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High Paying Careers With Business Degree

High Paying Careers With Business Degree

I generally think that getting a business degree is a good idea and this is despite the fact that business degrees create the most millionaires by a mile compared to any other type of degree, and it also has some of the best statistics in terms of job openings as well as pay. So this article is going to be all about the high-paying business careers that you can go into with a business degree, and then after that, I am going to go into the pros and cons of getting a business degree.

5 Different Types Of Business Careers

  1. Management
  2. Business Operation
  3. Financial Specialist
  4. Sales
  5. Other

Let's get started

Business Operation

When it comes to business operations what we are going to be talking about and this sort of career is just running day-to-day operations of a business such as purchasing supplies, or managing employee benefits. Three examples of jobs that would fall under this category would be claims adjusters,  logisticians, and then management analysts.

Financial Specialist

These careers are going to be all about either keeping track of managing or investing other people's money. now of course, you are going to have accountants on this list but, you are also going to have financial advisors, financial analysts, and also financial examiner's.


This one is a little bit self-explanatory but you are going to oversee other people who are working within a business. Generally you are going to need to have some experience either with management or in the business itself in order to move into a position like this. Few examples of this one are going to be chief executives, computer and information systems managers, and then financial managers.

Sales Specialists

This one is interesting because a lot of the time the entry-level positions do not pay very well, but you can also work way up to a position that does pay extremely well. A few examples of high paying careers and this one are going to be first-line supervisors of sales agents, sales engineers, securities commodities, and financial service sales agents.

Other - None Category

Others, which are ones that do not fit into any of the other categories and you are going to notice here that a lot of them are related to math. Some examples of these are going to be actuaries, economists, and statisticians. Which field you go into is going to vary depending on your skills and what your interests are, for instance, if you are into logistics and making sure that Amazon package gets from point A to point B at the right time. Maybe you should go into business operations.

If you are good at math maybe you consider going into some of the other careers like statisticians for instance. If you are into investing or that sort of thing, you probably want to go into the financial services, selling is extremely fun for some people so you'd probably want to go into sales if that is true for you. And then management is definitely the highest paying out of all these and it is very rewarding but it is also very difficult because you have to work long hours and you have to manage other people. 

If you are somebody who wants to become an entrepreneur in the future I recommend probably starting off with sales because you can do that even from a young age, and then as you move up and go through the ranks after you have gotten your degree, you can move into more management positions because you are going to learn a skill called leadership, which is one of the most important things that you can know if you are going to start your own business.

Pros And Cons Of A Business Degree

Pros: It Is Extremely Versatile

You can go into any number of industries and all of them are going to be in need of people who are good at business and have these skills. Another thing about getting a business degree is let's be honest here, it is not as difficult as getting an engineering degree, or a computer science degree, or something that is extremely heavy in math. If you are somebody who is more street smart and you are not a book person, this is probably a good degree for you to go into. The great thing about getting a business degree is it is extremely good training for maybe potentially opening up your own business in the future, or potentially starting to invest.

Cons: The Barrier To Entry Is Lower

The biggest con of getting a business degree is there are a lot of business-related careers where you do not have to have a business degree in order to get a job, and because of that the barrier to entry is a lot lower. For instance, a business owner friend of mine told me that he loves hiring engineers and stealing them away from the engineering world because he thinks they make good workers, but still this does not change the fact that most of the people in the business world did get a business degree and it does help when it comes to getting a job. Some business degrees are much better than others and I will probably end up writing an article on that in the future because I have gotten some requests for it.

Overall it is competitive and you are probably better off if you are an outgoing person who has good communication skills but, there is not a need for you to have that, there are some jobs where you do not have to be that good of a communicator.

Hopefully, you got some value out of this

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