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10 Work From Home Jobs In The Medical Field

10 Work From Home Jobs In The Medical Field

If you are wanting to transition your medical job remote in your home, in this article, we're going into a bunch of companies that hire in the medical field from home. Let's get into it 

1. Medical Coding

Medical coding is when you're gonna be assigned a code for a diagnostic or a procedure that was done in a healthcare setting. This is something that you will need some kind of certification, but a lot of these companies will pay for on-the-job training for you to get the certification done. However, if you are willing to get the certification, or you already have the certification because you already are a medical coder, and you want to just transition at home, then this is gonna be awesome for you.

Companies That Hires Medical Coders At Home Remotely


Imedx works with physicians groups and hospitals to streamline their revenue cycle and create insightful clinical documentation. To be a coding consultant with Imedx, all you need is a high school diploma or a GED, you do however need the qualifications. The certifications of medical coding, you know, courses you can take, and you need 3 to 5 years of experience. So if you want to start medical coding, and you want to get your certifications, and you start in an office, or a hospital and then work your way to this company in three years. That can be something you can do.


Check them out if you want to get into medical coding and remotely. But just a little bit about them, they are a healthcare solutions company, they're hiring a ton of different healthcare positions that are remote, but one in particular that you do not need a degree is their medical coding positions, and also their registration reps.


Codebusters is a company that allows you to work on a virtual team whenever and wherever you want. What's very special about this company is they pay you per record which makes it a super easy part-time job because you can work whenever you want and you work as much as you want depending on how many records you do is how much you get paid. 

You will need to take a pre-qualification test just to make sure that you know how to do what you're applying to do, but they do not claim any type of years of experience, so as long as you have your certifications, and you are somewhat familiar with what you're doing then you should be fine.

What I think is really cool about code busters that are a little different than some of the other companies is that they have a very thorough training so you're never gonna be confused about what is expected from you when completing each record. Also, you get an email notification when there's a record, so if you are somebody who has multiple works at home jobs, they'll email you when you have a record to be completed, so you're not just sitting at your computer doing nothing. They will notify you so as long as you have your email on your phone then you should be fine. You'll be able to see when you get those notifications.


Aviacode is nationally recognized to be one of the top medical coding companies in class, in the black book market survey. The positions are remote and employees are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. You are required to have a PC that is Windows 10 or above OS. You are required to have dual monitors. They also have jobs for people in India as well, so this company hires in India you can get a job if you live in India.

2. Medical Transcriptionist

What is a medical transcriptionist? Essentially, a doctor has to dictate what is going on whether it's in a procedure or what they're explaining to a patient or anything else that has happened at the doctor's visit. 

The job of the medical transcriptionist is to write or type out what the doctor is dictating

Companies That Hires Medical Transcriptionist At Home Remotely


Ascend is a solution for clinical documentation and revenue recovery to hospitals clinics, group practices, healthcare networks. You do need 3 years of experience for them to consider you, as well as being able to pass a background check.

Fast Chart

Fast chart is a medical transcriptionist company that hires contract remote medical transcriptionists. They are all us-based, so if you live in u.s. great. They hire remote because you are a contractor and you need to be able to pass a typing test as well as a medical terminology exam. So I highly recommend before you take this medical terminology exam. Go onto Google, refresh your Anatomy, so when they say their femur is broken, you know what the femur is, and you know how to spell femur as well as other common diseases illnesses, bacterias, and other things that the doctor might be dictating that you'll need to know what that is.

You will also need strong internet with any of these positions, and you need a USB headset with a foot pedal.


Spectramedi is a medical service organization and technology solutions company. They hire work from home medical coders but also medical transcriptionists. All you have to do is post your resume on their website, and then they will reach out to you.


They have been in business since 1989. They hire stay-at-home medical transcriptionists, and when you fill-up the application with them you will need to show that you're capable of transcribing what a doctor is dictating. So you'll be able to download the different clips, and you will have to transcribe what they are saying. You will have to do this as thoroughly and as accurately as possible if you have a chance of being hired.

3. Telephone Remote Triage

What is telephone triage? Essentially, if you are a registered nurse or you are a doctor. Or you have any kind of certifications in the medical field whether you're a pharmacist or a CNA or just anything in the medical field. What telephone triage is, people will call you with questions about what's going on.

Let's just say there's a mother who's pregnant she has some questions about something going on with her, she can call you and it's gonna be a lot cheaper for her to do that than going into the doctor visit and getting it checked out by a doctor. So if somebody has a sick child at home and they want to call you just to make sure that their symptoms are okay, and they don't need to go to the emergency room, they can call these people the triage and get that information.

Companies That Hires Telephone Remote Triage At Home


If you are a registered nurse you can work remotely with this company answering the phone for questions that patients have for you. This is an employee position, they are offering several benefits and offering hourly pay. This could be great if you are also a pregnant registered nurse so you can still be getting work in the field that you are used to, but staying home with your child as you are becoming a mother. Just an example.

4. Other Medical Stay At Home Positions

This option is other medical positions you can do from home and it's gonna be a variety of just different things you can do.


They are an international company, they're not just in the United States. I have personally seen positions for this company in the United Kingdom, United Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. If you're in any of these places that's where they're hiring at the time of this article. But take a look they might be hiring as more by the time you read this article. 

Essentially, with this company they hire work at home individuals to file insurance medical claims from their house, so you will need a headset, you will need a strong internet, a very pretty decent level of English with a clear neutral speaking accent. I do not see any kind of experience that you need other than that.

That's all I have for you. Hopefully, I touch on something that you might be interested in and get qualify for, or something you are already doing that is staying at home as in the medical field

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