Monday, 13 April 2020

7 Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

If you are a person that recently filed bankruptcy or you are an individual that has bad credit or you don't have no credit. These companies that I am going to talk about today are instant approvals so you don't have to worry about credit and most of these are credit cards, so that is the good thing about it and you don't have to worry about putting down a security deposit, but these type of credit card have high fees but at the same time, if you have bad credit or you have a recent bankruptcy you are not going to worry about the fees you just want to try to restart your credit these companies will allow you to do that and they are instant approvals.

These are merchandise account but at the same time if you don't file bankruptcy or you just have really bad credit and you are trying to restart your credit then these are the type of accounts you would want to look out for and try to use. Like with the bank, the bank more likely wants you to have at least a 480 credit score or even get a secure card. Some of the credit unions may look over it but most of the time they won't. So you still have to start with some accounts like this but again, it is instant approval so you don't have to worry about credit.

No Deposit Needed

That is the reason I am talking about these because there is no secured deposit needed. That is the best part of it. You don't have to have a security deposit in order to get these accounts to approve. Again, the fees may be high but at the same time if you don't have that security deposit but you really want to jumpstart your credit after bankruptcy or have bad credit, then these are the best accounts for you to start working with. 

Here Are The Top 7 Best Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

1. Indigo Mastercard

2. Milestone

3. Total visa

4. Herizongold

5. Grouponefreedom

6. Fingerhut

7. Stoneborry

These are credit cards to help you restart your credit so that you can move forward. Even if you had the bankruptcy or you don't have no credit or you just have horrible credit, these companies will give you instant approval so you can start rebuilding your credit without worrying about them damaging your credit anymore because it is already damaged. So now it is time to start rebuilding once you start rebuilding even after 6 months of long time payments you would start seeing your credit score go up. 

Authorized User

Another thing that you can do is be added as an authorized user. You may have a family member that has good credit, you may ask them if they are willing to add you as an authorized user so that can help boost up your credit score. But in terms of you just totally rebuilding your credit then unsecured credit cards is what I would start with.


Now you know that you can get instant credit card approval or credit account approval without worrying about your personal credit even if you have recently filed bankruptcy and above are the account that I would start with. Because even like with the bank, the bank wants you to have at least 480, some of the credit unions probably take a lesser credit score. But I would start with those accounts above if am trying to rebuild my credit.

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