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Top 5 Credit Cards For Beginners

I grew up with the idea that credit cards are simply just bad for you, I can tell you right here credit cards are not evil, they are not out to get you, they are not against you, if you know how to use credit cards properly you will be able to come out on top and you will never have to pay for travel again. If you are someone that does not already travel hold on, this can still benefit you because you can get a lot of cashback in return. In this article, I am going to be breaking down to you what the best beginner credit cards are and exactly how you should take the approach of credit cards. I know when I first started out it was just so annoying because I did not know which credit card was the best, I did not know which route to go in and I had to consume hours and hours and hours worth of information just to figure out this thing right here that I am about to tell you in this article.

If I am looking for a beginner or starter card, I am not looking to pay a $400 annual fee or a $100 annual fee on any of these cards I want to make sure that I literally do not pay any of these credit card companies a single dime 

1. Discover Card

This list is going to be personally one of my favorite cards this is a card that I started out with prior to the Discover card, and this is going to be the uber Barclays Visa card it is a very low-key card and not a lot of people know about, but the reason why I really like them is that they do offer that welcome bonus where if you spend $500 in 90 days they will give you $100 back

Their customer support has been insanely good with me, they have no annual fee, on top of that, they gave me the credit limit increase when I wanted one so they bumped me up from like $500 to $3,000 when I requested for it and they have a great cashback value system. So the way their categories work is like this;

4% back on dining, restaurants, 3% goes to travel to airfare to hotels and then 2% goes to online shopping, uber, video, and music streaming, and I believe they have one of the best cashback categories out there, they have done a good job personally with me while I have owned the card. Another thing I need to mention they offer cell phone protection as well I think that's a crazy good benefit for a no annual fee card because the only other card that offers this is the Wells Fargo propel.

2.  Universal Cashback Card

I do understand that a lot of people don't want to get into points in the early stage of their credit card career, Citi double cash is the card I recommend to most people it is an easy card to use and they offer you 2% back on everything. Although I may not align with Citi and Capital One because they are focused on giving out credit cards to a lot of people who have a history of not being able to repay their cards, they are a good card, I have seen like multi-millionaires using the Citi double cash, so I would not say it is just a beginner card it definitely is an easy card to get into, but I have seen a lot of people use this because it is flexible, because it offers simple cash back and it's just 2% on everything.

This is really like the lazy man's card that's what I would put it as, if you are looking to maximize your value, you want the next cards that I am about to mention.

3. The Chase Freedom Or The Chase Freedom Unlimited

 Both of these cards are very similar in terms of the fact that they are chase and they are one of their beginner cards, but if you want to get accepted for one the freedom cards you do need to have a decent score, and you need to get chase on a good day, what that means is, Chase has a pretty strong reputation of not accepting new applicants, if you just got into the credit card game it is very unlikely they will accept you unless you have about six months worth of experience on your credit report. they are just not that lenient on accepting new applicants, but what I do recommend for you is to just start out with other cards on this list

But the chase freedom card is not a bad card, I am going to focus on the freedom card here because the freedom unlimited does not offer a welcome bonus, with the freedom card if you spend $500 in 3 months will give you $150 back. This does not mean go out and spend $500 that you do not have, or you forcing yourself to buy all these clothes just to hit that welcome bonus. You have 3 months to spend $500, your average person can spend that much and one of the big things is do not spend money that you do not have. If you spend that $500 naturally on this card and then you see $150 worth of points or $150 statement credit on to your account that is free money you. That is $150 you got completely for free not losing anything.

4. Bank Of America Cash Reward card

This is that red card that you see every single person have, whenever I ask someone what card do you use? 90% of the time they have the Bank of America red cashback reward card. Bank of America card is pretty simple they offer you a three a 2-1 a percent tear so you get 3% on your chosen category, the 2% back you get with grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and then 1% back is with everything. But the reason why I like this card is that they do have a welcome offer as well.

The welcome offer for this card is if you spend $1,000 in 3 months they will give you $200 back. like all the cards I mentioned, these cards do not have an annual fee, so you could literally walk over to a bank or apply for a card and you will not have to pay a single penny unless you do not pay off the card in full. It is very simple to pay off the credit card in full, just set up your bank account link it to your credit card, set up automatic payments every time you use a credit card during the end of the month your credit card issuer will charge your bank and pull that money out of your bank, it is as simple as that 

5. Discover It' CashBack

 The discover it" cashback card offers a 5% rotating category so you have to activate which 5% you are going to get if you do not get that 5% back you are going to be getting 1% back on all your purchases, but you can actually get up to 10% back your first year in purchases, they have a program called the cashback match program, basically, where that first whole year where you use that card, they will match the cashback you get that first year and they will double it. So if I get about $500 worth a cashback from using the discover it cashback card, they will give me a $1,000 at the end of the year in total.

The biggest thing that I respect about the discovery cashback card is that their customer service is one of the best in the industry. People say they are better than chase or American Express and on top of that, discovered it' is very flexible with working with some of their issuers. They are the perfect stable credit card where they accept a lot of new applicants to sign up with them, discover it' cashback card is usually people's first card and the reason is that they accept a lot of new applicants if you have no credit score they have another card called the "discover it' cured card" Where you give them a deposit and if you end up paying off the credit card in full every month and you show them look, I am responsible, they will give you back the money you deposit it with them and then they increase your credit limit line.

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