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Best Passive Income Online For Beginners

How would you like to make money online while you're sleeping in bed?. Or what about when you're on vacation. You could even be making money right now while you're reading an article like this. If you're interested in learning how to make passive income online then keep reading. I'm really excited about talking about passive income online that is my favorite way to make money online. I think most of us were raised with the idea that you need to trade in hours to make money, and that's not the case. There are ways to make a passive income especially online which I will be covering in this article. I'm basically covering five of the top passive ways to make money online. These are things that can make you $1,000 or more. Some of these things I've tried myself and had success with. Some of them I haven't, but I've seen other people do and that's the reason why I'm listing it here.

Keep in mind that not all these opportunities are going to be available everywhere. Unfortunately, that's just the nature of the way things work online some opportunities will be available to others, some won't. And you can also google some of these companies on your own.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a great way to make passive income. Once you've created a video and you reach their requirements. They have requirements and this might change by the time you read this article, but right now you need to have 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 hours of watched watch time.

You could always Google how to monetize YouTube and find the latest requirements for it, but right now that's the requirement.

What happens with YouTube when you are allowed to monetize your videos is that when someone is watching a video they'll see like an ad that shows up at the beginning of the video, at the end of the video, and sometimes within the video like banners, and you get paid for that. Depending on what your channel is about, you'll get paid more than others. For example, if you be in the make money niche and there's a lot of people that are willing to pay a lot of money for that so for every 1,000 views that your video might get, you might get paid $20. So you could see how that can add up quickly.

The other thing to keep in mind is for you to make money with YouTube you don't have to show your face. although, you can show your faces on the thumbnail, and if you're not showing your face, you can still adding value to people's lives. People will still enjoy the videos and you can still make money with it. That's something else to keep in mind, whatever reason why you did want to create videos, you don't have to show your face to make money with YouTube.

The videos that you're creating now and the ones you have created a month ago, a year ago, years ago, will continue to make you money for years upon years, and that's the great thing about YouTube. Is that it is passive income. Once you've reached their requirement, it's just a matter of going to your videos, turning on the monetization, setting that up, and then the videos that you've created in the past, and the ones that you will create going forward will earn you money for years to come. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

There are companies like Amazon, eBay, BestBuy. All the big companies that you know and probably shop with have an affiliate program. An affiliate program is basically like a fancy word for a referral program. So what happens is these companies realize that just advertising on TV, on the internet isn't enough, they also need people to promote their website, and there's this misconception that when someone wants to shop something that they always go to Amazon or they go to BestBuy, and that's not the case. A lot of times what people will do is they might have a problem or they're looking for a solution for something so they'll go to Google first, and type in "I need help with something" and then what they'll find is blogs where they'll run into an article, read it, and then within that article, you will have links to the program that will help them. And that's basically what affiliate marketing is.

You join a company like Amazon or BestBuy or whatever you want. It's free to join to become an affiliate doesn't cost you to become an affiliate then they will give you your own little specific link that is associated with you, that lets this company knows that you've sent them leads or sales if this was a sales-based program.

Another something else to keep in mind with affiliate marketing, you're not only making money if someone buys something with Amazon. You know, they give you your affiliate link, you promoted however you want to promote it, and if someone buys then you earn a certain commission up to 10%.

But there are other affiliate programs that will pay you for promoting their link and if someone takes an action like filling out the form or signing up for a free service or trial, you can also get paid that way as well. So that's one of the things I also love about affiliate programs you're not just limited to making money with sales, and you don't necessarily need a website to promote things like Amazon or BestBuy, you can take your links and then go and pay for ads on search engines like Google. So if I just do a search for let's say BestBuy. You should probably see some ads and people are paying for these ads and sometimes the competitors will actually put their ads here.

You can do things like PPC, and pay for ads and drive people through your affiliate link assuming that your affiliate program will allow you to do that because now all programs will do it, you can sit there and buy ads on other people's websites. So there's a lot of different ways where you can promote affiliate links. The best way I found is to have up your own blog where Google is sending you traffic and you have your affiliate links there, but there are people that do it very different ways, some people advertise on Facebook so it's totally up to you.

Affiliate is one of the most profitable ways to make money promoting things that people already trust and know. It's not like an MLM where you're forcing people to try to buy something that they don't know and don't really trust. With affiliate marketing one of the great benefits is that you are working with companies that people know and already trust.

3. Teaching Online

The next way that you can make money passively online is by teaching online. Udemy is a great place where you can sit there and create online courses about anything, and you can earn money from those courses. A lot of people go to to learn different things, for instance, affiliate marketing, learning how to use spreadsheets like they literally have courses on everything there.

All you really gotta do is just set up your course, following their directions there they kind of walk you through it, and they will promote those courses for you. You're just creating like a video course, and again, kind of like YouTube. You don't necessarily have to be on camera to create these courses you can just sit there and show your screen, and that's perfectly fine with you. And there are people that are making thousands of dollars with udemy because it's a big website that's being promoted everywhere that people know about, they have affiliates as well that's promoting them so they have millions of people visiting this website so it's another great way of making passive income if you have a skill that you can teach. And trust me, there's something that someone wants to learn. Everyone knows something that someone doesn't there's this assumption that, Oh, everyone knows the same thing you do, they don't all. There might be something about the design that you know, maybe about parenting or couponing. 

There are all these skills that we all have that you assume that other people know and they don't. So on udemy you can actually take those skills and actually make money by creating a course, and once you've created that course then it's not like you have to sit there and deliver a product this is all taken care of and this is why it's a passive income.

4. Design T-shirts

We've all seen cool t-shirts with cool sayings on them, and there are websites out there that will allow you to sit there and create designs and make money from those designs. Amazon happens to be one that also has this type of t-shirt design turf service. It's called merch by Amazon. Right now at the time of writing this article you have to request an invitation to join, but if you do a Google search for how to make money with t-shirts or look at sites like Their other websites that do the same thing, you can read this article, Best Websites To Make Free Money Online Worldwide

But basically what happens is. You upload your artwork so you sit there you have a design that you have in mind, you draw it up and whatever software that you want to use, you set the list price for that, and then they print what's sold. Let's say someone sees your design and then they want to print it on a t-shirt, then they buy that t-shirt their size, they ship it, and then you earn monthly royalties from it. So you don't have to actually sit there and create the shirts. You don't have to have the inventory. They take care of everything you're just getting a commission or royalties for your shirt. So it's a very cool way of making passive income because once you've created your designs and uploaded. It's already there you don't have to keep sitting there and creating the t-shirts, and printing them up. 

It's a great way to make passive income and there are people that are making thousands of dollars like I've known people to have started with affiliate marketing and then moved on to doing t-shirt designs and these are people that didn't really have design skills, these are people that just sat there and did really simple t-shirts that really took off, so don't think you have to be a perfect designer to kind of do this there are courses out there to kind of teach you how to do that. again read Best Websites To Make Free Money Online Worldwide


That's basically all the ways that you can have passive income that I think is really really good. Again, with passive income, you start up with some of the work. You have to do some of the work up front, and then afterward, then the money will come in so there is a piece of work that is involved. There's this misconception that you just magically start making money that's not the case, you do have to put some work upfront first, but once you've done the work upfront then, using these type of platforms, they can sit there and make you money passively for the additional work that did. 

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