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5 Highest Paying Jobs In The UK Without A Degree

If you're currently looking for a high-paying job but you don't have a university degree then you should find this article really helpful, because what I'm going to do is run through five of the highest paying jobs in the UK right now that don't require you to have a university degree to apply for them and I'm also going to show you some common routes that you can take to actually apply for and land these jobs.

A lot of people think that in the UK that you need to have a degree in order to get a good job and to earn good money, but that's really not true, there are lots of jobs out there that don't require to have a degree, where you can be challenged, you can enjoy the work, and you can earn some really good money so what I want to do in this article is run through seven of those jobs and tell you a little bit about what each job entails, tell you the starting salaries, tell you what sort of salary you can expect to be earning as you progress within the role, and tell you what some of the higher salaries you can earn within those roles are. But most importantly what I want to do is show you how you can actually get these jobs and show you some common routes that people take, whether it's applying for a job right now or doing some self-study before hands so you could actually go away from this moment right now and start progressing your way in to actually landing one of these jobs.

1. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are those people that you might have seen on films who sue within the big air traffic control towers at airports and their job is to essentially ensure that all of the flights going in and out of the airport are doing so safely and efficiently. They do this by mapping out the landing paths for the pilots and communicating from the radio to ensure that all of the takeoffs and landings are running smoothly and safely. So it's a very important job and there's a lot of responsibility for it.

How Much Can You Earn?

On average, an air traffic controller will earn around £40,000 a year, but an experienced senior air traffic controller can earn around £100,000 a year or more. So the starting salary for an air traffic controller is around £17,000 a year plus expenses, but while you're doing your college training which lasts for about a year to 18 months. Once you've done that you'll then progress to on-the-job training where you're actually learning from somebody in a live environment and during that period you'll earn around £23,000 a year.

Once you've completed your operational training you'll then be given your license, and this is when you'll start earning around £40,000. And then after around 3 years, you can expect to see that rise to around £50,000 a year. 

How To Get The Job?

In order to qualify for the application process, all you need is to be 18 years or older, and have 5 GCSEs A-C level. The best way to apply for this job is via the NATS website, which is the national air traffic services website. If you go to their website you can apply online, and from there you will be required to do a number of tests that will test your cognitive skills and your decision making. But once you've passed the online test will then be invited to a one-day Assessment Center where you'll go through further tests and you'll do more group exercises. If you pass that stage, you'll then be invited to join as a trainee air traffic controller

Series Of Online Tests

What I think is really good about this application process is it's totally based on your skills and abilities and not on your past experience so you don't need to have a CV that's practice with experience and lots of other stuff you've done in the past. They're just looking at what you can do now and their application process is more about tests and seeing how you perform in those than worrying about what you've done in the past, and they've also on their website the NATS have got a series of mini-games that you can play to actually train and test those skills to prepare yourself for the actual application process.

One thing that's worth bearing in mind with this job though is that as an air traffic controller you will be expected to work anywhere in the UK. So once you've qualified the NATS will then station you at one of the air traffic control centers in any Airport around the country so you will need to be fairly flexible on where you can live if you want to take up this career.

2. Mortgage Advisor 

If you don't know what a mortgage advisor does, essentially, when people need to buy a home in the UK they will generally speak to borrow money from the bank, they'll need a loan which is called a mortgage which is a loan they secured on the house or flat that you're buying. So what a mortgage advisor does is they help house buyers to pick the right mortgage products for their needs because mortgages are very complex financial products and there are lots of deals out there so they help people to pick the right one.

As a mortgage advisor, you will even work directly for a bank, and advise only on that bank's products or you might work for an independent mortgage brokerage who advise on a wide range of products from across the market, and when a mortgage is arranged, a fee will generally be generated and mortgage advisors make a commission on those fees. So it is technically a sales job.

How Much Can You Earn?

On average a good mortgage advisor can expect to earn around £40,000 a year, but then again, a good mortgage advisor who is arranging lots of mortgages can earn in excess of £80,000 a year, but you do have to be arranging those mortgages and making those sales in order to earn the Commission to earn that kind of money.

The average starting salary for a mortgage advisor will be around £20,000 to £25,000, but some within the first year as you progress and start to bring on more clients, and sell more mortgage deals you can easily start to move that to these sort of £30,000 to £40,000 a year range.


The main qualification you need to become a mortgage advisor in the UK is CeMAP or a certificate of mortgage advice and practice. It costs a few hundred pounds to do this course and you can self-study at home, but you have to take an exam at the end, and only if you pass the exam you then qualified to actually be a mortgage advisor in the UK. 

How To Get The Job?

There are a couple of routes that you can take to become a mortgage advisor in the UK. The first is that you self study on your own so you buy the CeMAP study material, you take about six to two years to do the studies, you passed the exam, once you pass the exam, you then apply for junior mortgage advisor positions or trainee positions with banks or lenders.

The second way you can take though is that you can actually take a more junior job with a bank, for example, such as a customer advisor someone who deals with savings and loans and things like that, and then you can progress your way into a mortgage role, so you can start let your boss know that you're looking to move into mortgages and in many cases, a lot of employers will actually fund those studies for you, so once you've qualified who will then be able to move into a mortgage role internally with the employer and generally speaking to get one of these junior banking type jobs you'll only need sort of basic GCSEs to get your foot in the door there.

It's a really good job if you're interested in finance and you like dealing with people, but it's important to remember it is a sales job so it does come with pressure and targets and you're not guaranteed to make those Commission's unless you're making those mortgage deals.

3. Project Manager

Project managers manage a wide range of projects across all industries and professions. So it could be a big construction project building, a big block of flats. It could be an IT upgrade for a business, it could be a people transformation program where a company's restructuring its people, so there's a wide range of areas you can gain into. And generally speaking, what they do is that they plan the projects, they schedule them, and they make sure that everybody on the project team is delivering the work that they're supposed to be and it's all delivered on time and on budget.

How Much Can You Earn?

On average in the UK a project manager will earn around £42,000 a year, but a really good experience project manager working in the right industries can earn in excess of £75,000 a year even possibly a £100,000 a year or more depending on the experience level and the type of industry they're working in.

No Qualification

You don't need any formal qualifications to become a project manager, there are some recognized bodies out there that offer project management training such as prince2, now these are formally recognized and preferred, but they are not 100% necessary so you don't need to go out there and do them and they're quite expensive as well. So what I would recommend if you're looking to break into project management is to take a junior project role and work your way up into a project management position. For example, you could apply for project support roles or project admin roles where you will be working alongside project managers, supporting them in various functions, and once you've got a role like that, you can then obviously progress and move your way into a project management role internally within that employer

This could take you sort of one to five years depending on how quickly you progress, and what opportunities are available within the employer that you're working for overtime. 

4. Estate Agent

As you may well know estate agents help people to sell their homes so if somebody is looking to sell their house or their flat, an estate agent what they'll do is they'll take complete control of the process so they will market the property, they'll take the photos, put them on a website, they'll manage all the viewings, and once they actually manage to sell the house to somebody, they then charge the homeowner a fee. Those fees generally tend to be quite high, and estate agents working in those roles will take a commission from those fees and that's how they earn their money

How Much Can You Earn?

On average a good estate agent can earn around £60,000 a year. A really good an estate agent who's selling lots of houses can easily earn in excess of a £100,000 a year, but again, it is a sales job you're not guaranteed to make those fees, it's only if you're making the sales you'll be making those big commissions.

Entry-level estate agent jobs such as trainee estate agent roles will generally tend to pay around the £12,000 to £16,000 a year mark, but again, this is a basic salary, and you can start earning commissions straight away so if you do well you could easily sort of learning to start earning £20,000 to £30,000 a year within the first year.

No Qualification

There are no formal qualifications to become an estate agent in the UK, but you will generally need a driving license and possibly your own car to get around and do viewings and show people the properties that you're trying to sell, but generally speaking, estate agents look for people who are going to be good in sales positions so people who are good with people, confident, persistent, all those kinds of traits so you just have to remember when you're applying for the jobs to try and get those qualities across to people when you're making an application when you're interviewing when you're speaking to people.

How To Apply For Real Estate Agent Job?

If you want to start applying for a real estate agent jobs what I would recommend is preparing your CV, and start looking for jobs like trainee estate agent, junior estate agent, trainee lessons agent, trainees sales agents, all those kind of jobs are gonna get your entry-level jobs within estate agents to sort of get your foot in the door and start the career.

It's a really good job if you're interested in the property, you like dealing with people, and you like to be rewarded for the results you get as opposed to the time you work, but again, it's worth mentioning that is a tough sales job you're not guaranteed to make tons of money, you need to be making those sales and generating those fees to earn the Commission to earn the higher salaries.

5. B2B Salesperson

What business-to-business sales mean is that you're in a sales position within a company and you're selling a product or service to another business. Business to business services and products sell for quite a lot of money so it could be a piece of software that sells for 1,000 pounds, it could be a fleet of cars, we're talking about very high sales values. As a salesperson, you will get a commission from those sales when you make them. 

How Much Can You Earn?

The basic salary for a junior b2b salesperson could be anything around the sort of £15,000 to £20,000 a year, but if you're making sales they can start to go up pretty rapidly, an average b2b salesperson who is making consistent sales could quite easily make sort of £40,000 to £50,000 a year once they've got a bit of experience. A really good b2b salesperson who's got lots of clients, making lots of sales of high-value products can easily earn over £10,000 a year and again it's totally uncapped because the more sales you make the more Commission you will make.

As a sales job will involve a lot of contact with clients, meetings, networking, trying to generate leads, and generate opportunities, in order to make as many sales of a service or product as you possibly can for the employer.

No Qualification

There are no formal qualifications to become a salesperson in any field really, so again, it's just about trying to get those sales like qualities across when you apply for the jobs, the confidence, the persistence, dealing with people, being able to work under pressure all those kind of things.

How To Apply For B2B Sales Job?

If you're looking to get into b2b sales I would suggest is simply searching for junior b2b sales roles, it could be a b2b sales executive or a junior b2b salesperson, another way to potentially get into a b2b sales role could be to get a nonsales role within a b2b company so perhaps like an admin role or an assistant type role within a b2b firm, you're going to be working closely with the salespeople and then once you're in, you've got some experience of the products or the service they offer, then look to start moving into a sales role and progressing that way.

Again, it's a really good job if you like dealing with people and you're prepared to put the hard work in and you're gonna be able to make those sales, but again, it is a sales job and you're not guaranteed to make commissions it's only if you're making the sales you gonna make those higher salaries.

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