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3 Ways To Make Money Online With No Job Or Experience (Make $100 Per Day)

Do you want to make $100 a day online, but you have no idea how to even get started, well, don't worry, because in this article I'm going to show you the top three ways. I will give you three ways that you can make $100 per day online and these ideas are for anyone who wants to make an income online, but just does not know how to get started so this article is going to be for you. If you are someone who is looking for an online job and doesn't know what to do online, but that's totally fine, you can still make money online. That's what I want to show you in this article.

Without any further ado let's get right into it 

1. Virtual Assistant

You can become a virtual assistant for anything that you're interested in. For example, let's say you're curious about how a youtube channel actually works, and how to run a successful youtube channel then you can go ahead and become a virtual assistant to a YouTuber who can actually show you exactly what they need to be done for their job. And if this is something that may interest you in the future, becoming a YouTuber or running multiple youtube channels, then you can just take that experience and incorporate that into your own business.

So becoming a virtual assistant in a field that you're interested in is going to be very beneficial for you because you're going to start to learn more about that business.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Now, we are going to get very specific with this one right now because this is in high demand and it is a Pinterest virtual assistant. Now there are many entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses that are actually actively right now looking for virtual assistants. Pinterest traffic has gone up dramatically since this pandemic started, everything is up when it comes to Pinterest right now this is making this job even in higher demand. I'm actually going to show you how you can go about starting and how you can go about looking for someone who needs a virtual assistant for Pinterest.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you would be helping your clients grow, manage, and market on their Pinterest account. Usually, it'll be a business Pinterest account. That's why they need you.

The first thing you want to start doing is you want to start learning. So make sure you take at least a week or two to do a ton of research start learning how to create pins. If you actually know how to use Pinterest and you know how to create pins you can go to a website called and start practicing your Pinterest pinning skills because this is something that you're going to need to do for your client. So you can go out there and look for a Pinterest course that you can take or you can go over here to There are many different types of online courses.

If we actually go to search, and we search for Pinterest marketing

Because this is something that you need to learn to actually help out your client. Actually, after you get the hang of using Pinterest, and you get the hang of this. This becomes very easy for you.

There are so many affordable courses on Pinterest marketing, but maybe you don't have any money, that's totally fine. You can go over to youtube and you can go ahead and search for some free content. It might take you a while to learn everything, but it is doable. 

You can go to udemy and go over to where it says, price, and we can go ahead and filter because they do have some free courses on there. So we can click on free.

As you can see there are Pinterest courses that are already free on udemy. There's really no excuse. All you need is to take the time to learn and do, and then offer your services.

How Do You Go About Finding Customers?

I'm going to go ahead and show you that also.

One way to find clients is right there on Facebook and Facebook group. I went a searched for Facebook groups that contain Pinterest in it, and all of these really good Facebook groups showed up

You can go ahead and join these types of groups and find customers that way. These are fantastic groups that you can join and learn with but there are plenty of businesses here already. You can say that you're new to Pinterest. You can say that you're trying to learn more. You can share the things that you're learning so you're actually creating content and you're posting it on the group. And what happens is business owners and people that are on the groups they start to notice you and they know that you're somebody that's giving value so they start to get to know you.

How To Get Your First Job As A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

What you actually want to do you want to go ahead and see if you can do it for free for your first couple of clients. Just for a trial period or you want to charge them very low rates just so that you can get that experience in there.

Just make sure that you learn everything about Pinterest marketing because your responsibilities are going to be to schedule pins, create pins, joining group boards that are relevant to your client's business. You also need to learn Pinterest SEO, which is not that hard, Pinterest is also a search engine and you'll be just fine once you get the hang of it.

2. Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is a freelancer. For everything that I'm talking about in this article you actually have to learn it. Just take a couple of weeks to learn it and start doing it.

How To Get Started

You can get started by building sales funnels and websites for companies or brick and mortar businesses. If you're thinking that, hey, I don't have any experience in doing any of that, I don't know what to do, don't worry, because it is not as hard as you think.

We're actually going to go ahead and jump in. I'm going to give you some examples. There are many drags and drop website builders and sales funnel builders that are very easy to use. I'm actually going to show you how you can do this so let's jump in

This is builderall, and this is the website builder and funnel builder.

You can use any of them that you want. There's so much that you can do with it, and there are so many services that you can offer with this one software. It has a built-in email autoresponder attached to it, so you can actually build out these funnels for clients. It's super easy on there because there are websites that are already made for you. Search for the website templates, and go ahead and find people that need this. You can even approach some local businesses. This is even better because you can even meet with them in person if you want to or you can call them and let them know you're right in town and you can create a beautiful website for them, and you can just show it to them right from there

Right there on builderall you have several different templates that you can select. If you have the premium plan you have more choices. You can easily create sales funnels and websites for some other businesses. Those are just some examples of some of the templates that are available or you can create your own, you can start from scratch and put all of these elements together. And then all you have to do is edit these out to your liking or to your client's liking.

If there is a local vet in your area that needs a website you can go ahead and select a website, send them the link, and show them that you can edit it. All you have to do is customize it the way they want it. Put in their own information.

How To Get Help From Someone Else To Do The Job For You

If you don't want to do the job if you totally want to hand it over to someone else. If you actually go over to and type in builderall. over there you have plenty of sellers that will create these websites all ready for you.

So if you don't want to do it yourself, you can get somebody on there to do it.

How To Find Client

One way that you can find clients is actually on google maps. So what you can do is type the name of a business. What I did was "air conditioning". So what you actually want to do is for example look for a business that does not have a website or their website is outdated. The reason I'm doing air conditioning is that I live in Florida and air conditioning is really necessary here because it's so hot, and when air conditioners actually break, they have to get fixed, or you're going to be really hot in your house. These people charge a lot of money, they make so much money with these air conditioning businesses that you actually do want a good website for this

So you can find something like a bad website or a website that is not so good. For example, this business right here, we can go ahead and check out and see if they have a website. You want to check out their website.

If you can find something like this, for example, 

And then talk to them, tell them that you can update the website for them so they can get more customers. Because they can make a lot more money. And this is one way that you can find some of these businesses.

You can also go to Facebook groups. There are some local business groups and some of these people are actually looking for someone to build websites. So you can even ask, does anybody need help with their business website? Or if you want to make it even easier on yourself, you can go ahead and check out the templates that are already made in builderall if you are doing it in builderall and find people that need this, and find those businesses, find the pet groomer service that needs a funnel or a website just like that. Facebook is actually a great way to find customers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

The third top way to make $100 per day online, with no job, no experience, or with a job. You can do this actually whenever you want. You can start building this business right now, and if you put in the work this can become a very passive income that's why I love this business model so much and that's why I do this business model myself. 

Affiliate marketing is simple in the sense that you're not creating your own product, you're not dealing with customer service, customer support or returns and exchanges or any of that. You're actually just recommending products to people searching for those products, and then you're earning a commission if someone purchases through your unique referral link.

So it's basically a referral business, and the great thing about affiliate marketing is that it's not going anywhere because the entire internet works with affiliate marketing. Every time you go and search for reviews, it is very likely that the person reviewing that product is an affiliate marketer and they have a referral link to that product, and it is an amazing way to make money online. You just have to go ahead and learn how to get started with a business like this 

Hopefully, you got value out of this

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