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How To Make Money With Google Maps & Google My Business ($100 Per Day)

In today's article, we are looking at how to make money online from google maps and google my business. Now you don't need any experience for this, and it is newbie-friendly. I'm also going to show you a way that you can help businesses get out there, and be seen by their potential customers and you won't have to do any of the work, you can get somebody else to do the work for you.

Without any further ado let's get right into it

Look For Businesses In Your Area Using Google Map

We are going to look at google maps and we want to find businesses in any area of your choice. Now you can look for businesses in a different country if you want to. This is going to work worldwide, and you don't actually have to live exactly where that business is. So you want to find businesses like chiropractors, dentists, plumbers, gyms, electrical, look for something that is essential, in a small city.

So I recommend that you choose a business that's in a city or town that is not big. So try not to go to a big city or town, so for example, I live in Florida and it gets really hot here especially in the summer it gets up to 100 degrees or it feels like 100 degrees with humidity it's totally miserable. So air conditioning is very essential here in Florida and air conditioning systems they break down all the time and it costs sometimes thousands of dollars to fix, you can trust me on that because we had that happen to us two times, and yes, we have to pay the money because air conditioning is essential. Like I said, it gets really really hot here 

So when businesses like these aren't being seen on google, that is tens or sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars down to drain for them.

So what we're actually going to do is we're going to search for "air conditioning repair service", and I'm going to type in "Kissimmee Florida", 

The reason for that is because Kissimmee Florida is a smaller city than Orlando Florida if I was to go Orlando, that is just too large. There's a lot of competition there, a lot of people on top ranking on google. So I'm gonna go Kissimmee Florida for this example. What we're actually looking for is all of the information about a certain business and we want to see if they have all of their information filled out and if their business has been claimed on google by the owner 

So what we're trying to find are people who don't have businesses that have been claimed. Their information looks kind of weird, and they don't have any photos up, maybe their website is bad and they have really low reviews. So that's basically what we're looking for, we're looking to help them out so that they can rank on google, get on that first page, get on the first three to five results of Google.

When I type of air conditioning repair service, customers are going to go ahead and click on any of these first ones

They're not going to click on anything that has no reviews or has one star and has nothing going on. So I'm actually going to show you what it looks like to have everything completed 

Let's go ahead and check out AJ's Air,

So if we actually go to aj's air, you're going to see that their business is claimed, they have a phone number, they have a website, they have their hours of operation, they have photos by the owner, and they do have some reviews on there. We're not actually going to contact them, we are looking for people who want to compete with aj's heir because they're losing a lot of money to aj's air. 

What you want to do is you want to keep looking, but here is one that we're going to go click on and check out.

This right here when we click on it this is exactly what we're looking for

For example, they don't even have a picture up there, most importantly they have not claimed their business, they have the little blue checkmark that says claim this business, and what you can do is you can claim the business for them. You want to let them know that their business isn't claimed and that they're losing a lot of customers with this type of profile over there.

So what you want to do is tell them that you can help them out. You can do that by either calling and talking to a manager, or talking to the owner, or you can go ahead and check out their website and see if they have an email address, and we're actually going to go ahead and click on their website.

This is another service that you can provide, their website is really outdated. It needs a lot of help. An outdated website that isn't even secure. It doesn't even have an SSL certificate, they actually have an email where you can contact them.

It's best to call them, if not, you can find a different business that has an email address. All you have to do is type in "hello my name is" and I help businesses get better google rankings by optimizing your Google business profile. And just let them know that your business isn't claimed on google at the moment, and that can make it very difficult for you to rank on the first page which makes it hard for customers to find you. So basically you want to send an email that goes a little bit like that.

How To Claim A Business On Google For Client And Get Paid

What you can do is offer them to claim the business for them, or you can just walk them through this process. Just click on claim my business, and then just type in their business name and they're going to have to put in a code that's going to come to them by mail or by phone, it's going to take a couple of weeks

You can put this in for them or you can walk them through it. And then also you want to have them send you some pictures of the business, of the staff, and everything so that you can do that for them.

You can actually just click on add photos of the business, so it's very easy you don't have to go there and take photos. Just ask them for photos of the business, and add the photos on there 

Just go to youtube and type in "how to claim a business on Google", and you'll know exactly how to do it. It just takes a few steps.

Now you can charge them for this or you can do that for them for free. You're helping them out first before you charge them for anything.

I watched the below video a year ago and it's very good and this is by the homemade entrepreneur and he talked about how to make $100+ per day using google my business,

He actually charged them for all of that stuff if they wanted it. So whenever he claimed their business, would charge them $20, and then $15 to add pictures. Adding pictures is super easy so what I'm saying is to start off with, you can offer these two things for free. You can add their pictures, and claim their business because that's going to take you a few minutes to do, and then you can charge for SEO ranking

It will actually bring this all up to them, he'll create a brand new website for them for $500. or he'll create a funnel for free and then the SEO rankings he will charge $250 monthly. You want to get them to rank on google and charge a monthly price, and then get somebody on to do the job and do it cheaper. That is how this method works

Right now we're on and I'm just gonna go ahead and go to google my business optimization 

So they have a ton of sellers on there. You can get somebody to do this for them. For example, this guy is pro verified, it is starting at $200. You can do less than that. Just charge the customer more money so that you can make a profit. It says I'll optimize your google maps listings

But you want to make sure that they do really good work. They optimize the business for SEO and backlinks. They also do citations, and what citations are? They're like mentions all over the internet like a business address, anything about the business that goes on yelp, google, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever it is. Google actually collects all of that information. Citations are really like mentions all over the internet and google just gathers that information to actually recognize that it is a business.

You have people over there doing google maps citations and optimizing so you just want to choose someone that you're going to trust to get this job done, and then you are going to go ahead and charge the customer more money you're basically getting paid to be the middleman here.

Also, if they need a better website you can go ahead and offer them a website as well, and find someone on there to recreate it. You can go over to Fiverr and find someone there to create the website for them. 


This is just an idea for you. Definitely do the research on this because you can make really good money doing this. Hopefully, you got some value out of this

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