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Top 7 Amazon Work From Home Jobs

A laptop does all you need to start making money online, and in this article, I'm going to show you the top 7 Amazon work from home jobs. I'm going to show you some easy and cool ways to make some money working with one of the biggest websites out there, and now these are work from home jobs which means that you won't become a millionaire, you won't be making hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if you want to make a little bit of extra money on the side working from home, and this can be done from anywhere in the world, this is the article that you want to read.

1. Amazon FBA Program

How it works is you can actually sell any kind of a product and you don't have to send it from your own home. Let's say you have 10 products you just send them to Amazon to their fulfillment by Amazon a warehouse, and they will just send it for you whenever someone buys. So if you have 10 products to sell you don't have to be sending 10 packages every single day of the week. Amazon will do it for you. How people normally do this is that they normally go to a Walmart or like a supermarket near them, they see what's on clearance and they just buy everything and then just send it to Amazon, and this way obviously, someone else is getting a great deal and this is probably something that they would not get in their local supermarket

I know that this is a great way of just making money selling simple items that you can just find in your local Walmart or just in your local supermarket. It's super cool because you can just do this once a month and then Amazon takes care of all the rest. You can Google a "fulfillment by Amazon how it works" or learn more on their page

They explain exactly how this works. First of all, you're going to set up an FBA essentially this is an Amazon account for sellers. You're gonna create your product listings. You're gonna prepare your products, ship your products to Amazon, a customer's order your products, and Amazon picks packs and ships them. So you don't actually have to do any of it. Amazon provides customer support on products you sell and make the most of free one-day shipping. You just have to buy the product, send them to Amazon, and Amazon takes care of everything else which is pretty much hands-off.

You just have to do this once a month, and you can make a ton of money this way because there's no limit to how many products.

2. Kindle Direct Publishing

You can publish your own ebook on Kindle. This is super cool because you're not dealing with any physical products. You can just upload an e-book and sell it thousands of times. My brother has is own ebooks that he uploaded back in 2012 and they are still selling. It's completely hands-off. Its passive income. He actually forgot about it, and he just got a check in the mail very recently and he was like, wow, he didn't even think about it for years, and he got a check out of it. 

So if this is something that you want to focus on, again, you can have thousands of e-books and sell thousands of copies, and all you have to do is just upload it once. You just have to prepare an e-book, and can be 20 pages, can be as simple as a recipe book or something, and you can actually even outsource this. You can go to, just type in "write an e-book", and people will just ghostwrite an e-book for you, and you can do as many of these as you want.

The price obviously depending on how long you want the e-book, the longer it is the more you're gonna have to pay.

You can also go to Iwriter is actually even cheaper than Fiverr. Fiverr or iwriter. Hire someone else to write the e-book for you and then go to KDP at Amazon and they will sell it for you.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

This is not really a work from home job but if you have a website or if you're big on social media, you can join an Amazon Associates and become an affiliate for Amazon. Essentially what that means is you can sell any product that is listed on Amazon as an affiliate and make a commission.

Now, the Commission is not big. It's anywhere from 4% to 10%, but the cool thing is that you can recommend any product, it can be a TV, it can be something very expensive, electronic or like expensive watches or whatever the case might be. And if someone buys, if someone buys whatever something for $5,000, 10% is not a bad deal. 

The average cool thing is that if someone just uses your link to go to Amazon to buy like a book for $10 and then they buy something else, you will also get credited for that second and third and fourth item. So someone can just go to Amazon if you recommend a book for $10 and if they buy something else, you are getting credits for everything that they got. That's another cool thing and you can make a ton of money this way. There are people actually making millions of dollars just running an Amazon affiliate site, so this is definitely what you can do, or you can just make some extra money on social media or if you have your own blog.

4. Amazon Virtual locations

This is for actually Amazon work from home jobs. We're gonna be finding a job and this is a work from home job and not a job that you have to go to a physical location. 

You have the whole explanation right there, but what it is? They have different jobs listed right there, they have different countries, they have different job types. Full-time, part-time, seasonal.

You have the category. Solutions, architects, sales, advertising, and account management, fulfillment, operations, Human, Resources, and more.

Right now what they have listed in the work-from-home category are 745 different listings. So you can just go to virtual locations and check out something that fits you. Obviously, you're gonna have to be able to actually do the job, if it's data entry, or if it's customer service, or whatever the case might be, but you can make some money with Amazon with virtual locations.

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk

These are micro jobs which means that you can essentially do these jobs in minutes. If you go to their page you have the whole explanation, obviously, companies go to this website to find people just like you to for them to essentially deliver micro-jobs. You can get paid for completing simple tasks and this can be anything from image or video processing, it can be data verification and cleanup, it can be information gathering, and it can be data processing.

Keep in mind, this is not a full-time job that you're gonna have with Amazon. This is something that you will in some cases be able to deliver literally in minutes, maybe in a day, and obviously, depending on how big the job is you're gonna get paid accordingly. But this is something super cool especially if you want to do this part-time, make some extra money on the side working from home for Amazon, but part-time.

6. Merch By Amazon

You can essentially sell any merch you want and just like with the Amazon FBA, Amazon will take care of everything. You just have to come up with a cool design, and you can sell t-shirts, or anywhere that you can place a design on. T-shirts are a very good example because you understand them. You have a cool design on a t-shirt, and then Amazon sells it for you. And again, you can make millions of dollars if you have a cool design

You will upload your artwork, set a price, they will print only what's sold, they have fast shipping with Prime obviously, and you will earn monthly royalties. All the information is on their website.

One tip for you. If you are not a designer all you have to do is go to You can pay someone $5 to create a design for you. Just type in t-shirt design on Fiverr, and you have tons of people just creating very cool t-shirts. This guy says I will create an awesome custom typographic t-shirts design for $5.00 

You can just pay this guy $5. He will come up with an amazing t-shirt design, and then Amazon will sell this for you. Obviously, they take a commission, but the upside is that they are taking care of, all their work, so they print it, they ship it, you don't have to worry about any of this, and you are making monthly royalties.

Fiverr is a big saver, you can just use it for so many different things. Not only making money delivering these gigs but actually hiring other people and then just flipping their services. There's a whole world out there when it comes to making money online with amazon and with any other website.

7. Amazon Influencers Program

If you are an influencer you can make a ton of money recommending Amazon products. This is a little bit different. This is a special program. Is not the same as Amazon's affiliates. This is especially for influencers. So if you are big on social media, I mean, even if you have like 10,000 followers on Twitter or you have a group of 10,000 people, sometimes even less you can do this.

You're going to be recommending products and get rewarded and you can join the Amazon influencer program with qualifying YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You're gonna create your storefront, share products, and then get rewarded. Pretty simple. Very similar to the Amazon affiliates, but I actually think that the affiliate percentage is actually higher on Amazon influencers so you can check it all out. And again, you don't have to have like millions of followers I think 10,000 is more than enough if they are like dedicated followers it's more than enough to join the program, and if you are influencing people even if in a local way, but like in a small niche that just makes sense you can join Amazon influencers and make some extra money.


These were my top seven Amazon work from home jobs. In a couple of cases like with the FBA or with Merch you can make a lot of money and other cases like with MTurk you can make some extra money on the sides totally up to you so pick the ones that you are interested in. Good luck with it

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