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How To Build A Successful Online Business

I want to talk about what it really takes to build a successful online business. Because I know that there is a lot of distracting things that happen online, a lot of people tell you that you need to do a lot of different things and it can be overwhelming and confusing. 

Let's talk about that

What It Takes To Build A Successful Online Business?

Do Not Get Distracted

If you are trying to grow a business online then some of the key metrics that you are probably measuring are sales and profits. How do you increase those things? With the marketing of course. I am sure that you are already aware of that and so you have probably dived in a little bit and try to figure out how to better market your business online? How to attract more customers? How to generate more sales so that you can increase your profits. If you are trying to better market your business then what do you do?

You sit down at your computer, you go online and you do a little bit of research, you do some googling and you try to figure out what tactics you should use to promote your business. And when you do this you will find a lot of conflicting advice, you will find people telling you that you must run webinars, that you have to use Facebook Ads, you need to improve your websites SEO, and that you should start running a mastermind program. But this might leave you wondering what the truth really is. I mean, after all, you are getting all this conflicting advice and one person is saying that this is the number one thing you need. And someone else is telling you something completely different. So do you really need all those fancy tactics? Fortunately, the answer is no.

Focus On The Basics

You don't need a bunch of fancy marketing tactics. In fact, the basics can make you really far, and by far, I don't just mean your business can get off the ground, I mean, you can build a big strong profitable business on just the basics. In fact, not only do you not need those marketing tactics, they can keep your business really small. That is because they can distract you from those basic things that you need to do in order to see that growth. Don't get me wrong, those marketing tactics are not bad, in fact, I have tried most of them and most of them work really well. Most of them are just as good as people who are telling you about them are saying that they are. But they need to be utilized sparingly and just one at a time, because if you try to do too many marketing tactics or you try to use those marketing tactics when they are not the part of building your business that you need to focus on, then they will just distract you from more important things. 

Webinars and Pinterest marketing that flashy marketing tactics sometimes can sound like they will be shortcuts to the results that we want, and the basics, they require some work. So they are not quite as appealing. Like I said, those marketing tactics they do work but we have to take care of the basics first because otherwise, we are just pouring gasoline on a half-built engine. 

I could end this article right here and just leave you with those two important ideas, don't get distracted and focus on the basics. But I don't want to just tell you what to do, I want to tell you how you can do it in your own business.

What Are The Business Basics?

I like to break the process of building a successful business into 3 main phases. 

  • The 3-Phase To Develop A Business
  1. Build Your Audience
  2. Generate Sales
  3. Scale Your Business. Which means you have to increase the size of your business.

Here is a hint, before we even get into talking about what each of these phases involves, that third phase, goes on indefinitely. Once you do the two main groundwork phases then you can just continue to scale your business and scale as big as you want your business to get. 

Build Your Audience

This doesn't mean that you are just going to post on social media every day and hope that they come. There are some specific things that you need to do in order to successfully build your audience. You need to work on your business message, what the focus of your business is? work on your visual branding and then that can put out that content that can start to attract people so that your audience grows. 

Generate Sales

That doesn't mean that we need to just execute a bunch of random marketing tactics. That means we need to develop a product that people want. We need to create systems that allow them to purchase it and then we need to create a sales system that will successfully sell it to our audience.

Scale Your Business.

We need to work on improving our systems so that things are more automated even more organized so that we are ready to grow. Then we need to work on improving our marketing and expanding our marketing so that we can bring in more potential customers and ultimately generate more sales and serve more customers.

Alright, now that you have an idea of what goes into these three main phases of building a successful business. Let's break it down into specific steps. Now before you can even get started with step one there is a step zero that you may or may not have already done. 

Phase 1. Build Your Audience

Decide What Business To Start

You have not started your business yet, then you need to decide what business you are going to start or else you won't be able to build a business. Once you have done that then you can move into step one. 

Develop Your Company Message

You need to figure out what you are communicating to your customers, who you are trying to attract, and what you are saying that you can help them with. Once you have clarified your message then you can move on to step two.

Design An Attractive Brand

You need to create a visual brand that will be attractive to your potential customers. 

Get Visibility To Grow Your Audience

Get visibility so that you can start to attract your audience. You can do this on social media, you can do it by doing a collaboration with people who already have an established audience, you can use SEO to get people to your website. but most of the time this means you will be creating some sort of content that will attract those people to your brand and you will be publishing it somewhere so that it can get the visibility. 

Those first 3 steps are all part of the build your audience phase. Now it is time to move into phase two where you are working on generating sales.

Phase 2. Generate Sales

Create A Product

The first step of this phase is where you create a product. That is something that your audience really wants. Some people develop their product early on before they start this business development process at all, so they have to be careful that they are attracting the right people who are the people who will want to buy the product that they have already created. But a lot of people start building their business with just an idea for some type of people who want help in some general way and then, later on, they actually develop the product to serve that audience. 

If you have not developed your product yet. You will do that. But you need to be sure that you create something that the audience you have attracted wants. 

Generate Sales

This is also in phase two is to generate sales. You need to create systems that allow customers to purchase your products online, you also need to create some sort of system or process that sells your product to them. It might be a series of emails that you send out to your email list that them about your product and how it can help them, it might be video or blog content, social media content, you might use things like webinars or even Facebook ads.

Phase 3. Scale Your Business

Organize, Automate And Outsource

This is where you are going to create robust systems so that you can run your business a lot more efficiently. Because if things are not running efficiently then when you try to scale your business, you are going to create a big mess. This is a step that a lot of people skip and they try to start scaling and they quickly realize that things are getting out of control so then they have to backtrack and get this organizing, automating.


Those are the seven basic steps that everyone needs to do in order to build a successful profitable business. Plenty of people do these steps in a different order than I just shared with you. And that is totally alright. All seven steps are necessary for building a successful profitable business. but the order in which you do them is somewhat flexible, this is the order that I found tends to work the best for most types of businesses, but it is not a hard and fast rule. 

My question for you is? In this step that I just shared with you step 1 through 7, where are you in this process of building your business? My hope in sharing these steps with you is to give you a clear big-picture perspective on the process of building a business so that you know where you are and what you need to focus on next. As an entrepreneur, staying focused is one of the very biggest challenges. Doing the work that you need to do, not getting distracted by all the things that you could learn or try.

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