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How To Make Money Online With Google ( Earn $100 Per Day)

How To Make Money Online With Google ( Earn $100 Per Day)

In this article we are going to be making money online by using google search, and free google sites. This is absolutely free for you to get started with. Available worldwide and you don't need any experience. If you know how to type, and you know how to search on google. You can do this.

Without any further ado, let's get right into it

Choose A Products That You Want To Promote

First, we're gonna go ahead and go to, if you don't have an account for Clickbank then you can start an account for free and start promoting products that are on Clickbank. If Clickbank is not available in your country then you can go ahead and try that is also an affiliate marketplace where you can choose just like Clickbank products and specific niches that you want to promote 

As you can see Clickbank has so many different niches on here and different products that you can start promoting to earn a commission 

So what we want to do is choose a product. For this particular method, we're not going to do health and fitness, it's so oversaturated that this method is not going to work for that. There's way too much competition. But for this example, I want to choose a product very quickly.

If you have a specific hobby that you like doing or something that you really love talking about it is going to be easier for you to promote a product like this. It's going to be easier for you to create content around that. 

When I say create content don't worry we're not going to be on youtube making videos or anything like that, and you're also not going to spend any money. There's going to be an absolutely free method that you can start using, but for this example, I'm actually going to go ahead and go into the "spirituality new age and alternative beliefs". So I'm going to go ahead and click on that.

For this example, I'm going to choose the "brand new 2020 manifestation magic". And the average that you can earn per sale is $33.94. If you just sell three of these per day you can earn over $100. 

The actual product has a gravity score that's pretty high there's 182, but about 182 people actually made sales with this product. So we're actually going to go ahead and click on promote so that we can get our affiliate link so this window is actually going to pop up for you, and what you want to do is you want to put in your account nickname so you're just going to go ahead and generate hop links.

If I actually copy the link and paste it to my browser. This is the manifestation magic landing page, and right there is my affiliate link.

Once they go through that funnel and they purchase, then you can earn. And that's a basic run-through of how Clickbank works.

What I like a lot about these products is that a lot of them come with materials that you can use as an affiliate. You'll even get videos, articles, you get email swipes.

Below is the actual affiliate page, and you actually want to go ahead with whatever product you choose, and you want to choose something that has an affiliate page so you actually get banners, email swipes, and things like that, that can help you promote the product

If I'm to click on this affiliate page right there, it's gonna come with your custom links, email swipes, blog reviews, article landers, banners, Facebook ads, the kit also support. So you can actually talk to someone and get even more help

You can go ahead and sign up and you'll receive more updates via email or you can just enter your account nickname, you can enter a tracking id that is optional if you want to. All you have to do is click on create links they'll generate links ready for you to different things

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Product

This is actually how we're going to get free traffic, we're actually going to go ahead and create a google website. We're going to go to If you don't have a Gmail account you can go ahead and start one it's absolutely free, these websites are absolutely free. This is how we're going to get free traffic because google's sites actually rank pretty well so you will receive a lot of free traffic if you choose something that is not too competitive.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to go over to the google search bar, if go ahead and look up "manifestation magic review 2020" and this is the actual product that we're promoting. So I'm going to go ahead and click on that

That is the very first page of google if you actually keep scrolling down, boom, So these sites actually are indexed very well by google because it's owned by them.

So what they did is that they actually wrote an entire page on this product so someone reading this review is going to click on that and possibly buy the product and this is showing up on the very first page of google. 

This is why these google sites are very effective

How Do A Keyword Research To Know What People Are Searching For.

We want to find out what kind of keywords people are searching for. So we're going to do a little bit of keyword research. You can go to this website because it's free, it's I actually type in "how to manifest" and click on shitter keyword. 

It'll start populating everything that people are searching for. This takes a long time because it gives you every single thing, so if you want to stop job, you can stop it whenever you want or you can just let it go.

I can go ahead and look through, and get some ideas on what to write about.

Then right underneath you have some keywords and then we have the monthly volume of these keywords. And the monthly volume right here is how many searches per month google is actually getting for these keywords.

So how to manifest, over {18,000} people per month are actually searching for this. How to manifest love, how to manifest money, {4,400} per month

So you want to create an article about how to manifest money for example, and things like that. It's getting enough searches.

This tool is called

Now, this tool is not free but you can still do a general search for free it'll give you very limited search results. You can get their free trial for 7 days then you can cancel it just get all of the keywords that you need and that way you'll have it for free, but I'm actually going to type in "how to manifest" so it actually gave me a lot of information it's giving me the volume and also it's giving me ideas

Then the competition is the higher that number the more organic competition for this keyword, but how to manifest money is actually not too bad we can work with that, we can create articles about how to manifest money.

So another thing we can do is just start typing into the Google search bar, see what auto-populates for these keywords. And you could also use any of these for this particular one.

Create A Google Site

So we're going to get started, and what you want to do is select a template. Now you can start from scratch with a blank page, but you can also choose a template

So I'm going to go ahead and select one, so as you can see these sites are totally dragging and drop, they're all customizable, everything is over there on the side 

You can start customizing this page right there and you want to create blog posts that are 2,000 words or more in order for you to have a shot at showing up on the front page. Do some really good research on the topic, see what else is out there, what ideas you can come up with, put them in your own words onto your blog post. And then you also want to put in your affiliate links.

I know it sounds like a lot. If you just take a couple of hours one day out of the week to do something like this, just see what happens, just try it. You have to do the work.

I'm going to insert some affiliate links over there, and I also put an affiliate disclaimer right above.

In the U.S the FTC wants you to do this so you actually have to do that it could be something simple like that right above your affiliate link. It is not that difficult, to just let people know that these are affiliate links, and it's not gonna hurt you at all

Now to publish our website we want to click where it says publish 

Now it's going to show manifestation tips. This is what our website URL is going to look like, and you can also add a custom domain if you have one. You can just publish them just like that

You also want to keep the search setting unchecked because this says request public search engines to not display my site, and that's not what we want. We want everyone to be able to view our site so you just gotta click on publish 

Now you have a published site on google sites, and you have your affiliate links. That is who you can make money with google. Hopefully, you got some value from this

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