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Best College Degree Majors (College Degree Tier List)

Best College Degree Majors

I am going to be going over the most popular college majors in degrees and then ranking them on whether they are a good investment or not. now a lot of my readers probably know me from my article the most worthless degrees where I talk about which majors I think are outrageous and they are not worth it at all, and which majors I think are a very very good investment. Some of them are worth the outrageous fees that colleges are charging us these days, and then some of them are going to lead to you not being able to get a job and then working in a completely different industry, like, you know, the coffee industry working as a Starbucks barista. Now, there is a ton of different majors. So I am just going to go over the most popular ones and then I'm going to group some of them together so that this article will not be too long.

1. Mathematics

Math is not the most popular subject in the world, you could probably be safe saying that a lot of people actually hate math but, if you are blessed by the gods and you are somehow one of those few people who are naturally very good at it, then this can be a lucrative degree for you. Although there are not that many jobs out there have people just purely doing math, a lot of math majors end up switching their career into something like computer science where their ability to create and solve algorithms, ends up helping them a lot, and they have a leg up on a lot of computer science degrees because they understand how algorithms work. A lot of them end up switching careers and becoming programmers or you know something like that, so for that reason, I am going to go ahead and put math in B tier.

B tier: Math

2. Language Studies

I give a lot of grief to this because you could literally just take that $40,000 plus dollars that you are paying in tuition, housing, and food and all that, and then you could just move to whatever country's language that you are studying. The best way to learn a language is to speak with people who know that language and so let's say you are trying to learn Spanish, you could just move to Mexico and then just talk with people who are speaking Spanish all day long. You will learn it much faster this way and while you are there you could get a job as either a translator or an English teacher or something along those lines, and then you can literally get paid to learn that language. Now, to be fair there are some languages that are more profitable, more lucrative to learn like Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Dothraki, and if you do get good at those languages you can make a good living as a translator. For that reason, I am going to go ahead and put this one in D tier because it's not completely useless.

D tier: Language Studies

3. Business Degrees

This encompasses a bunch of different degrees, but this actually has good stats in terms of job openings and how much you can actually get paid, so that's great, but I do not think anybody wants to work in a cubicle, in an office for the rest of their life, unless it is the right office. 

A tier: Business

4. Education

Even though this is probably one of the most important degrees you could possibly get because education is so important for the future of our country, for some reason the United States of America has just gotten into this situation where they do not really value education especially in the lower grades. Whereas you have a country like South Korea for instance where teachers are considered to be on the same level as doctors and lawyers. It is extremely prestigious to be a teacher and you get paid very very well, and that is probably one of the reasons that South Korea is consistently s tier when it comes to their scores against the rest of the world in education. So even though teaching is one of the most important jobs in the United States their work to death and they are not paid very well, and so for that reason, I really do not recommend getting into this career and I wish I could say you should go get this degree but it is not true, you shouldn't. This one is going to go into the C tier. 

Honestly, it might be more of a B tier one, but technically, you can get jobs if you get an educational degree, like, there is plenty of jobs out there, they just don't pay very well and you get worked to death.

C tier: Education

6. Engineering

This is going to be a little bit controversial but I am going to go ahead and put engineering in (a tier) instead of (s tier), and here's why, there is a bunch of different types of engineering degrees out there, and not all of them are created equal, so if you go for one of the better ones you are going to be golden, that's definitely (s tier). Engineering is awesome, it is the degree that creates the most millionaires out of any degree, but some engineering majors are better than others, and for that reason, I am going to go ahead and put engineering in a tier. Although it is a high (a tier) status.

A tier: Engineering

7. Anthropology / Archaeology

Honestly, this one is fascinating, but getting an actual degree in it is not a good idea for most people because there are simply no jobs, you know, if you know somebody who is in the industry and they are going to have a job for you, then sure, go for it. But if you don't, there are not that many jobs in this field.

D tier: Anthropology / Archaeology

8. Psychology

This is one of the most popular majors, I think it's top five most popular majors that people take, and if you just get a normal psychology degree of four-year bachelor's, and you don't go for masters or doctorate, it is so tough to find a job. again, fascinating subject, I am not surprised so many people are interested in this one, but how the heck are you going to find a job, there are so many people that go into this, thinking that they can find a job and then they can't. And then they act so surprised, I mean, what did you think was going to happen? If you are passionate about this subject you better be willing to go for a master's or a doctorate or just don't do the degree, study it on the side, make a youtube channel about it, create a blog about it, whatever you want to do, but do not get a degree that's not going to lead to you getting a job. 

This is a very valuable job, I think it has a lot of value to society, there is a lot of need for people who are mental health professionals and so for that reason I am going to go ahead and put this one in C tier

C tier: Psychology

8. Drama

This one will go straight into F tier, and that is going to be drama or any of these types of fine arts. now listen, if you are rich, you know, you are a trust-fund baby, you do not ever have to worry about getting a job, then, by all means, go into fine arts, get a drama degree, you can do whatever you want with your life you are going to be totally fine. If you are not in a situation like that where you don't have to worry about money, and then you go for a degree like this and you expect to get a job or you expect businesses to be lined up outside your door waiting for your application, then you are just completely delusional.

F tier: Drama

9. Health Degree

Any type of health-related degree, like a registered nurse or maybe physician's assistant anything like that, and I know a lot about this subject because I am in the health field, and getting into the health field is especially good if you are an empathetic person and you care about helping others. now, like I said, not all of these are equal, you definitely need to do your research if you are thinking about getting a health degree, but these are future proof, and the reason for that is because unfortunately, human beings are always going to have health problems, they are always going to get sick, and because of that, there will always be a need for people to take care of them, for people to treat them, or cure them. And there is always going to be jobs anywhere that you want to be if you want to live in Texas, there is going to be jobs in Texas, if you want to live in New York there's going to be jobs in New York, certain places are going to be a little bit more saturated than others, you might not be able to get a job there right off the bat, but after you have got a few years under your belt you can get a job anywhere.

That's not necessarily true for a lot of the other degrees. Health is tough and you are going to get worked super hard, you are going to see people at their absolute worst so people that are generally super nice, amazing people might go off on you, and just get mad at you and so you got to have thick skin, but the compensation is pretty good in health careers especially if you go nurse practitioner, and so for that reason, health is gonna go in S tier.

S tier: Health Degree

10. Information Science / Information Technology

This career and degree are amazing because you are basically the middleman between the business side of things, and the technology side of things and these are two of the most profitable industries that you could possibly get into so being an expert on these two things gives you a huge advantage. All the statistics are really good with IT, you know, future growth potential, job openings right now, job satisfaction score, how much they make, all the normal statistics that you look at are really good, but it is also a great segue into becoming an entrepreneur if you decide to go that way. When you are in this position you have a unique opportunity to understand the needs of businesses right now, you could notice that maybe this sort of technology for these types of clinics or pharmacies or hospitals or whatever is lacking, and then you could just be like, okay, I am going to create a software that makes this particular process so much easier for them and it saves them a ton of time. And then you can just start your own business and go off on your own.

You can also work remotely with some IT jobs that specialize in software, and you know, with a health career, for instance, it is tough to work remotely, so that's another advantage. This is just a win-win-win on all levels and I think it is one of the best career choices, and if you are smart about the industry that you go into, if you go into a booming industry and there is just going to be so many opportunities for you, you can make an absolute killing doing IT. So for that reason, I am going to go ahead and put IT in S tier status.

S tier: Information Science / Information Technology

11. Economics

This is another really good major to get into, I almost Group this one in with business, but I decided to keep it separate, and it is a little bit difficult to find a job with an economics degree, but once you do, and once you get some experience, you are set. You get paid really well at your job and you will be invaluable to whoever you work for, and on top of that, economics can lead into you starting your own business because you have such a good understanding about which industries are great opportunities, how business works in general, and so you will definitely have a leg up on the competition economics.

A tier: Economics

12. Communications

This is one of those degrees that it is so broad that it almost becomes worthless because you are not an expert at any one thing, and it is almost hard to define what you even do with a communications degree. This is commonly known as the athletes major because colleges don't want their athletes to fail out of classes and so they send them into communications classes because they're kind of known for being really really easy, it is also known as the what the hell am I doing with my life degree. So this one is going to go into D tier for sure, the reason for that is because there are so many people that get communications degrees, it is another one of those that I believe is a top-five most popular degree and you simply cannot get a job or it's very difficult to find a job related to communications once you graduate.

D tier: Communications

13. Sociology 

You can probably guess where this one is going, another degree that's incredibly interesting, but it does not have any practical value in the real world, no one is willing to pay you in the real world for your skills as a sociologist. it is just too theoretical at least, for now, no jobs, low pay, no demand, future growth does not look good, and tons and tons of competition. This one is definitely going to go in F tier 

F tier: Sociology 

15. Computer Science

A computer science degree is going to be incredibly valuable in the next 40 years, we are entering into the age of automation right now and you can either be the person who loses your job, or you can be the person who programs the software or the machine that makes people lose their job. Because there is going to be a lot of industries that are going to be disrupted by automation. And if you go into this field you will be guaranteed a job.

S tier: Computer Science

Those are my top college degrees tier list. hope you find this article helpful

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