Tuesday, 28 April 2020

6 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

I am absolutely obsessed with the power of habit and how big of an impact good habits can have on your life. It can be so hard to motivate yourself over and over again to do hard things and every day force yourself to get out of bed and do work that maybe is not exactly what you want to do or maybe is just challenging or eat healthy, but once you get in the habit of anything it becomes easy. Because whatever you are used to doing, whatever seems normal to you is easy to do. And that is why I am so excited to share with you this list of six habits of successful entrepreneurs. These habits are specific habits that I believe all successful entrepreneurs have in common. 

There are some other things in life that you could be successful at without having some of these habits that I am going to share with you today. But I really don't think that you could be a successful entrepreneur without having almost all, if not all of these habits. 

1. Just Ship

What that means is that putting a product out into the world and product could be anything that you are creating or making, the thoughts in your brain, the thing that you are physically crafting, the book that you are writing, the course you are creating, whatever it is that you are making or whatever you are conceiving in your mind. It is more important to get it out into the world than it is for it to be perfect. Of course, quality is important, we want to execute our ideas well and do a good job. but it is more important to take action and put something out into the world than it is for it to be perfect. 

2. Don't Try To Figure Everything On Your Own.

A lot of entrepreneurs especially these days where it is so common for people to become entrepreneurs and that is awesome. but it is so common for people to become entrepreneurs so people don't necessarily have a huge investment behind them or study for years before they become an entrepreneur. Like I said that is awesome, but because it is so common and we don't necessarily have resources, that means a lot of us are bootstrapping and that is fine. But bootstrapping can lead to a mentality of trying to figure everything out yourself and do everything yourself and not rely on other people and wait too long to hire. The second habit that I want to share with you that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they don't try to figure out everything on their own, but instead they take advantage of the experience of people who have successfully done what they want to do before them. 

If you want to learn how to become a lawyer, you don't go and try to figure out how to become a lawyer on your own. You look at a successful lawyer and you say what did they do to become a successful lawyer and then that is the steps that you do. Or if you want to start your own publishing company then you don't just go and try to figure out how to do it on your own, you look at other publishing companies and you see what they did to become successful. And this goes for absolutely any field. If you want to be an actor or an actress, if you want to be simply wealthy and you don't even know-how, now you need to know-how in other to become one, but even if all you know is I want to be wealthy, you can look at other wealthy people and see what did they do to become wealthy and you could talk to them, and you might hire one of them to be your mentor or just hang around them a lot, spend a lot of time with them to figure out what they did.

Instead of trying to figure out everything on your own. You look to the experienced of others who have gone before you and who have already achieved what you are trying to achieve.

3. Believe That Everything Is Figureoutable

What this means is that you believe in the deepest part of you that you are capable of figuring absolutely anything out. It might sound like it contradicted the second habit because the second habit was don't figure everything out on your own and not I am saying you have to believe that everything is figureoutable. But they don't contradict at all.

Here is why

You have to lean on the experience of others and you should not try to figure everything out on your own. It is really important on the one hand to not try to do everything on your own because that will hold you back. If you are trying to be a one-man show and run everything yourself and figure everything out on your own that is going to hold you back. But on the older hand, you must believe that you are capable of figuring anything out. Here is why. If you don't have that deep belief in yourself that you are capable of figuring anything out, then you can never become successful. 

Because at a certain point as you are trying to become successful, as you are trying to grow your business or whatever you are trying to do. You will come to a point where there is something that you don't know, something you don't know how to do, some skill that you don't have, and if you don't believe deep down in yourself that you are capable of figuring it out then you will just stop. You will quit and you will give up and you will never reach that goal. So you must believe that you are capable of figuring everything out. Of course, that does not mean that you should figure everything out on your own or that you should try to, but it just means that you must believe in yourself in that way. 

4. Constantly Refine Your Craft.

What I mean by that is you always need to be working on getting better at whatever it is you do. That doesn't mean that you wait until you are perfect at something before you start doing it or before you start sharing it with others or before you start putting out to the world, no. You should get started taking action right now but as you are working, as you are sharing with others, as you are crafting or creating whatever you are putting out into the world, every single time you need to get better and better and better. So eventually you are extraordinary at it because that is how you are going become truly successful. For example, if you are a soccer player then with every single game you want to figure out what could I do better in this game. How could I advance my skills, what new tactics or technique could I learn to become a better soccer player?

5. Record All Your Idea.

In other to be a successful entrepreneur you have to have ideas. That is what fuels entrepreneurship and what helps you to succeed in the field and to be innovative and to make things that help people and give you value in the marketplace. But if you don't record your ideas then they will just come into your brain and then you will get distracted by something else. Something you are working on, something you are doing, and then you will completely forget about them. And then on a certain day, you will have time to take action on an idea so you either won't, because you don't remember the ideas or you will take action on whatever idea you happen to have right then which might not be your best idea. But if you record all your ideas then not only will the ideas become better and better because you will be advancing to new thoughts instead of just having the same ideas over and over again. But you will also be able to look back on all of those ideas and select the very best ones to pursue.

6. Focus On Tasks That Move you Towards Your Goals

I am sure that you are a busy person and the reason I am sure of that is that in this modern century that we live in we are all very busy. There are so many distractions in this world, so much information that is constantly coming to us, our phones are always going off, and our email inbox is always filling up and so it is so easy to get caught in a cycle of reacting and never get anything important done that moves us forward towards our goals. So instead of just filling up all of your time with reacting and wasting your time maybe on things that don't matter, instead you take your clear goals and you figure out what action steps you need to do in order to get closer to those goals and then you focus the bulk of your time and you focus your first time every day on moving closer to your goals.

How a lot of entrepreneurs do this is they make whatever that important task is, the first thing that they do every single day and they spend their first hour or their first several hours working on that before they start responding to what other people are throwing at them.

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