Monday, 6 April 2020

How To Get A Personal Loan Without A Job

If you are unemployed and you need a loan then there are places out there. But at the same time, I wanted to point out some other resources to help you before we start talking about the personal loans that you can get as unemployed. 

Let's Get Started

What they do is help people in an emergency, for emergency housing, you may be getting your utilities turned off or whatever, and so what they will do they would find resources to help you stay in your current housing or help find you some housing, not only that but for the like utilities and thing of that nature.

Another one that a lot of people are not utilizing it is the salvation army. Not only would they pay your rent, pay your utility bills, but they also help get you food, if your kids need clothing for back-to-school, you need clothing so that you can get out and find proper employment or whatever. Salvation Army will help you do that, plus they will actually give you a job. The thing about it is utilizing these resources until you get back on your feet with steady employment.

Modestneeds is another place for individuals that are currently unemployed or just need some help.

Let's talk about personal loan

Best Personal Loan For Unemployed

  • Unemployment Benefit, Income From Freelance

With personal loans with an unemployed person, this is what they want you to have. You have to at least either have some unemployment benefits, you can be a freelance worker but have some type of way of making sure you are able to pay that loan back. 

  • Government Benefit

Another one is your government benefits. You may be on Social Security, maybe receiving welfare or something that you are receiving from the government that is temporarily or may be permanent. 

  • Investment

Also, you may be a person that has some investment income coming in, they look at that as well. But at the same time, these are some of the criteria without them looking at your personal credit. So it doesn't just lead to one situation, there are lenders out there that is willing to lend you money, I could not tell you how much they are willing to lend you. But at the same time, these are the resources that lend personal loans to unemployed people. So you may want to check them out


Yes, the interest rate may be high but again, if you are unemployed, your car broker down and you need this money to fix your car so you can go find a job or whatever, hey, it never hurts to actually look into this company to see if you qualify. For those people that are unemployed that need some income to continue paying their bills until they find steady employment, then I would check out, salvation army, and It is more than about just about personal loans or whatever, it is actually pointing out resources that could possibly help you regardless of whatever you have any income or not. 

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