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9 Remote Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

You are already so busy looking after your children, and your family, and you're doing a fantastic job. But if I know you well enough then you're probably here because you would like to bring an extra income to your family as well, you'd like to make some more money online ideally, and if that is you, then this article is perfect for you because I'm going to share with you nine different remote jobs that are perfect for stay-at-home moms.

I know exactly why you're here, I know that you want to feel that you are contributing to the well-being of your family, also, monetarily. And that you are bringing an additional income to the table. Not only that, but I also understand that as a stay-at-home mom, you cannot afford to do any random type of remote job, you need to have the flexibility, because you never know when your kids need you. But also, you cannot do jobs that require you to be on the phone constantly because you never know when you get quiet time and for how long you get it. So I'm not gonna talk about any of those in this article. I am instead, going to share with you nine realistic remote jobs that I think are perfect for stay-at-home moms.

Let's get straight into the article and let's see what are the nine remote jobs first stay-at-home moms.

1. Translation Services

If you are somebody who speaks more than one language, then this would be perfect for you and don't think that you need to translate official documents or papers or anything like that, that is certainly one way to offer translation services. Another way to do it is to partner with small entrepreneurs or companies that would like to expand their business to new markets, and in order to do that, they need to address those new target audiences in their local language. So that is where you come into play because you can help them translate their landing pages, their content, their social media, to those languages that they want to use in order to address the new audiences. If you qualify for this, then research shows that as a translation services agent, you would be able to earn up to $67,000 per year if you were to do that full-time. So I think even if you are only able to do that a couple of hours a day, then you would still make a pretty decent income.

2. Transcriber

Essentially, what this means is that you would be given by your customer a video, or an audio document and that you are asked to listen to it and transcribe it into a text format. And you are usually paid based on the time length of the document that you need to transcribe, and of course, this is something that you can do as a stay-at-home mom during the downtime of your kids, either in the evening or during nap time when you get some quiet time and you can listen to the audio so you can transcribe. You would be able to make according to research about $31,000 per year on average if you were to do this full-time. So even if you were to only do it for an hour or two, a day, you would still be able to make a really nice additional income for your family.

3. Copywriter

Ideally, you are somebody who is already passionate about writing, and the topic is obviously up to you, but the writing experience is not necessarily crucial. Because I'm sure you can write about at least one or two topics that are also your passions. So if you can identify a couple of topics that you are already a  subject matter expert, and that you could write about, then being a copywriter for companies that already activate in this field that coincides with your passion, could be a really great way to start. And you can start with short-form content that you could write for them, be that Facebook posts, or Instagram copy, but you can even evolve to long-form copy, be that again, Instagram long-form copy, or you could write blog posts or even website landing pages

If this is something that you're interested in, research shows that you could make up to $75,000 as a copywriter if you were to do that full-time. So that is probably a really good idea for you to look into. Because as I said, even if you don't have a lot of copywriting experience, I'm sure you have at least a few areas or topics that you're so passionate about, that you could write about in your sleep.

4. Graphic Designer

This one, in particular, is one that you want to look into after you've read this article because research shows that graphic designers are able to earn on average if they were to do this full-time up to $73,000 per year. So definitely something you want to look into. And if you are not somebody who is very talented from a technology perspective, you should still not shy away from this one, because nowadays there are platforms like canva, that allow you to come up with really beautiful designs in only a few clicks. So if you don't have a lot of technical skills, that's still okay. There are ways for you to serve your customers with graphic design services anyway, however, if you want to learn more then the graphic design would be a great skill for you to acquire so you can unleash your creative powers, and you can offer your customers the best services they can get.

In terms of who you're going to serve, and what exactly you're going to do, well really, anybody nowadays needs to be present online, and if they do, they need to have content that goes out every day in order to stay relevant. And if you are somebody who is able to create beautiful visual designs to accompany those daily posts. The visual designs that would stand out in the myriad of posts that are currently flooding anyone's Facebook or Instagram feed, then your customers would love you. So definitely something that you want to look into because I'm sure you have a creative talent. Pretty much any mom does, I'm sure you do too.

5. SEO Researcher

Nowadays, every company is online, and in order to show up as high as possible in the rankings, they need to master their SEO, their search engine optimization. Because that is the way they get in front of their potential leads and get more sales. So that is something that you could do on the side as a stay-at-home mom as well. What you would need to do is work with small entrepreneurs or startups that are trying to rank high either in Google or on YouTube, and you can help them identify the right keywords that they need to be using depending on the topic or the area that they operate in. Also, what you could do on top of this is help companies evaluate their online presence from an SEO perspective and make sure that they use their keywords as best as they possibly can.

Research shows that if you were to do something like this full time, you would be able to earn up to $68,000 per year, of course, as we've mentioned before, you wouldn't be doing this for 8 hours a day, but even if you were to do it for one hour a day, I think the income would still be a nice one to add to your family income.

6. Data Entry Specialist Or A Bookkeeper

Either one of the two essentially means that you would input data from one source into a different one, and that could be you researching to find a data set, and then inputting that into a format that your customer is asking for, or simply taking invoices or receipts and inputting the data into either a bookkeeping software that your customer is using. or sometimes as easy as filling an Excel table. That should not be something that requires a lot of skill or a lot of experience and you should do it even if you don't have much experience in bookkeeping. Also, research shows that if you were to do this full-time you should be able to earn up to $38,000 per year. So you should be able to earn a quite good salary even if you were not going to do it full-time 

7. Editor Or A Proof Reader

There are different nuances of how you could do this type of job, and what type of services you would actually be offering because you could be a proofreader when it comes to a translation. So let's say somebody has produced some social media content or a landing page in English, they've had it translated into a more exotic language which you are already mastering, then you could offer your service to proofread the translation, or you could be a copy editor or proofreader for English for somebody who has had content written and created by somebody else, and we're talking a longer form type of content, and they need somebody to brush through and make sure that there aren't any grammar mistakes or typos. Then this is again something that you could do in your spare time while being at home with your kids.

Research shows that in terms of income if you were to offer copy editor or proofreader services, you would be able to make on average $67,000 per year if you were to do this full-time, so definitely something that would be able to bring you a really nice income to add to your family total income right now.

8. Social Media Manager

What you would be doing if this is a job that you would like to pursue while you're a stay-at-home mom, is you would be helping your customers advertise their services and their presence online on different social media channels be that Facebook, or Instagram, or YouTube. And what you need to be able to do if this is something you would like to pursue is not only understand the different algorithms that Instagram or Facebook or YouTube have, but also understand how advertising on these platforms works so that you make sure to get the best cost per click for your customer. 

In terms of income, research shows that if you were to do social media marketing as a full-time job, you would be able to earn on average about $50,000 to $51,000 per year. So it's still a really nice income regardless of how many hours you can dedicate to this per day

9. Online Community Manager

Essentially, what this means is that you would be offering services to any small entrepreneur that has an online community be that an Instagram following, or Facebook group, and you would be managing that community, you would be answering their questions, you would be approving or declining following requests, you would be guiding people to different resources, and typically, you should be able to do that without having a fixed schedule. Now, of course, your income depends on the workload that you would be taking on, but also, research shows that if you were to do that full-time you should be able to earn upwards of $40,000 per year. So definitely something that could be interesting for you particularly if you were to find a job like this in an area that you are already passionate about which could be child care or beauty or health or fitness or well-being, you name it.


My suggestion would be that you try to find jobs that are already aligned with some of your passions or priorities or values so that you are even closer to the topic and you are able to bring value to your customer probably even more than they expect you to.

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