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10 Work From Home Jobs For Students With No Experience

10 Work From Home Jobs For Students With No Experience

If you are someone who is a student, you don't have any experience or you're a teen, I want to show you possible jobs that you can have right now working from home. If you don't know a little bit of my story I actually started working online when I was 15 years old, my employers didn't know that. They didn't really ask me my age because when you're working online, the opportunities are bigger, the opportunities don't have the same barriers that you have to go through if it was an actual office job. Now a lot of the jobs on this list are long-term and also some of them are short-term gigs if you just really need to get a side gig now.

1. Article Writer

If you're a teen or a student or you don't have any experience working online, is writing articles. Writing articles is where I got started, my first online job was being a ghostwriter for a blog, so I would write articles and they would publish it under their name which was fine because I'm going to get paid for it. But basically, if you write essays in school if you're someone who's already writing all of these projects in school they can easily be transferable into a skill when working online. Now there's a lot of different types of articles you can do, it could be an article on a particular niche or a particular field

Basically, when you're writing articles it's kind of like writing an essay for school or writing for a project in school that you've already been doing can easily be transferable to going and working online. Now if you want to go about writing articles I suggest that you go to and search for writing jobs right there.



2. Resume Writer

Resume and application letter writing. A lot of times when people are switching jobs or they're shifting to another field then they want to update their resume. So if you're someone who is offering as a service updating resumes or writing out even application letters then that is another field that you can go into without experience. Because you don't really need experience when it comes to writing resumes or application letter. If this is something you want to get started on you can as easily just post on your Facebook that you are a resume writer, that you're an application letter writer, and if anyone is looking for a job right now you will be more than happy to help them out and also again, on or any other sites. Even on Facebook, you can search for jobs for people who are currently looking for resume writers.


3. Social Media Graphic Designer

It's very specific because I really wanted to focus on jobs where you don't need a lot of experience. As a social media graphic designer, you're basically creating those posts that you see already everywhere. So if you just have a tool like, you already have a ton of templates to start working with, you don't really have to study it, and of course, it would be good if you study and look the other ways that you can create graphics for social media, but basically, you're creating the same kind of pictures or photos or graphics that you already see on Instagram on Facebook on Linkedin and then you're putting that fourth asset service of anyone who is right now struggling of creating ideas for their social media. 

If you want to get started with this particular job you can just start posting on Instagram or on Facebook of samples of your work you can create from templates already on canva. Just posting your samples posting that this is what you can do that. If anyone is in need of a social media graphic designer they can contact you that's already a great way for you to get started.


4. Social Media Manager

Right now if you're just scrolling through Facebook you're just throwing through Instagram you're scrolling to even YouTube, you don't know that you can actually get paid helping someone maintain their social media. Now a social media manager is someone who helps create posts, helps maintain the post, there's something always that is posted on their Instagram, on their youtube, on their Facebook, and helping them maintain that, and also, of course, putting out the content of either creating the content or it could be working with a social media graphic designer or you could be working with a ton of writers, but basically, you're someone who's making sure that the content the things that they put out on their social media matches what their branding is, matches what their messages, what their services are.

All you need to get started as a social media manager is to research a lot on a particular platform that you're already using a lot. So let's say you're already using Facebook a lot, then you can study there's a lot of free content out there that you can study on how to be a Facebook social media manager, and study how that's done, and to find jobs again go to, go to Facebook itself, and promote that you are someone who is willing to learn how to be a Facebook social media manager, and you can get started just like that.

Website to find a social media manager job

5. English Tutor

There's a lot of sites out there where you can teach someone how to speak English

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You don't really have to have a good grasp, most of the time of the English grammar, most of it is you're just converse having a conversation with someone and correcting them if they're struggling to find a word or a phrase in English. This one is a little bit harder if you don't have your own space at home if you don't have like a good microphone if you don't have good internet, and of course, you're going to be speaking to someone on video so if you're not that confident this is not probably for you. But if you're someone who's already a really good speaker or someone who's confident about their English then this is something that you can start doing

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who's just helping an entrepreneur or a business owner or even just someone who works at a normal job get through their day. It will cover a range of tasks from calendar scheduling so making sure that their calendar isn't overbooked, making sure that the people that they're supposed to be meeting are there, making sure all the details are right, and there's going to be inbox management where you're going to help them manage their inbox, you know, deleting things that they shouldn't be seeing, making letting them know if there's anything important comes up. It also includes planning out their travel or researching a couple of possible contacts for them. So it's a wide range of tasks, but usually tasks that you can pick up really quick even if you are a teenager or someone who is a student, 

If this is something you want to do, there are some websites where you can find a virtual assistant job. 

Website to find a Virtual Assistant job

7. Proofreader

This is actually one of the jobs that I got started on when I started working online as a proofreader, and basically, you're going to be going through someone's article, you're going to through someone's book, you're going to through someone's post, and making sure the grammar error is free. So again, this is for people who are already grammar nazis who are very familiar with the English grammar with the way of being able to rewrite things to sound, of course, better.

If working as a proofreader is going to be for, to get started in that you can just post on Facebook that you are someone who is a proofreader, your someone who's willing to proofread may be term papers or essays, you can offer this as a service to your teachers you can say, hey, I'm doing this if you want me to be a proofreader for any of your tests that you're putting out, even contact older classmates those who are already in college maybe who can afford to pay you to proofread any of their essays.

Website to find an online proofreader job

7. Audio Transcriber

If you are someone who can easily listen to something and then turn it into text and then putting it out as a caption that is another job that you can put in.

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Another way to a find a job for that is to go through youtube, go through the people that you follow, go through the people who you watch their videos a lot, if they don't offer captions, you can say, hey, I'm an audio transcriber, would you like for me to transcribe your audio so you can put into captions. Just doing that's probably going to get you a lot of responses because a lot of the time YouTubers or people who create a lot of videos don't even think of hiring a transcriber or someone who could create captions for them even though it's actually really valuable because a lot of time, especially on Facebook people, are scrolling have it on mute, so having a good caption on there so people can watch things even without turning on the audio is going to be so powerful for them.

8. Video Editor

Video editing can be a very very basic and very easy skill to learn if you don't have it. I started doing video editing when I was about 16 or 17 and it's really easy to pick up, you can start with very basic software on your computer right now and start testing yourself out, you can create a really funny family video, and then learn how to edit those and make it better, and a lot of people looking for video editing especially as more and more people go into the video type content so this is something that you can definitely jump into right away.

Website to find a video editor job

9. Lead Generation

Lead generation is basically you're finding possible contacts for someone and it could be a huge range of things. You could be someone who's helping someone find possible podcasts that they could be interviewed in. You could be looking for a list of industries may be that they could contact. As someone who can create leads for someone, you're just researching a couple of people that they could have as clients, you're just creating a list of people that they could either connect with, they could have like a list of clients, so just most of the time lead generation is just creating a big spreadsheet and stalking people of like getting their address, getting their contact information, getting other ways to contact them, and sometimes you might even be the one who's going to be emailing those people you're going to be sending out usually a templated email reaching out to these people so your client can then start building a relationship.

It's a really easy task to get into it to and learn because it's just researching and then sending out emails or setting up requests on Linkedin or on Facebook. Just to make sure again that you're matching up your client with the right people who might be interested in their services or their products 

If you want to get started on that again go to, or you can look at Facebook groups for people who are already looking for lead generators


Facebook group

10. Photo Editors

Like a photo editor, you could be someone who goes into and then creates thumbnails for people, youtube thumbnails, another good example is you are someone who can create book covers for authors, you could be someone who creates flyers or posters or anything physical that your client might need. Basically, a photo editor is just taking some a current photo or just manipulating and making it look pretty, making it for whatever purpose that the client needs and again if you want to be a photo editor you can already just start building your portfolio through that, you can start posting it on Facebook, hey, this is what I do, this is what it can do for you. And at somewhere, one of your mom's friends, one of your parent's friends can start hiring you and might be interested in your service. 

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