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8 Best Part Time Home Base Jobs

8 Best Part Time Home Base Jobs

If you're really busy and you don't really want a side hustle, you just want a part-time job you can do from home. I'm gonna go into some of the best home base part-time jobs that paid pretty decently for when you just have some free time.

1. Online Tutor

Being a tutor is super easy if you are an adult tutoring somebody else with less experience. You can tutor so many different things. Swimming lessons, cooking, you can also just do English if you are a native English speaker in the US, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, whatever. In all these other countries that are native speakers, you can teach English without experience and without a lot of certifications. Check out this article 8 Online Tutoring Work From Home Jobs.

For a company that is hiring currently lots of teachers, you can earn $30 an hour, and it's whenever you want, you can set up a schedule with your students and just tutor them.

2. Travel Agent

This is something you can do from your home part-time. You can make $50,000 a year by being a travel agent by booking flights for people in your part-time when you want to. If you're somebody that travels often understands how vacations work bookings and things like that. You can make a commission off of it. So definitely check into becoming a travel agent in your part-time if you like vacations and traveling, and you understand how it works 

3. Virtual Secretary

Nowadays you don't even need to go into an office. I currently work with a doctor as a virtual assistant that I create videos for. So I create videos for their content and he lives in California and I'm in Nebraska. So this is a part-time job you could do. You can work for somebody who needs assistance like answering phones, studying appointments, emails, etc.

This is something you might want to find on or just on, But if you look for a virtual assistant or secretary a remote secretary anything like that you'll be able to find something in your area.

4. Nanny or Babysitter

This is just blowing my mind that people don't do this in their free time. It's just easy, you know, you hang out with some kids, you have some fun with them, eat some food, and the parents will pay you and sometimes you can even stay the night with them, and just chilling. It obviously depends on the family how much you're gonna get paid, but I have been paid sometimes $100 a night depending on how many kids they have, and how many hours I'm there. So if you can get at least like $30 an hour, $20 an hour, it's not a bad deal.

If you also have your own kids this could be something where you just bring other kids to your home and watch them in your own home.

5. Interior Designer

I actually did this in high school like I'm gonna get back into this, but designing people's renovations affords them. You can charge $100 an hour and that's exactly what I did in 2012. So in 2019 probably would just turn to the same amount, but I would charge people $100 an hour to design what their home would look like, help them pick out the different materials things like that. So if you have an eye for interior design, different things, different color schemes, things that look beautiful in a home, then this could be something that you can do in your free time and all you have to do is a list on a free site like Craigslist or Facebook and you'd be surprised how many people give you a call.

6. Bus Driver

This is not something you can do from home, but you can do it part-time. Becoming a school bus driver. You think this is a full-time job, but it's not. You only have to work in the morning when the kids need to go to school you're usually done by 8:30am. You go to your main job, and then you pick them up after school around 3:00pm or 4:00pm depending on where your school is, and what time school ends until about 4:35. About three hours a day, this job in my city pays about $26 an hour so depending on where you are in the country this is a pretty decent part-time job so obviously, you were gonna need some training from the company but they're gonna pay for that, there's no extra training for you that you have to do out of pocket.

Just search on for different school bus driver positions to see what's available in your area.

7. Breakfast Server

Becoming a server at a breakfast restaurant. This is actually an easy one that you can make pretty decent money on the weekend. I got this idea from one of my friends who serves on Saturday and Sunday in the morning a few hours a day and he makes really good money because he's at a breakfast place that just very busy, people tip very well, and it's not a fancy joint. If you can find a place in your area that does breakfast, and you only want to work on the weekends in the morning for a few hours, you have a lot of time to work your day job, take care of your kids, and your man, and still work this job.

8. Mail Courier

A lot of mail carriers all over the country make at least $19 an hour or more depending on where they're located. There's a lot of just seasonal work for this so if you want to do this on in the holidays this can really be a great option for you, and a lot of mail courier only works 20 hours a week so you can just do a few hours a day.


There obviously are so many options for part-time jobs but those are some great options that I think would be really easy to implement into your day job if you already have a job, or if you already a family and kids and married then this could be some really great options

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