Sunday, 15 November 2020

How To Make Money Playing Video Games From Home

How would you like to stay at home, play video games, and make money? In this article, I'm going to show you a few ways that you can actually do that. You can do this if you love playing video games or if you're looking for a fun way to make a little bit of money online. If you love gaming or playing games on your phone you're going to really like this or if you're looking for just a fun way to make extra money in your spare time you can also do this as well.

Without any further ado let me get right into it.


This is where gaming companies will come to get their games tested. And what you would be doing is testing out different video games. On this website, this first page is actually for the client 

But if you go to the top where it says "become a tester". That is where you will go to apply for testing out video games.

If you're not someone who likes to play games. I'm gonna show you how to increase your chances of getting games sent to you. Because they actually send you the games via your email that's why you need to put your email address on there, they're gonna ask you which games do you play at least weekly, and if you don't play any video games I'm gonna show you how you can actually put stuff down over there.

Now they want to ask you what kind of devices you do have, and you want to put as many as possible if you have a ton of devices like that's even better. 

Also, what country do you live in? So you can select from any of these countries. etc.

How To Get More Games Sent To You

There's an online game store called What you want to do is go to and check out the most popular video games and this is what you are going to put over here

If you don't have a clue what to put on there because you don't really play video games. Jot down the most popular games on there, put them over here. So this could help you increase the likelihood of getting games sent to you.

2. Video_Game_Tester

The next way to make money play video games is for volt. And this is like an actual job. If you do apply for a job on there you can get paid to test video games, and you do have to be more specific, you have to spend more time. This is an actual job, but it is a fun job because you get to play video games and test them out


On this website, you play and test games and then write reviews. So you play the games, you're testing them out, and then you write a review. They give you simple in-game quests for completing each one of them and writing game reviews to get your virtual currency which they call bananas. So you can exchange your bananas for real prizes like games, prepaid cards, and other things. And they also do have a referral program where you can invite people and collect even more bananas.

If you really love video games, you can go to bananatic and write some video game reviews while you test them out as well.


Another fun and creative way to make money while playing a game is on SecondLife. And you can create actual characters and create another life. You can get really creative with this, and you can actually earn money like it says there. I've even heard of someone who became the first millionaire for this website.

What you can do is earn linden which is the actual currency of SecondLife. You can even look for jobs on SecondLife and you will earn linden.

I did a quick little search and this has popped up. You can read it

You can make real money with SecondLife. If you want to get creative, if you want to have some fun, and you can even look for jobs on SecondLife and be paid for doing those jobs. Obviously, it won't be a lot, because this is also entertainment so you have to keep that in mind. You're playing games you're creating a fantasy life over there and then you're making money doing it.

5. Featurepoint

There are a couple of apps that you can also use to play video games and earn points and redeem those points for actual cash rewards or gift cards. Now this one is called featurepoints and this one is a popular one. You earn points by testing out different apps and all you have to do is download these apps, play the games for a couple of minutes, and you will earn points that way. You can do this while you're watching TV or just in your spare time and all you're doing is downloading apps and playing games on your phone 

Most of the apps on there are video game apps, some of them are not, you're just downloading the apps, you can delete them after a few minutes. So this one is featured points you can download it on the App Store or on Google Play.

I do suggest that you do check out the reviews before you do anything or install the app. See if it's something that you actually want to do. It does have a 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store you can go over there and check out the reviews and see if it's something that is right for you

5. AppNana

This is just another quick and simple app that you can download on your phone to earn some points and redeem them for PayPal money or other gift cards. You get paid for watching videos and playing video games on this one as well. And this is also another one where you can invite friends and get free gift cards

They have a 4.4 out of 5, but you can check this out for yourself and see if it is for you. I'm just putting it out there for you. Check out the reviews and see if you are going to like something like this.

There are some other apps that are also very much like this one, like app karma. Because some people don't want to sit in front of the computer and actually write reviews, that is quite ok, you can just play on your phone and make some money while you're just watching TV or doing other things.

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