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7 Legit Work From Home Jobs For Everyone

In this article, we're talking about some work home jobs that you can do. These are work from home type things that are easy to get started with, most of them don't have really big educational requirements, and most of them are easy to get started, and most of them actually pay pretty well. And this is something I get asked a lot by different readers about work from home stuff that they can do that maybe doesn't have to require a lot of education or anything like that, and that's exactly what we're gonna be looking at in this article. But I want you to be thinking a little bigger picture with all this, and thinking about your longer-term earning potential. I want you to ultimately be able to earn more than you are now and grow that, build a career of some sort, and a lot of these jobs aren't going to do that. They might fill-a-need now, and so if you're in a desperate situation, they might give you some short term answers to give you some more cash, but I want you to be thinking bigger picture on how you can develop some skills that make you more of a unique asset, that make you more valuable to companies who want to hire you or if you want to do freelance work to sell your services, and that's how you're really gonna grow your income and actually create a career path for yourself

Let's dive into these seven work from home jobs that you can do.

1. Amazon Virtual Jobs

I don't know if you know this but Amazon actually hires a whole bunch of virtual employees and so this page here is just like kind of a job listing page where they just specify all these different jobs that they have, and if you come down to the bottom you can click work from home jobs  they have 495 different work from home jobs available

They're for all kinds of different levels of skill and expertise and just a variety of different stuff that's available regardless of how you feel about working for Amazon, they're definitely a big enough company that they're not going anywhere.


2. Vipkid Teaching English

This is a really interesting one, but basically, it's a company that's looking for English-speaking teachers to teach Chinese and Korean kids. I believe that's the main group that they're focusing on

There are a few requirements here, they do require a bachelor's degree but in any field and they require one school year of traditional teaching experience or equivalent in mentoring tutoring, alternative education, and so I think that could be a variety of different things we ought to check with them to kind of be sure with that, but there's just a lot of flexibility there. I believe they pay up to $22 an hour, they said the minimum payment is $14 to $18 an hour and this is something where you're just doing this from home, just teaching online, and so it does seem like there's a good amount of flexibility. So if you have any interest in teaching English and you happen to have some of that experience that's something to consider as well.


3. Liveops Call Center

If you like talking to people or being on the phone this company is a really cool one because they connect you with different call center jobs and there's a whole bunch of different opportunities. They have like inbound sales so if you want to do sales, you can work as a roadside assistance rep, you can do technical support, insurance claims, food order taking, customer service stuff insurance, healthcare payroll support. I'm sure there's even more than that, but the point is is that if you want to be on the phone talking to people you can do that from home, and this company helps connect you to other companies who are doing that, and so that is definitely something to consider as well.


4. SurveyJunkie - Taking Surveys

You're not gonna make tons of money with this, but if you want to take some surveys and make a little bit of money on the side this is the best survey site I have found to do it. There are so many of these and honestly, so many of them are junk, and these guys actually are legit. But again, I caution you. This is not a job. This is something maybe while you're sitting on the couch you can make a few extra bucks and go for that, but the pay, I don't expect to be anywhere near some of the other things that we're looking at.


5. Doordash Food Delivery

I don't know if you've done this yet you can have a lot of food delivered to your house, and one of the places that are delivering that food to you it's called DoorDash, and if you haven't used it, you should check it out it's really cool, but basically, they have an app, you go in there you type in the food you want, and then someone goes and buys it from the restaurant that you want and then they bring it back to your house, and that's it. So working for DoorDash I guess it's not technically at home because you need to drive around, but the gist of it is is that you drive over to Apple bee's, pick up some food for Joe Blow over there, and then you drive it over to his house and then drop it off. It works similarly to Uber or Lyft and that you're using your own car and you're the delivery person, but you don't have to have people in your car you're just driving food from point A to point B and dropping it off. One of the nice things about this is the flexibility and people are ordering food all the time and probably peak hours are outside of the normal 9-to-5 so you can do this with a full-time job and do this on the side to earn some extra cash as well.


6. Indeed Chat Support

If the phone call center jobs kind of freaked you out and you don't want to get on the phone but you want to behind a little chat box because so many websites are now offering customer support with little chat boxes as you know. You can be a chat support agent, and so this site here kind of has a listing of a whole bunch of different companies that need chat support agents and many of these are from home. So every company's gonna be a little bit different in their requirements and their flexibility, but the idea of being a chat agent is pretty enticing because you can sit in your pajamas and do you think.


7. Rover Dog Sitting

If you like dogs this is a really cool one my mom actually did this and this is a web site, and there's actually a whole bunch of different web sites that do this this is just one that I found, but basically, you can be a dog sitter, and you can bring dogs into your house so I mean this is going on like crazy people are going to a vacation they don't know what to do with their dog, and so they're looking for pets that are nearby and a couple of these websites have made it really easy to do that and so you can get paid to host dogs. My parents actually did this, they brought a few dogs into their home for the weekend and made some money and had fun playing with the dogs and their dog that they have actually got worn out which is a good thing and all dogs have to play together. So if love animals this is definitely something to consider. I don't know much about the payment with this, but I do know that if you do the dog boarding yourself rather than just going over to someone's house to watch their dog or let their dog out you make a good bit more when you bring the dog into your house.



Like I was mentioned at the beginning I do want you to be thinking about how you can really grow your income and that is going to come by learning some skills and increasing your education. That doesn't mean going to college necessarily and we're in an age where I think a college degree is becoming less and less valuable but there are a lot of other ways to learn.

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