Sunday, 21 June 2020

5 Minimalist Tips To Optimize Your Life

Let's face it, we consume so many products, whether it be for that new TV that you wanted to upgrade or maybe you wanted a bigger car or maybe those new shower curtains that you saw at the store that you like, the truth is, we love buying items and so what I am going to do in this article is we are going to discuss five minimalistic habits that you can implement in your life, some tips that you can use to not only save money, it can be better for the environment, it is going to be less clutter, it is going to be easier to clean, there are so many benefits to this but I don't think you want to miss out. 

In a world where we are so focused on materialistic goods, I wanted to write an article to show you some of the sorts of minimalistic habits that you can use in your life to not only simplify your life but to create a more efficient lifestyle and to optimize everything throughout your day.

Let's get started 

1. Buying Experiences Rather Than Paying For Items

If you are going to get somebody a gift for Christmas, for their birthday, for other holiday events, I think it is a really interesting idea to gift somebody's experience. A great example of this is, when I was younger my uncle would take me to a hockey game for a Christmas present, I thought was a wonderful gift and not only do I find it to be more thoughtful but it is something that I end up remembering a lot longer than most materialistic items such as let's say that one of your relatives gives you an item that you don't really use very much, but you do appreciate the thought that they were thinking about you and that's what matters, the thought that matter, with a lot of gifts during Christmas and birthdays, but over time maybe that item will sit on your desk for a couple years, maybe it ends up in your closet and then eventually you forget where it came from and you throw it out 10 years later or it just piles up in your attic or in your basement somewhere maybe in your garage.

Giving the gift of experiences whether that be taking somebody to an amusement park, taking somebody on a vacation, taking somebody to a wine tasting tour or maybe some other type of interesting then I think is a cool idea to cut back on the actual things that you have within your house. 

2. Consider Going Paperless

We are in 2020 and people are still getting bank statements in the mail, they are still getting credit card bills in the mail, they are still reading newspapers. I used to do all of these just a few years ago and it was not until I realized that, look, it is not really necessary, first of all, it creates a lot more waste, it is not good for the environment to have all of these different things coming in the mail all the time when you can simply just do it online. So online banking versus getting those paper statements every month that's what I prefer to do, and honestly, when I was younger I used to read a lot of newspapers, I guess not many kids did that, but I literally like enjoyed reading a physical newspaper every day throughout high school, eventually I realized that it is creating a lot of waste and it does end up cluttering your house as well. Consider doing everything online, I mean, I don't really consume any more papers these days.

When you look at most older people they have filing cabinets of papers and I don't think that is necessary for Millennials and Generation Z coming into this new era of paperless. So consider doing that it is going to save you a lot of space and a lot of headache in my opinion.

3. Plan Everything The Night Before Or The Week Before You Start Your Day 

What I mean by this is you spend less time thinking about what you are going to wear for that day. I have seen people who will wake up and then they will think about what to wear and they will spend 15 minutes thinking about it then another 15 minutes ironing a shirt that they found in their pile of clothing somewhere, and it just kind of creates a slow start to a day. If you are trying to optimize your day, I would consider finding a way to plan everything out the night before. Planning your meals. This could even mean making some of your meals the night before, making the sandwiches, making your lunch the day before. So you are ready to go out the door when you wake up in the morning. 

4. Stop Bargain Hunting

Many people end up spending so much money on things that they don't need, and it is two problems that I have with this, one of them is that people spend money that they don't need or they don't even have. I was in Best Buy the other day because I had to get something for my computer for work and it was incredible how many times they push their credit card onto me trying to get me to finance things that I could buy at Best Buy if I wanted a TV I could get 18-month financing for it. Look, if you do not have the money to buy something right now, if you can not buy ten of those items right now, then you should not be considering even buying one especially if it is an item that is not necessary whatsoever.

I avoid Black Friday, I think that when people say that they save $200 on this clothing and they still spend $200 on it, well, I don't view it as saving money, I view it as spending more money that did not need to be spent. I know there are some good deals out there I have seen some good deals but I can not stand the headache of waiting in a line running around getting trampled by people trying to save a couple hundred bucks, it is not worth it to me.

5. Consider Borrowing Instead Of Buying Certain Items

We can give you some specific examples here but sometimes I found that you can be better off by renting something or borrowing it rather than going out and buying it. For example, if you go skiing every few years, should you go out and buy skis, well, maybe, what I would rather do is just rent the skis when I want to use the skis, and obviously, this gives me a time when it makes more sense to buy it. If you are using it very often and you find yourself renting it all the time it is not going to be worth it for you. But there are things that are going to be better off borrowing, let's say that you have some people coming over for dinner and it is a rare occurrence and you don't have enough chairs should you go out and buy four more chairs or is there a way that you can find to get four more chairs maybe from getting somebody to bring them or knocking down your neighbor's door if you are very friendly with them, that's just an example. There are tons of different examples that we can use but it is something that I think you should definitely take into consideration 

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