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5 No Phone Work At Home Jobs

5 No Phone Work At Home Jobs

If you do not want to talk on the phone, and you don't want to do with people, you just want to do your work, not talk to anybody yet, not to a client. I understand that. I got you covered so in this article we're getting into some really great companies that hire virtually to not talk on the phone.

We're getting into some awesome non-phone jobs. I'm going into many different jobs you can do that are not over the phone, but I am going into different categories for each job 

let's get into it 

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a day to day tasks, are going to be things like looking at emails, replying to emails, scheduling some data entry, and honestly, it just depends on what the client wants and each task. so that's why I'm not really going into exact. But you can look on the website of a company that is hiring a virtual assistant to know exactly what you'll be doing

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistant

Contemporary VA

I have talked about other companies in the past, but one new company that I've never brought up before is called contemporary VA.

Contemporary VA maybe opens worldwide, but it's definitely in the United States. They pay about $10 an hour and they pay you every other week via a check in the mail. Something interesting is it does say it is in Delaware, however, when I was looking at the requirements all it says is you must be available to work day hours Eastern Standard Time. So in my opinion even if you are anywhere in the world, but you are available between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, you should be allowed to work with them so I would just inquire and apply if you're not in the United States or if you're not in Delaware, it doesn't say anything about actually physically being in Delaware.

Time Etc

This is available in the United States and in the UK, and they pay between $11 to $16 an hour and they do pay through PayPal.

Worldwide 101

Despite its name worldwide is not worldwide, it is only in the United States and in the United Kingdom. They pay between $15 to $20 an hour and it seems that they do pay direct deposit like any other company.


I've already talked about this company, it's a really great company if you want to be a virtual assistant online remote, although, they have different openings for different time zones depending on where you are in the United States, this company only hires throughout the United States. They pay $13 to $18 an hour but they do require you to have an associate's degree at the minimum. So they do pay a little bit higher than some other companies that I will mention in this article, but, you need an associate's degree.

2. Virtual Accountant

If you're already an accountant or you at least study some kind of bookkeeping or familiar or credits and debits, then you might be able with this top companies 

Company That Hire Virtual Accountant

Accounting Department

Accounting department hires virtual accountants in the United States, and they do require that you have at least three years of experience in bookkeeping. So I'm not sure if that means you have to have a degree in that, but if you have experience in bookkeeping or accounting, you work in an office, and you want to transition into an online or mobile position, this could be a great company for you. I did not see any salaries listed on their website so you would have to apply and acquire.

3. Search Engine Evaluation

What you're going to be doing with search engine evaluation is you are going to be evaluating different queries on different websites. You'll search something in general, there are different options that you decide which one would be the best result, there are different little things that you do but essentially no experience, super-easy, most people can figure out how to do it.

Company That Hire Search Engine Evaluation


They are only throughout the United States so sorry about that, but they have a flexible schedule and the pay is about $11 an hour.


If search engine evaluation interests you, you can also check into appen. Appen is worldwide, and pay will vary depending on the job itself that you're doing. So different jobs will yield different pay, but you can expect between $13 to $15 an hour and they pay monthly. Just looking at their website some different jobs that you could be doing is becoming a rater. They have flexible part-time jobs that are home base, and it requires a computer or mobile device. They have language jobs that are transcription, translations, and linguists and they also have micro tasks that can be completed in an hour in the comfort of your home, and then they have corporate jobs.

4. Chat-Based Work

I know you have seen these before when you're on a website and you've been on there for a few minutes and something pops up at you and it's like, hey, can I help you with something? A lot of those are BOTS, but a lot of those times those are people. Or it starts off with the bots and then you reply to those bots and you say yes I need some help, if they can't help you, they will transfer you to a live person who is chatting with you. You can become one of these live chatters.

Companies That Hire Chat-Based Work

The Chat Shop

They do hire worldwide so if you're outside the United States this one hires outside of the United States. This chat work varies from business to business depending on the company that is hiring you. So it's a big bubble of chat workers and then they link you to different businesses. So each chat will be a little different depending on what they need you to say depending on the business, etc. But they do pay between $9 to $10 an hour to chat with people in your free time through a company at the comfort of your home.


There a lot of positions at Apple where you can be a home chatter where you're chatting people on the help page and one of those positions is called a home advisor. They have tons of positions, they pay really great, they have great benefits, Apple is just a really good company to work.

5. Academic Testing Scoring

Essentially, there are tons of standardized tests that need to be great at every single year if you think about all the high schoolers, all the juniors, the seniors, that, when it's the end of the year they have to take their SAT, they have to take standardized tests, so when they graduate they can go into great schools or not. But, they need people that can grade the standardized tests. All of them are graded with just a machine because it's multiple choice but a lot of them for the essays, the paragraphs, whatever they need a person to actually read it, and grade it. This is not just with the SAT, this is just any kind of standardized test. This can be a middle school, this can be elementary school now they're doing standardized testing so they just need humans to actually grade these standardized tests.

Companies That Hire Academic Testing Scoring


ETS is open to the United States but sometimes they occasionally have some jobs in different countries so do look out for those if you are outside of the United States, and I have seen pay between $10 to $20 an hour depending on the project and depending on this test, and depending on the company. With them, you're paid twice monthly so just like any standard job.

Measurement Inc

This is another company that you can do standardized testing and they pay about $11 an hour so same dealio, it's another company pay about $11 an hour.


If you are studying in school, if you've ever been in school you probably have once in your life have seen a book by Pearson, they do tons of curriculum but they also hire people to grade standardized testing. This is open to anybody authorized to work in the United States so you don't physically have to be in the United States so like if you're an ex-pat living abroad you can also work for this company doing this. The pay is about $10 an hour or more, and it seems like they paid like any other job by direct deposit twice a month.

Write Score

Write score is the same in this category, they're doing standardized testing and they pay between $8 to $15 an hour and you must be a United States citizen. The pay with the written score depends on how fast you're able to complete these standardized tests so the more you can do in the hour the more you get paid obviously. So you are in control to an extent how much you can get paid with the right score.

All right, that's all I have for you for non-phone jobs.

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