Monday, 27 April 2020

6 Businesses You Can Start Right Now In Bed

I am going to be sharing with you 6 different businesses that you can start from your bed. There is a whole lot of different ways that you can make a full-time living from your bed only in the 21st century I am telling you, so take advantage of these opportunities and start making money from your bed.

1. Drop Shipping Business

There are thousands of people doing it and that is to start a dropshipping business. 

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Dropshipping is where you have a business that sells products so let's say you are selling toaster.

Then you have a website or you can do this on Amazon, you sell the toaster, people buy them on your website but you don't have to have the inventory yourself because what you do is you then order the toaster from the manufacture who's normally in China like aliexpress

You have the manufacturer ship it directly to the customer who bought it on your website. So you never have to hang on to the inventory which means you never have to get out bed. All you have to do is click some buttons on your computer, the customer receives their toaster and you receive your paycheck.

2. Social Media Management

You don't really have to have any fancy skills to be able to do this aside from being responsible and being a tiny tiny bit tech-savvy. There are lots of minis who want to advertise their businesses on social media and they want to be growing a following on social so they need someone to post multiple times every day and to help to curate content to find articles around the web, to put together a nice looking post and this is something that you could easily help them with from the comfort of your bed.

There are tons of people looking for these services in Facebook groups and So if you get into those spaces and you start building connections you can quickly develop a full clientele of people who are paying you to manage their social media. 

3. Influencer Manager

Being an influencer is so trendy everyone wants to be famous on Instagram or youtube or whatever. But there is this other side to this industry aside from being an influencer itself, you could be an influencer manager. What an influencer manager does is they take care of answering all of the business inquiries for the influencer, they soar through all the different opportunities that the influencer could have, like brands that want to work with the influencer, they decide which one would be best for the influencer, and then they help make those connection happen.

An influencer who has a very large following gets a lot of inquiries from businesses who want them to promote their products and it could take them so much time to sort through all these different requests on their own. So a lot of time they hire companies to manage that for them so they don't have to worry about it and they can just focus on creating their content.

4. Video & Photo Editing

You can get photoshop or Adobe premiere to do the video editing. You can hang out in bed all day, you can find clients on Facebook,, and It is very easy to just communicate with your clients online and then you can edit them on your laptop in bed and submit the files to them online and you could easily make a full-time living being a video or photo editor from your bed. 

5. Book Editor

There are tons of writers these days where self-publishing writing books on their own and they need someone to help them out with the editing and you can provide that service for them. If you don't already have good English skills. There are ways you can easily take English classes online and then like I mentioned before you can use Facebook, and to find clients who are looking for editors then you can sit in or even lay in bed reading their manuscripts, mark them up and then email them back to them and make some money.

6. Digital Template Business

On Pinterest this is huge. There are so many people out there looking for planner template or meal planning templates, all different sorts of templates for them to fill out to organize their life in different ways and somebody has to design all those pretty things.

You can start your own website where you design these custom worksheets for people to organize their life. You can sell them on your own website or you could also sell them on Etsy. I know several people who make a full-time income just selling these digital files and it is absolutely something that you could do from bed. 


That was 6 different ideas for ways you can make money from your bed basically businesses you can start from your bed if you want to take it that far. You can do this thing just on your own just to make some money on living or you could take it a step further hire people to help you with it. You can hire people online you could do that in bed and you could turn them into full-fledged businesses.

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