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Best Websites To Make Free Money Online Worldwide

In today's article, I'm going to be giving you best websites that people are using to make money online worldwide for free, without needing a credit card. 100% free, no hidden fees, and no hidden subscription costs. And the way that you make money with each of these 3 websites is very similar. What you do is you use them to create and sell simple text-based T-shirts, like this one here, 

That made over $1,000 this past month. But I can imagine that a lot of my reader is thinking, "Wait a minute. You're saying that people are making money 'for free on the internet selling T-shirts? "that doesn't sound free. 'That sounds expensive. "After all, don't I need a T-shirt factory? " Don't I need to hire any staff? "Don't I need to be a graphic designer?" And the answer to all of those is no. You don't need any of that. And I'm going to prove it to you right now.

  • Disclaimer: As you will discover, a lot of these websites, they are very similar. However, I still recommend that you stick around and read the article to find out about all 3 of them because as you'll see, you can combine them all together to make even more money. 

1. Zazzle

Let me show you how people are making money online for free without a T-shirt factory, and without graphic design skills. This is a website that lets you create and sell your own merchandise. It lets you create and sell all sorts of products, such as mug, pillows, and of course, it lets you create and sell T-shirts, without actually making them yourself.

Here is how it works. All you do is sign up for a free Zazzle account, no subscription fees required. It literally takes seconds to sign up, because you can just use your Google or Facebook account to quickly register. Once you sign up for free, you can then select one of the many products they manufacture and sell. 

Once you do, all you need to do is upload a piece of artwork to the website and digitally place it onto the product. You can resize it and place it wherever you like on the T-shirt. 

After filling out your product page details, like giving your product page a title and setting a price for it, you can then post your product for sale on their website. 

Zazzle will handle all sales and payment processing for you. Then when a customer comes to your T-shirt and buys it, Zazzle's factory will then print your piece of artwork onto one of their T-shirts and ship out to the customer for you, automatically, without you having to do anything. 

Zazzle will then take out their fees and payout the profit to you as a commission. In the eCommerce industry, we have a name for this. it is called print on demand, and it allows you to sell phantom products like phantom T-shirts that don't even exist yet because they are only made after the customer has already purchased it from you. 

So we have answer objection number one, how can I make and sell T-shirts?

So let's move on to objection number two. Don't I need to be a graphic designer?

The sleazy thing about Zazzle won't tell you is that, no, no, you don't. They like to advertise their platform as a way for artists to make money online, but really, many of their top-selling products feature little to no artwork at all. The designs are so simple, anyone can make them. Case in point: you see this top-selling t-shirt here? 

This T-shirt is literally just text. That's all this is. It's a funny quote. And you know what? Replicating and making your own funny quote T-shirts like this is ridiculously simple. 

The artist didn't need to be a graphic artist. They just needed to know how to slap a text box onto a shirt. And while copying this exact shirt would be a bad idea, what is a good idea is copying the idea of creating funny text-based T-shirts, and then browsing places like Instagram for funny quotes and phrases, especially trending quotes and phrases, to place onto your T-shirts.

And the wonderful thing about funny quotes, phrases, and words is oftentimes the simplicity of text-based designs adds to the humor, rather than taking away from it. It makes the T-shirt more deadpan, and that makes it funnier. That is why the most common way that people have success with text-based designs, it's by focusing on funny quotes and phrases. 

Whenever I write an article like these, I almost always get comments from people saying things like, 'Sure, but does this actually work? "Because I'm not sure if this actually, 'quote, unquote, works.' 

I'll be honest. This has to be one of the most hated comments that I get on my article of all time. Let me ask you a question. If this didn't actually work,  how it is that Zazzle makes hundreds of millions of dollars?

There are no fees to sell on Zazzle, so the only way that Zazzle is making hundreds of millions of dollars is if they're actually selling the products that their third-party sellers create and actually make them money. Zazzle made $270 million because they sold hundreds of millions of dollars from third-party sellers on their platform. So yes, people do buy these T-shirts, and yes, they do make people money.

Pro-tip, if you want to be one of the people who are successfully making money on sites like these, the people that are successful, they're not the people that put up 1 T-shirt or 2 T-shirts or 3 T-shirts. They experiment, and they put up lots of T-shirts until they find a design that clicks with Zazzle's customers and makes them go, "You know what? "That's hilarious. I want that.'

There is a good question that I get asked a lot, and it's this

How I can get paid out if I don't have a credit card?

That's a good question. When someone comes and buys your T-shirt, Zazzle collects their fees and payout the rest of the profit to you in the form of a commission. And they don't put that commission onto a credit card. They put it either into your PayPal account, or they can send it out in the form of a check. And yes, checks can indeed be sent worldwide. 

If I make a T-shirt design on one website, "can I sell it on another website?'

The answer is that you can sell your T-shirt design wherever you like. Here is an idea.

Why not post it on similar websites to Zazzle, Threadless? This is another website that lets you create and sell products like mugs, towels, hoodies, and t-shirts. And you know what? There's nothing stopping you from listing your Zazzle products there too.

That is it for the top website to make money online, and I hope you got some value at this.

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