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7 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online With Fiverr With No Skill

In this article, I'm gonna show you 7 best and easy ways to make money on Fiverr and earn $100 every single day. I'm gonna show you simple and easy ways that you can make some really good money on Fiverr that requires zero skill. So you don't need to have any skills to do this. I'm gonna show you a few really cool ways to make money on Fiverr. Some of them are pretty simple and funny, and you won't believe that they actually exist. And some of them are genuinely good ways and I'm gonna show you some new different types of websites so you can actually use to get some of these done

For those of you that don't know, Fiverr is a site where freelancers go to post jobs for different things that they have skills to do for you. They can charge you, they make money, and you get things done. This can range from everything and anything and when I go through a few of those things today, but like I said, some of them are going to be very simple you won't believe they exist and some of them are genuinely really good ways to make money online doing all sorts of stuff.

1. Logo Designer

On Fiverr, there are a few people that actually do logo designs and they make some really good money. Some people don't like Fiverr because they think it's oversaturated and hard to make money. Well, I read an article the other day about somebody who started on Fiverr three months ago now earning $1,000 a week. Don't give up, make sure that you start, and continue to do it 

Logo design is a big one, and there's a lot of people that need logo designs for all sorts of things. Businesses, websites, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. The list is endless

I want to show you a couple of websites that you can actually do this, and the first website that I want to show you is called 

They're going to create some really cool logo designs for you and it's very simple. You can choose different types of images. You can send this to your client on Fiverr and make really good money, and this is absolutely free

The other site I want to show you is All you need to do is sign up and it's absolutely free. Go over to where it says "create a design" click on logos, it's going to take you straight to this page

As you can see you can pick any one of these actual logo designs, and all you need to do is just change the name. It's that simple. 

2. Video Testimonial

Video testimonials are very simple and all you basically need to do is read out a script that somebody gives you. They could give you a script to write up for a numerous number of things. Some people do this for a profession, some people do it to make it professional, some people do it to be funny, some people do it to be spokespeople, and as you can see there are a lot of people actually doing this, and there's a lot of people actually making really good money on this.

You can start off with this and charge $10 to $15 to read out different scripts that people want. Anywhere around the world, you can actually do this, and start making money and it doesn't require a lot. All you need is a smartphone to actually film it.

3. Come Up With Company Name

As you know, businesses are started every single day all over the world. And the hardest thing that people have is to come up with an actual business name or slogan. So what you can do is you can obviously go over to Fiverr, create yourself a Fiverr gig, and charge anything from $5 to $10

You're probably thinking where am I going to come up with these business ideas or slogan names? Well, that's where I've got you covered. There is a site called

All you need to do is create an actual name or something. Let's say the business was about "camping". You type in camping, and you click on generate, it's then going to ask you how long you want the actual name of the business to be. Between 3 to 6 letters. 6 to 12 letters. So I'm just going to choose six letters for now just to tester and see what it comes up with 

Then it's gonna come up with different names for your actual business 

I will definitely recommend using this because people will buy this. These are good names that you've actually generated on this actual site, so I definitely recommend checking out. it's a great way to get started and earn money online with Fiverr

4. Become A Translator

Things need to be translated all over the world. You can go on to Fiverr and offer your services to translate a lot of different things. You can translate documents. You can simply be a translator for someone. As you can see,  "I will provide top quality English to Japanese", "I will translate any texts English to German Spanish", "I will translate English to native German websites" 

There's a lot of opportunities. Don't sell yourself short. You can actually find jobs on Fiverr translating, and it's a really good way to start earning money online because you don't relatively need that much school, you just need to have the ability to speak both languages and you can just put your gig on there and just wait for somebody to come and actually offer their services and you can make a little bit of extra money 

5. Be A Website Tester

People create websites all the time and what you want to do is you want to go over there and you want to offer your services and you want to call yourself a website tester. You want to just test people's websites and what I mean by that is you don't want to be too technical, when somebody creates an actual website you just want to get a feel for it and tell them how easy and not easy it is.

If you scroll down you can see that people are charging $7 to $20. Like his one below, "I will test and review your website" 

All you need to do is jump on there, create a gig for yourself, charge $5 to $10. A lot of opportunities for yourselves to earn money online and make money with Fiverr. So I definitely recommend that you check out website tests

6. Human Billboard

What that means is people will pay you to actually write something on your body and take a photo of it and send it to them. For example, this guy here is a bodybuilder who writes something on his back, and then you can use it on promotional material, they can use it on promotional material

This is an opportunity to do some fun stuff and make money on Fiverr. So you can become a human billboard.

7. Sing Happy Birthday

You can sing happy birthday to people and you will be surprised at how much people actually get paid to do this. This guy charges $30 and he's had 155 orders to sing happy birthday to someone in the shower

I mean, that's crazy, right? Something simple and funny people actually charge you. If you got something quirky, something funny, definitely put it up on Fiverr because you never know how much money you can actually earn online


I just wanted to show you that there are a few fun ways that you can actually make money on Fiverr. If you need some extra money then I definitely recommend jumping on Fiverr, and check out some of these different options for yourselves because you can earn money online doing that. 

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