Sunday, 26 April 2020

6 Businesses You Can Start with Your Phone

You want to start a business, you want to take control of your schedule, take control of your whole life. But you don't have a great computer in fact maybe you don't a computer at all. Maybe all you got is a smartphone. Well, I have got some good news for you because there are a lot of different kinds of businesses that you can start with just your phone. In this article, I am going to be sharing with 6 different smartphone business ideas. Before we get into them I just want to say that most of these businesses would be easier to run from a computer. I fully acknowledge that. However, you can do them with just your phone and if you don't have a computer right now then you just need to work with what you have. 

1. Re-Sale Business

You can purchase items off of Craigslist or garage sales or at thrift stores and then you can sell them online for much higher prices. There are many different websites that allow you to list items and sell them like eBay, eBid, CQout, eBid

2. Social Media Manager

Brands these days need people to manage their social media to post their content on different platforms and to interact with their followers, to manage their messages that are coming in on all of these platforms and this is something that you can do with your phone easily because these days most people are consuming social media on their phones and so the apps have been designed to be very mobile-friend. In other to become a social media manager you will need to connect with brands who are promoting themselves in social media. You need to work on connecting directly with those brands and showing them how you could help them. 

3. Customer Service Or Customer Support

You can communicate with customers. Brands need help communicating with their customers even beyond social media. They need people to answer the phone and talk to their customers and I know this might sound crazy but you can use your phone as a phone and talk to people on it and that is a great service that you can provide. Some companies want to offer their customers the option to text their company as well. That is something you can also do with your phone. So you could start a small customer service agency with just your phone.

4. Drop Shipping Business

If you don't know what drop shipping is just google it or read Read this article 3 Websites To Make Free Money Online Worldwide Basically, you run a business that sells a product but you don't keep the product in a warehouse, you are having it shipped directly from the company that manufactures it to your customers. This is something that you can definitely do with your phone, you can set up a store with a website like Shopify, you can promote it on social media with Facebook ads, google ads. You can even use the software like overload to make the process even easier. There is no reason why you can't do this with your phone.

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5. Consulting Business

This actually converts a whole lot of different types of businesses but basically, if you run a consulting business then people are paying you for your expertise, for your guidance. So if you have something that you are good at, maybe something that you do professionally, something you went to school for or just something that you have a lot of experience with and knowledge about. Then there is likely to be a lot of people out there who would like to pay you for your help. Again, this is something you can do with your phone. You can use social media or advertising to attract clients and then you can work with these clients either just on the phone of course, or you can do video conference calls via your phone or you could write emails back and forth to them. 

6. Online Courses

Start a course business or an education company with your phone. I know it might sound surprising that you can start an education company with your phone but lots of people are doing it these days. You can create an online course using the phone courses that teach people things without you having to one-on-one talk to each individual customer. You can make videos on your phone to explain concepts and then you can upload those videos to a platform like Udemy it is a marketplace for courses or teachable that allows you to be completely in control of your course and sell it directly to your customers. 

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