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7 Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home

Oftentimes I get asked, how can I get started as a freelancer? and by the way, I have no skills. While I can't believe that, and I honestly truly believe that everybody must have some skills. What I do tend to recommend to these people who are just starting out on their freelancing journey is to look into data entry opportunities. They are low level of skill, low level of experience, really low level of risk, and commitment type of job opportunities, and I think anybody can do them. So in this article, I thought I'd share with you seven legit data entry jobs from home that you can do as well, so you can start making money online and working remotely if that's what you want to.

Let me get straight into the article and talk about the seven legit data entry jobs that you can do from home so you can start making money online. But before we go into the article and talk about the details, let me do one thing first. Let me clarify what data entry services actually refer to. Because there is a bit of confusion here and I want to explain what you should expect when it comes to offering data entry services.

On one hand, you have transcription services, and that is a whole other field or a whole field in of itself, and I'm not going to talk about it today. The other type of data entry jobs could be any type of the following tasks that I'm going to mention. You could be asked to convert a certain data set from one format to another, so you're given a pdf file and you're asked to convert it into an excel table.

The second type of task you could get is you're given a set of documents like invoices or receipts and you're asked to pick certain fields, and input that data into, let's say, a bookkeeping system.

The third type of data entry jobs that you could do would be to classify and tag different types of images, and this would be further used for ai and machine learning training, but the task you're given has nothing to do with computer science, you're just given 20 cats pictures, and you have to create tags that explain what's in the picture.

The fourth type and by the way, this is not an extensive list, it's just to give you an idea of what data entry services could mean. A fourth type could be that you are given a topic that you need to research, and your customer gives you a specific format that you should put all the findings in, so you're given a template in a word document or you're given an excel file, or you have to create a CSV document where you include all of the findings based on the research that you are hired to do.

So as you can see, all of these are simple super straightforward tasks that shouldn't require any skills, and that you can do even if you have really no experience in terms of data entry. Now you will see there are some companies that have some, let's say, more strict requirements when it comes to enrolling on their platform, but there's something for everyone, and if you can't find something at the beginning make sure you stick around because there's something for you as well.

1. Axion Data Services

Axion data services is a company that is very well known in terms of data entry offering, they are a little bit more strict in terms of their enrollment requirements in the sense that they would like you to have 2 to 3 years of data entry experience. They would like you to have a minimum typing speed of 15,000 keystrokes per hour so essentially, that's more or less the equivalent of 50 to 60 words per minute, and that you are based out of the U.S

Another thing that they ask is that once you register and create a profile if you want your profile to be a member of their network, you are asked to pay $5 to $10 depending on the period of time that you would like your profile to be included in their network. So the time that you want to be a member of the axion network. Honestly, I don't believe that this is a huge investment, I also believe that partnering with axion would be a really good way for you to start as a freelancer especially if you do meet the criteria that I mentioned at the beginning. Other than that, data entry services are something that you can do without a whole lot of effort and without necessarily having to go through lots of training and lots of practice as long as you have the typing speed that they ask for.


2. Diondata Solutions

This is again another authority when it comes to data entry services. They are one of those companies that have been doing this for a long time and have been doing it really successfully. Now, a few reasons why I really like them and why I suggest them. Number one is because they provide training, so you don't have to go ahead and enroll in training regarding data entry services on your own, Diondata solutions will help you, and provide that for you. However, I do believe that if you're not trained in terms of data entry, and you want to start a freelancing business around this topic, then you might as well go ahead and get some training on your own.

The second thing why I really really like Diondata solutions and why I believe they are one of those companies that you would like to partner with and support as well is because they are an equal rights employer, so they will offer the same type of opportunities and equal rights to everybody without making any discrimination when it comes to background, ethnicity, race, education, or any other differentiator. So I think this is a really really cool thing, really a really important aspect that should convince you to look into data entry.

Another important thing to mention is that they do require that you are a U.S citizen. So for those of you outside of u.s, this, unfortunately, will not be open for you at the moment, if you are u.s citizen then do make sure you look into Diondata solutions I truly believe they are a great opportunity. At the moment they are not hiring, they don't have any open opportunities, but they are worthwhile keeping an eye out for, and whenever they have new open roles make sure you consider them.


3. Clickwoker

What clickwork does is essentially is a company that provides support in the development and creation of ai models and machine learning. But for that to happen they need human intelligence that is able to support the training and the correction of the model. So they will hire you to help with simple straightforward tasks like completing surveys, proofreading, running research, and filling in the output into a given format like we've discussed, or categorizing data. Any type of these entry-level data entry services is available on clickworker, and actually even more. There are even cooler ones like mystery shopping where you go and shop in a store and then you provide your feedback and talk about your experience to audio recordings, picture taking, and lots more, but data entry is definitely one of the areas that they would hire you for.

The enrollment process is super easy and straightforward there are a few assessments that they do mention on their website, but they don't expect that you have any experience, and you can be based literally anywhere in the world. It works for everybody not just for those based out of u.s or Canada like the ones I've mentioned before. Clickworker is one of the platforms that I think is perfect for you to consider if you're just starting out as a freelancer and you want to look into data entry services the types of activities and tasks that they would hire you for is very easy and straightforward, do not require any experience, and no matter the level of skill you believe you have you should be able to do that. 


4. MicoWorkers

In a way, it is similar to the one I just mentioned before in the sense that there are multiple types of data entry services that they offer so there is a broad range of tasks, but on micro workers, we're not talking about any ai model training here, they specialize in outsourcing microtasks. So they will have everything from electricity meter reading, to picture categorization, to video quality rating, to survey answers and everything in between. There's literally tons and tons and tons of different types of very straightforward easy micro tasks that companies want to outsource, and they use a platform like micro workers to outsource those tasks to people like you. So the enrollment process is quite easy and straightforward they do ask you a few questions, but nothing really out of this world you should be able to enroll and go through the questionnaire and then get a profile on their website, and on in their network.

Once that is finalized, you can start working on the tasks that are outsourced on their platform and start making money. As I said, there is no expectation for you to have any experience or any specific skills, and you should be able to start providing those services quite quickly as long as you're able to address the requirements and categorize pictures or answer survey questions, you should be good to go.


5. Lionbridge

This again is a crowdsourcing platform where companies come and outsource some easy straightforward micro tasks that they want people to like you to help support with. And Lionbridge also offers machine learning as well as human-sourced services, so you can either offer the second or help train the algorithm for the first, there will always be work for you, and they do work with tons and tons and tons of freelancers worldwide so definitely there's a place for you in there as well.

Now in terms of their enrollment process, this is a bit more complex than some of the other ones where you just create a profile and you're good to go. Here once you create the profile you then need to go through an assessment phase where you have to take a quiz and then your profile needs to be validated and reviewed by the lion bridge team, but once you're done with this and your profile is enrolled onto their network then it should be quite easy and straightforward for you because you're part of the network, you are a member and you don't even need to go and chase task after task, they will assign that for you. So it makes it a lot easier for you once you become a member even if it might not be as straightforward and instant gratification type of enrollment process where you create the profile and you're done in a second. This one will probably take a little bit longer just a few days maybe, it's not in my opinion that complex, and it should be doable and the effort should be worthwhile if you really want to get into this, so definitely consider lion bridge smart crowd

I think they're worthwhile looking into and you should have a future in terms of collaborating with them on a longer-term, not just on a one-time-only basis.


6. Appen

Append is a company that also offers machine learning and ai model services, and they offer different types of collaboration with different types of freelancers that are able to support that process for them. One of the things that they do with their machine learning is automated translation from one language to another, they offer simpler tasks like answering surveys, or collecting data, which is again something that they would be outsourcing to you no matter the level of skill or experience that you have, and the output that you provide they would then use to train the model that they're building. So if you're able to complete successfully and at the high quality this type of work like survey answering or data collection then you should be a good fit with append

In terms of enrollment process that is very very straightforward, you literally only have to create a profile and you're good to go, also, when it comes to payment they pay through PayPal so you need to have a verified PayPal account and that's it. So very easy collaboration with append, certainly something that you can find in there in terms of micro tasks and I definitely believe that you should look into them if you want to find legit data entry jobs from home that you can do today.


7. Guru

There are definitely a good amount of opportunities for data entry services, this is actually one of the categories or a subcategory that you can find on guru. So if you go there and create a profile and you go and search under business and administration one of the subcategories of this big business and administration category is data entry services, and while there might not be tons of opportunities, there's always a good amount. So definitely go and look into that, there might be something for you

The application as I said is easy you just need to create a profile and then submit an offering for the job that you would like to work on. The difference here is that you would be bidding for the jobs that are published on guru like you would on some of the other platforms, for example, Upwork or some others. Maybe not as easy when it comes to competition, but certainly something you want to look into and that would be very suitable for you if you're just starting out on your freelancing journey.


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