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How To Hire A Good Employees For Your Business

In this article, we're going to talk about what do you need to do to hire employees for your business. I'm going to give you some of the tricks, some of the tips, some of the things that you should look out as a beginning business owner that has never hired employees before, and just an overview of some things that you should get in your mind.

1. You Are The Employer, And They Are The Employee

They are not your friends, they're not your buddy, they could be family, they could be a cousin or something. But this is still someone who is going to be your employee. And there needs to be this level of distance between you and that person. Because of one of my recommendations. You can hire a family member who will be an excellent, supportive, hard-working employee. There are people who've been able to do it and has worked out fine. There are other people who've hired family members and it has been a complete and other dumpster fire. The first thing is if you're going to hire a family member you need to have a conversation. A blunt over the top conversation that, hey, you're going to be working for me, and when I tell you to do something, I don't need any backtalk, I don't need any attitude if that's something you feel that you can do, cool. If that's something that will be a problem because we're family let's not even begin this. 

Because one of the things that happen is. The family will take advantage of it. It's like, I'm a family, I'm a little special. 

Let me tell you the story of a company where this guy he did one of the worst things ever. He married this woman, and then he made her his business partner. And she would literally get into fights with him, and then actually tell him in front of his employees that she was the boss of him... So you can only imagine that the sensible employees were looking for the exits. They were like, this place is crazy... This is something you should not do. If you are a man or a woman, and you have a romantic partner that could be a bona fide asset to your business, sure, go ahead and bring them on. But also, have that conversation, and also know the rules.

2. You Do Not Give People Equity For Per Hour Work

This is something that many business owners want to do and that's one of the biggest mistakes. They want to give someone a seriously juicy commission structure or they want to give them part of the company for doing per hour work. Never ever do that. Never bring someone on as an equity partner who is doing per hour work. The only people you bring on the equity partner are people who can bring in capital, or a level of experience, or a level of resources that you don't have. If there's someone who's doing $10 per hour work, they should be paid $10 per hour. This is where many business owners get themselves in trouble. They go ahead, they want to get people in, and they make these overly generous promises that at the time, they seem perfectly reasonable and acceptable. But as the business owner begins to become more mature, they like, oh, that was a mistake. 

See, once you've promised someone like 10% of the company, it's kind of hard to unpromise that 10% of the company because people operate on expectations. The expectations that you put out are of the utmost importance. So if you're going to tell someone that you're going to get shares of the company, you're going to get company stock, and then later down the road when you see how foolish that is you try to take it back from the employee, there's going to be a fight. This is like what's happening right now. Americans are getting an additional $600 on top of their state's traditional unemployment insurance rate. It's going to be really really painful when that is removed. So you should not set up these promises and remember, never trade equity for per hour work.

3. Write A Detailed Job Description

You should put in as much as you think even if you feel there's going to be some stuff additionally that's going to come down the road, you should put that into the job description. Now, remember what I said about expectations. If you give someone a job description and you hire them, their expectations are going to be in the container of that job description. And if you want to add or change something with that job description, and you're not providing any money, this is going to provide and produce resentment. So even stuff that you may think comes down the road, go ahead, put that in the job description, everything that you can think of, because later on when you want to add that little few extra things this is when you get into a hostile employee, employer relationship. Because in many ways you're diametrically opposed. You want to get the people as cheap as possible and they want to make as much money as possible, and there's this little friction there. When you're setting up your job descriptions make sure that you have everything that you can think of, in anything you think of the future in there, and then present this to the potential employee. 

4. Have A 90 Days Probation

One of the things that you should do is once you interview the person, and then you have decided upon the person, you should say, you're on 90 days probation. "At any point, if you do something that I don't like if you're late, anything, you can be fired". Because this is where many business owners make a mistake. They'll hire someone and it's like congratulations welcome aboard you have the job and the person feels I got the job, and they get comfortable and then the real person comes out which could be a yard bird. So by having this 90 or even in some cases 120-day probationary window, you save yourself a lot of grief, because this person now feels that I don't have the job. So I got to be on my best behavior, I can't be late, I got to be showing up, I got to do what I need. 

Now let me tell you something, most people can only fake the funk for about 30 to 60 days, there are very few people who can fake the funk for 90 days, so typically after 90 days or 120 days, the person that is coming to work for you is the person that you can expect for them to stay that way. There are many people who will lie on resumes, who will get friends to be their references, who are complete, and other yard birds. They're bad employees, they will not be an asset to your business, and they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get the job because they need money. These are people that you want to stay away from.

5. Do Not Discount Older Workers

Many people will discount someone who's 45 to 60 years old, and these hands down can be some of the hardest working people you will have for your business and I'm going to tell you why. First of all, this person is experienced in life. They know how difficult jobs can be, they know how difficult, and they also have an appreciation for you as the business owner. If you hire someone who is actually a little older than you, let's say you're a business owner, let's say you're 27 years old. And then you're hiring people who are 32 30 to 40 years older than you. Even though you're the boss, even though you started the business, even though your name is on the front of the check. Many of these people will clown you because they feel that they're older and wiser than you which in some regards that could be true, but from a business standpoint you are the boss. 

You're the one that calls the shots, you're the one that sets the tone, you the one that issues orders, and they take them. If you find yourself in a situation where you're dealing with people who are disrespecting the position and don't respect the employee, employer relationship. Get rid of them. Just like, hey, today john is your last day and fire them on the spot, and fire them in front of people because this will let people know that you are not a joke. You're 100 serious. yes, you may be young, but you're still the boss. You still cut the checks. 

6. Make It Somewhat A Challenge To Apply For The Job

This will cut a lot of people. You should ask them to fax you, your resume. Which means, you've to set up online fax, and then this is just a little bit of effort because they can go to an ups store and fax it. This will cut out so many people who are lazy. Well, you want me to fax it, I got to get in my car, I got to do all this other stuff. 

See, what you're trying to find out is how hard working the person is. Oh, so they want me to fax them my resume. All right...

This is going to eliminate like 90 of the yard birds. This is going to eliminate the problem of people. This is going to eliminate the lazy people. Because a person who's like gets in their car and goes to ups and they have to pay the fax because most people don't have fax machines. So this is one of the little tricks especially if you're getting for a job that pays $40,000 to $60,000 this is going to want you to have a person who's going to have a higher level of commitment, a higher level of energy, and enthusiasm.

7. Be Very Careful With Double Booking

We have a pandemic now, but in times when times are good, you got to be really careful. I would advise you to be very careful with double booking because I can tell you from experience that you can actually take someone's resume, talk to them on the phone, set up a time for an interview, and literally 40 to 50 percent of people will not show up. Now during this pandemic, I'm thinking it's going to be a little different. Because people are desperate for jobs, people desperate for money, people need a job. 

8. Do The Job 

Another thing that you want to do as a business owner is to do the job. Now I know this is just one more additional task in your busy life, but hear me out. I want you to do the job for about a month because this is going to help you write up the job description and this is also going to prevent someone from faking the funk on you because you have done this job, you know what it entails, and you're going to know if they're doing a good job or a bad job because you have done the job. So this is another piece of employer ammunition to have in this battle because hiring employees is a vocation. It is a challenge within itself. And it's one of the hardest things you will do in your business. Also, you should understand that your employees don't own the business. They're not going to work as hard in the business as you do every now and then, you'll get someone who will surprise you. But your expectations should not be that they will treat it as if their business because they're not getting the benefit that you're getting, they're not getting the money that you're getting, so understand that when five o'clock comes out and they're checking out, don't take it personally. To them, it's just a job.

9. Sell Them The Dream

One of the things that you should do and you should make this a true part of your hiring process is, hey, we're a small company, we're growing, there's room for improvement. 

This is my plan for you. The job you're doing I want you to do it so well that you're going to train your replacement when you move up. Everyone wants appreciation, recognition, and upward mobility. If you can hire someone who's making $25,000 a year, and then they get a promotion where they go to $35,000 a year. This is going to be very significant for that person. Because this is a promotion where it's an additional $10,000 per year. They're going to see an additional $600 to $700 per month in their check. This is going to be money that they can feel. And if you have good employees who are doing a good job, you should reward them, you should pay them well. Also, on the benefits questions.

If you're a small company, you don't have the ability to provide benefits, you should pay a little bit better than the market rate to make up for that. Because your benefits packages, 401ks, and all of this stuff, it could take six figures to set up. So if you're not that level yet, don't even play it, don't even funk it, just be cut and dry. We don't have benefits. The only thing you're going to get here is a paycheck, every week, every two weeks, or wherever ever you pay. and just let folks know and I'm here to tell you that with the high level of unemployment that we have, many people will grab that in a heartbeat.


This is just some of the stuff because if you want to grow your company you're going to need employees, and yes, hiring can be a burden, hiring can be tiresome, hiring people can be time-consuming, but this is something you're going to need to learn how to do to grow your business.

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