Thursday, 30 April 2020

How To Publish A Book For Free

I have seen a lot of people asking about how to publish their own book and how much does it cost. Some of these people have already written their book and they are just trying to figure out publishing options and what is out there, and then other people just have an idea for a book that they want to write and they are not sure if it will be worth all their time and effort to write the book because they don't know if they will be able to get it published or if they will be able to afford to get it published. So in this article, I want to clear up the air a little bit, about how much it costs to get your book published and some different options that you can use.

1. Legitimate Publishing Deal

If you get a legitimate publishing deal where a publisher chooses your book and wants to work with you and wants your book to be successful, then that will not cost you anything. If fact, it is a halfway decent deal then they will give you a sizable advance even before you finish writing the book and give them the final draft of it. But they will just give you that money so that you are able to not have to work and focus on the book because they really want the book to be finished so that they can publish it because they are excited about it. But, if you are not in that situation and honestly that situation is becoming rarer and rarer, as the book market has become more and more saturated and publishing has become so much more competitive. So nowadays those types of excellent book deals are quite rare. So we are going talking about other options here if you have not gotten a book deal. 

We are going to assume that you don't have an awesome publishing deal and that is why you are trying to figure out some way to publish your book for free. So let's talk about those two different options that you are facing.

2. Pay To Self Publish Your Own Book

Before inflation, this was a process that cost several thousand dollars, in fact, it was common to invest over $20,000 to self publish your own book. This was money that you had to pay upfront quite possibly before you had any guaranteed sales at all. You had to commit to a certain minimum and order say a thousand or five thousand copies of your book maybe even more, and you had to pay for all of those before you even received them. As you might imagine this was cost-prohibitive, first of all, you had to have the money or else take out a loan and then second of all, you are putting yourself out on the line because you didn't know if you are going to be able to sell any of those books and you might just be wasting your money. That option does still exist but it is not a good option and so that is why I am going to share with you how to publish your book for free. 

3. Print On Demand

If you are wondering how much does it cost to self publish a book or how much does it cost to publish your own book? The answer is, it does not have to cost you anything. And that is because of some wonderful new service called print on demand. Print on demand simply means that copies of your book are only printed as they are demanded by customers. That means you don't have to buy a big volume of books upfront, in fact, you don't have to buy any books upfront, you can take advantage of an offer from one of these self-publishing companies that do print on demand, give them the digital files for your book and then they will print one copy whenever someone orders a copy.

The reason this is so amazing is that that means that they don't have any costs upfront and you, therefore, don't have to pay anything upfront. In fact, you don't have to pay for anything ever. Because every time someone orders a copy of the book, the publishing company gets paid the money from the customer let's say perhaps $15 and then they use $5 to cover their costs, they keep $5 as their profit, and then they give you $5 as your profit. Like I said, you never have to pay anything you just make a commission every time one of your books is sold. 

I don't know if $5 sounds very much or very little to you for a copy of the book that is sold. But that is actually a little bit more than you would normally get with a traditional publishing deal. So this is an incredible opportunity. You can just sign up with a service that does this and they are not checking your book to see if it's good enough or if they like it or anything like that. Because they don't have any costs upfront and so they don't care if you never sell any copies of your book they are willing to take any book. So you just have to signup just like you signup for a Facebook account or a Gmail account. You just signup for an account with a self-publishing company and then you can sell publish as many books as you want completely for free.

You Can Invest Money To Make Your Book Look Better

If you want to invest a little bit of money into the process you certainly can and potentially get better results. For example, you can choose to hire someone to design the cover, you can hire someone to help you edit it, you can also hire someone to format it. All of those expenses might cost you a lot of money maybe like $500. But you could choose to do any of those things by yourself and then it could be completely free. But you can hire other people to do those things to get the best results possible so that your book had the best chance of being successful since you had put so much time and effort and love into writing it. 

Self Publishing Print On Demand Companies


There are a few different companies that provide these self-publishing print-on-demand services. The most popular one is called Createspace.  One of the great things about using CreateSpace is that they are an Amazon partner company, I think they started as an independent company originally but then Amazon bought them. But now amazon owns them so they are an Amazon partner company and so you know you can trust them. It is very easy to get your self-published book onto Amazon from Createspace it is a few clicks of a button and it is on amazon and it is a completely seamless process. They have created all of these systems so that you can publish your book on Createspace and then it can be on amazon the next day. 

There are several other companies that provide similar services and some of them might offer slightly bigger commissions per book sale so you might want to check out your different options as I list them above.

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