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How To Earn Money Online As A Teenager

Make money online as a teenager. that's right. In this article, I'm going to show you some websites that you can use to make money online even as a teenager. There are also plenty of adults doing this already, and a lot of people are making really good money doing these.

There are plenty of ways for you to do this and I'm just going to show you a few websites that you can start making money with. Also, you don't have to be a teenager to do this. If you are an adult you can do this. There are plenty of people young and old making money with this. 

Without any further ado, let's get right into the content 


The first website is going to be, and the reason I'm showing you canva is that this is a free website and you're going to actually use this website so that we can use the other websites that I'm going to show you.

You can create any design over there, you can create Flyers, invitations, create a Facebook cover, social media covers, and posts. You can create anything over there for absolutely free. They do have a paid version, but the free version is gonna be just fine for starting out. You can create any of these designs, and also, sell these designs. I wanted to show you this website first because you're going to be using this website to actually work on the other websites that I'm going to show you.


You can create gigs. This is where freelancers go to create gigs. A lot of people are very familiar with this website. So one thing that I recommend is pretty easy for you to do. It will probably just take a little bit of practice is YouTube banner

Those are people that are creating YouTube banners. You can go ahead and try to do this. Just go over to canva and create the YouTube banners there. You can easily do that with canva, and then you can create your gig and put it up on Fiverr.

Look at this kid. He looks like he's really young. He looks like a teenager 

It says "I will design the perfect youtube banner in one hour". He's got 5 stars, starts starting at $15. 

You can start lower than that. As soon as you start getting in some reviews. You can start charging more money for this.

What you would have to do is go back to canva, they have all kinds of templates right there. They have YouTube thumbnail, YouTube channel art.

You can create some YouTube banners for YouTubers and you can just put up your gigs on Fiverr, and you can also promote your gigs. You can get on Facebook groups with YouTubers that are connecting, and connect with the YouTubers. Maybe they're really bad at channel art and they don't know how to do it, and they need somebody to create a banner for them and they'll pay you $15 for a nice channel banner.

You will need your parent's permission before you can sell on any of these websites.


Same here. You're allowed to be 13 years old or over to sell on Etsy. Over there you can sell clothing, you can sell arts and crafts. If you create anything that's great. And you can also use canva to sell printable items also on there

So if you search for printables, there are all kinds of principles there

There you got some planners, some organizational printables, and stuff like that. You can create these on canva. You just go ahead and you put them on your Etsy store. I'm back on to 

You got a ton of templates there for like seating charts and stuff like that for parties. You can sell this stuff over on Etsy.

If you're under the age of 18 you need a parent or guardian to manage your account for Etsy.


You can create your own merchandise. You got t-shirts. They have leggings, they have mugs, phone cases. Teespring is another good one where you can start creating designs. You can start at 13 years old with your parent managing your account.

You can create your own designs there

Stay away from things that are copyrighted like any Marvel characters or Disney characters or something like that. You want to stay away from that.

You can actually get ideas from this website called

Let's say we want to create shirts about drinking coffee t-shirt design. 

We want go to vector graphics here.

Now we're talking, these are things that we can actually put on a t-shirt. Just don't use anything that says Starbucks on it or as the Starbucks symbol or anything like that.

Make sure it's something like this, maybe this guy. So you just save that and then once you go back to teespring. This is an example.

This is your shirt, and we're going to add an image. So I got my coffee dude right here

That is what that picture looks like on that shirt, you can add text to it if you want. This is just a preview. You can add whatever text you want if you like

They're gonna suggest your price for your product. Price for products fulfilled from the U.S $23.99 for the shirt, and you'll make $9.68 in profit.

Now, make sure you put something clever on the shirt. Just go to the Internet and get some inspiration, get some ideas on, for example, I could probably get some inspiration and ideas about funny quotes about coffee. So I can add some text on the shirt

That's just an idea of how you can make money with this. And when you design these shirts you can also promote them on Instagram, you can start an Instagram page with your t-shirts on them. You can start a Facebook page about your designs or about the topic and you can start just a regular page about just funny coffee quotes.

5. YouTube

This is another website where you can start making money. You start making money on YouTube. Start creating videos whatever you like doing just make sure that you stay consistent, and once you fit over 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time. Then you can start monetizing your channel with ads. In the meantime you can also promote other things that you're selling. If you are creating shirts, you can go ahead and sell them on there. If you're doing affiliate marketing or if you're doing anything with a referral program 

There are just so many different ways that you can monetize your YouTube channel 

Those are the best way to make money online as a teenager

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