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10 Ways To Stay Motivated While Paying Off Debt

I wanted to share with you my top 10 ways to motivate yourself to continue along with the baby steps. I follow Dave Ramsey's seven baby steps. If you don't know what they are, maybe you are just trying to pay off debt or you are trying to save money. Maybe you are trying to pay off your house. These are going to help you. These are 10 ways to help motivate you to stay on that path. You can go ahead and Google Dave Ramsey. But I just want to get right into the 10 ways to motivate yourself. 

1. Make It Your Thing

Commit to the process. If you are comfortable, tell as many people as you can within your circle. Sometimes they may not be supportive, but sometimes it helps if you just say it out loud. And that will make it a reality. I truly believe that when you say it out loud, say it to the universe, then it happens. I don't know how or why but that seems to be the case. So make it your thing to pay off your debt.  Really commit to it. I promise it's going to help. And I think it's the most important, that's why I put it as number one. 

2. Get Involved Within The Community

You can go onto Facebook and join a whole bunch of Facebook groups. You can go onto Instagram, you can search hashtag debt-free community, and you can find a bunch of people who are going to be following the baby steps, doing the same thing as you. You can go onto YouTube, you can subscribe to channels like debt-free, and then interact with other subscribers within the comments to get to know people. You can go onto the YouTube chat box within the Dave Ramsey Live recording session of his radio show three hours a day, and you can interact with people there. There are so many different places to interact with people to get involved and surround yourself with like-minded people who are doing the same thing as you. They've got great ideas, and that will really help keep you on track. It will help keep you accountable as well if you ask them to. 

3. Take An FPU Class At Your Local Church 

This is a kind of community as well. It is to take Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course, or FPU. If you go and take that course, it's one night a week. You will get to know people within your own town or city in flesh and blood who are doing the same thing as you, who can help be your cheerleaders, help support you, help encourage you. Even if you've taken the course a long time ago, it might be helpful to go back through it. You can do it for free if you've already done it. And you can go back through and meet some new people, and that will help to motivate and encourage you to continue on the path. 

4. Look At Our Budget Daily

I look at my budget daily. It does not have to be a lot of time. I like to check in with my bank account, make sure that everything is as it should. And make sure there's nothing fraudulent on it. I think it's a good practice to get into looking at it every day. That way, you know, your whole life is not focused around it, of course, money is just a tool, but you are checking in daily, and then that will help keep your foot on the path as well.

5. Write Down Your Progress

I think it is so satisfying to check things off or write a line through things, so if you can make a list or a chart or whatever you want to do. If you are saving money, you know, every $100 saved, you can cross off $100 or $1,000 saved or $1,000 paid off, however you want to do it, either direction. Having a list where you can check things off or cross things off I think is really a good way to motivate. You can also do something, I've heard people say they have like a jar and every time they pay off a certain amount of money, they put a coin or a dollar or something in the jar, and then that way they can visually see the jar, which is good for kids, visually see the jar fill up as they are going along and making progress. So something to track your progress. Try to get creative with it if you want to. I'm not very creative, but if you can make some kind of chart or something that's colorful and fun, even better. 

6. Budget Some Play

What I like to call, mad money. Mad money is essentially some money that you have to do something fun with. That will help you from going stir crazy. It does not have to be a lot of money, but something that you can kind of, or you can call it to blow money, whatever you want to call it. But you have some money just to do something with that's fun, you don't want to be spending a ton of money on entertainment, but you want to be spending some money on some things that you enjoy so that way you don't feel like you are living like a monk. 

7. Be Careful What You Consume As Entertainment 

Find a show that is going to help motivate you with whatever baby step you are in. If you feel like you are sacrificing a lot if you are on baby step two and you are trying to get out of debt, try to watch things or consume things that are not going to make you covet bigger, better things. You want to keep your mindset. I watched a show where these guys were living in Africa I think for three months with like a dollar a day or something like that, and that was really interesting. And that was motivating. And motivating to see how others can live with very little. So surround yourself, consume things, consume entertainment products that are not going to tempt you away from what you are doing.

8. Listen To Dave Ramsey On The Radio Or His Podcast

I think that it will help motivate you. I like to listen to his rants if you want to go onto his YouTube channel. I get motivated by Dave Ramsey when he rants, that's my favorite. So more so than the debt-free scream. Some people love to watch or listen to the debt-free screams, and uh sometimes they motivate me, but mostly it's the rants. I just love it when Dave rants. So I would say listen to the radio show if you can, either on the podcast which is like On-Demand, whenever you want to listen to it. If you have an iPhone you can just go to the iTunes app, and you can find it there. Listen to that every day if you want to, or once a week at least I would say, just to keep your mind in the right, in-game mode.

9. Revisit Your "WHY" Often

Try to think about why you are doing this, why it's important to you. A lot of people say because they want to change their family tree, they want to do it so that their kids will have a better life. For me, it's I want to break that cycle of living in debt. I have a long line, a long family history of it, and it's deep, deep, deep. And I really, I do want to change our family tree, but also most important to me personally is that I want to have choices. A lot of my life I feel like because I've had debt since I was 16, you know I started out really young being told, advised to get credit cards, and I think it has robbed me of a lot of choices throughout my life so far. And I just want to be able to have choices. 

10. Sell Something

If you are getting in a rut, you are having a hard time, selling something, I hate doing it, I really have to admit that I don't like it. I don't like the process of going onto Craigslist, taking the pictures, and dealing with all the emails. People had to come and look at the product, whatever it is you are selling, but then once it sells, I just sold my giant six-seater buggy that I had. But once it sells and they take that item way, it feels good. You are like aw, I got an infusion of cash, and I just sold something around my house. So I would say try to find something to sell, force yourself to go through the process because it is motivating to get paid money for things you just have around the house. So try to sell something, and then that might help give you a little kick in the butt to keep going.


Those are my top 10 ways to stay motivated when you are going through Dave Ramsey's baby steps, or maybe you are not doing the baby steps, doing something else, but you are saving money or you are trying to get out of debt.

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