amount of movers, that people have to purchase in order to get a job

So people end up overpaying like paying way more than what they need to for a job that should have taken about half the time maybe even one-fourth of the time. And this leaves a huge opportunity for you. 

You can just buy an old truck on Craigslist for like $1,000 to $2,000, and it also helps if you have a trailer. And then you just go on Craigslist and you'd either post an ad in the services and moving section or you just look for people who already posted and they need help moving

Now when I used to do this I used to make about $50 to $80 an hour, but honestly, I just had like a small truck. I had a GMC Sonoma and I had a friend who had a bigger truck like an f-150 and then he also had a trailer and he'd make a lot more money than me. 

5. Snow Plowing

A similar job to this that you can make even more money from which also requires a truck is snow plowing. This one requires a medium to a larger sized truck. You probably can't do this with a smaller truck but you can make absolute bank with this

I mean, I knew a guy who made over $40,000 in one winter just by snow plowing. And if you don't believe me about these numbers, hey,  I don't blame you. Do your own research. Look on a site like

It's a forum where these guys talk about how much they make, and I mean, it's obvious that they make good money. And you just have to look on the forum I don't really see any reason why they would lie about it.

Now, this is obviously a seasonal business so you can only do it a few months out of the year. This is also a business that probably is not gonna work for you if you live in a city like San Diego and you haven't seen snow since 1967.

Now, the way that you would find business doing this is you would just post on Craigslist, and then you'd also just let people know by word-of-mouth that you are somebody who has a truck and you have a snowplow and you are down for business.

6. Season Helper _ $35+/hour

Being a seasonal house decorator or personal shopper. So there are a lot of rich people out there that want their houses decorated, but they don't want to actually spend the time to do it themselves

And this is kind of a seasonal job so there aren't that many companies out there that actually do this full-time. And many of these people are willing to pay over $1,000 just for you to set up their Christmas tree and decorate their house. And you can do this for Christmas, you can do it for Halloween, probably a few other holidays out there. And then you can also be a personal shopper for people and buy gifts for their friends and families so that they don't have to.

If you are one of the 13 people in the world that is extremely good at gift wrapping then you can also get paid really good money to do that as well

But seriously, I don't know how people get good at this. I have tried so many times and my gifts always look like they were wrapped by a drunken five-year-old 

7. Garage Sale Hopping Or Thrifting _ $25+/hour

You can find amazing items at garage sales and thrift stores for pennies on the dollar. Antiques are great for making money. Furniture is another really good one you can make a lot of money from if you have the room to store it. But honestly, there are a ton of options and the best place to go to figure out what the prices for things are is actually "eBay's completed listing section" 

You would just basically go there and then it would tell you what these items are actually going for on the market, like what real people are actually buying and selling these items for on the market. And all you need for this is a phone and a laptop.

Now a slightly different approach to doing this. If you live in a college town is wait until the semester ends, and then go around and look at lawns and look at different dumpsters that are around places where students live

I know that dumpster diving probably sounds really gross to you but I once found a fully functional flat-screen TV that a guy just threw away because he didn't have any need for it at the end of the semester. And then I looked up the price online and it would have cost me around $800 to buy it brand new

8. Flipping Items Online _ $30+/hour

If you are too lazy to leave your bedroom and actually go out and search for things then you can try flipping items online. And this can be an amazing side hustle if you actually have the cash flow to buy and sell things. I have been doing this for a long long time. And one thing that you want to do is you want to make sure that whoever you are dealing with they come to a place that's near where you are so that you don't have to spend too much of your time traveling or spending money on gas. And this is really whether you are buying or selling.

And the only time that you would go to them is if it's a really really good deal and you just cannot pass it up. And then you want to have an estimated price worked out with them before you go to see them and then once you see it you can usually work them down a bit and then that way you can make a little bit of extra money

Now, Craigslist is not the only site you can do this on, you can also use sites like offerup, eBay, you can use the Facebook marketplace. There's a bunch of different sites that you can do this on. And you will notice that different sites have different demographics and for some reason, people will value different things differently on these websites.

An example of something that sells really well on eBay is keyboard buttons. Seriously you can buy an old keyboard for like $20 and then you sell each individual key on eBay for like $5 to $10

I will just list some other items that I have had a lot of success with. So you've got like phones, game consoles, laptops, bicycles, games for the game consoles, and perfume was another really good one I had success with.

The real trick here is to just think of different needs that people might have and what they are searching for online. Think about a car, for instance, you might have a button or something that is that broke in your car, and then you go online, you go on eBay and you search for that specific piece of the car. 

And people do this all the time, where they will buy an entire car and then just sell out the individual parts and they make three to five times what the car was originally worth

So two big things here is you want to avoid any items that are in extremely competitive niches. So an example of that would be like phone cases and a very competitive niche, and then you also want to avoid items that big companies can easily mass-produce and sell. Because there is just no way that you can sell more than a big company. Their prices are way lower, they have way more of it, they spend more on marketing, there's just no way that you can outsell them.

I hope this gave some of you side hustlers out there. Some really good ideas on different things that you can do either make some extra income or maybe even replace your full-time income

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