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3 Ways To Earn $200 A Day In Passive Income

In this article, we're going to talk about 3 ways to earn $200 a day in passive income. I'm not going to lie. Once you have passive income, it truly changes your life. In this article not only am I going to talk about 3 sources of passive income, but I'm also going to talk about how anyone can get started with them. 

Let's Get Started

1. Selling Funny T-shirts On eBay

Here is the thing. Did you know that there are lots and lots stores on eBay like Graphic Gear UK making over $10,000 a month with 30% profit margins selling incredibly basic text-based t-shirts featuring funny phrases and slogans like these here? Take this t-shirt they created. 

This simple text-based shirt has made over $6,000. the other text-based shirt here, it's made over $7,000. Graphic Gear UK made over $10,000 within the last month selling shirts like this. And you know what the awesome thing is? Besides their eBay and Paypal fees, their customers and their traffic are absolutely free. Graphic Gear Uk get their customers from people coming into eBay and typing in relevant keywords into their search bar and then finding their listing. No paid ads required.

Now here is the thing. You, yes you reading. You could start your own money-making funny t-shirt business on eBay that is automated. How? Well, you do that by combining eBay's store automation tools with a website like Printful or Printify. These websites offer a free service that we in the eCommerce industry could call print on demand. For those of you that don't know, print on demand is when services like printful will manufacture and produce custom merchandise for you. 

What they let you do is take plain t-shirts and take an image design and print it onto a t-shirt when a customer pays for it and buys it from you. And it's not just t-shirts that you can make either. You can create your own customer mugs or you can even create your own custom aprons. 

But print-on-demand services like Printful is just amazing because they let you create your own custom products. They are awesome for another reason, they will let you create and create these products one at a time. So let's say you created this successful profitable t-shirt yourself using printful.

You then listed it on eBay for a mark-up price and a customer came and paid for one t-shirt. Awesome. Printful will automatically be notified of the sale. Their manufacturers will then print and create that single individual t-shirt for you, and they will ship it out to the customer while you keep the difference in profit.

So you don't have to invest in any inventory because you're actually selling products that don't exist, they are only made after you have successfully sold them. And yes, thanks to Printful's integration with eBay, They do this for you automatically. Combined with eBay's relisting automation, your store can be selling t-shirts, manufacturing them, and shipping them out while you're sitting internet-less on the beach having some drink. That's the magic of print on demand and eBay for you. Now here's the thing, when it comes to print on demand usually to make your t-shirts attractive enough to buy you have to hire a designer to make a great design for you, on average that costs around $25 per design. 

2. Create A Dropshipping Store & Get Free Traffic

Dropshipping is another fantastic way to make money from selling physical products with very little start-up money. Now I'm not going to lie, normally I recommend that if you want to start a dropshipping store and turn it into a source of passive income that you should set aside at least $500 for start-up money. But, using the free traffic twist in this article, you can cut your initial start-up costs to less than $50 and make over $100 a month with this.  So here's how it works. First of all, you set up your own online store. You don't use something like Amazon or eBay, you set your own store on your own domain name. And I understand that for some of you reading this, that may sound scary. But trust me, it isn't. You can search for a tutorial video on how to set-up your own Shopify store from scratch on youtube.

Now you might be thinking, "Great, I've got my store set up, so that's awesome. Just one question here. What will you even sell in your store? Where will you get your products? Well, that's a good question and the answer is simple. Come to this website, Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is a website set up so that Chinese manufacturers can list and sell the items that they produce. There are lots of exciting hyper-viral products on here. And so because these items are coming directly from the manufacturer, they are very, very cheap. On Aliexpress, you can buy a set of this spoon for just $5.95 with free ePacket shipping. 

So what you do then is you list these in your store for $14.95 to $25.99 and then when customers come to your store and purchase them, 

You then go to Aliexpress and buy them for the original price of just $5.96. But, instead of giving the Aliexpress supplier your address, you give them your customer's shipping address, and then they'll ship them out directly to your customer while you keep the difference in profit. 

This process is called dropshipping and it's not something new. Retailers since the '70s have been doing it and big retailers like Walmart to these days, they dropship. You see, traditionally before dropshipping become a thing, if you wanted to see these guitar spoons, you'd have to buy them in advance so you'd have to buy maybe 100 of them and get them shipped to your house and hoped that people would buy them. However, dropshipping has changed that. Instead, you can now list these in your store for markup and then only purchase them individually after a customer has paid you for it. that means that there is way less risk for you and way less start-up money required.

Now, this is all well and good but there's just one problem. Most people who dropship products from Aliexpress do so by buying paid advertisements from Facebook and yes, if you do this right, it can result in making a lot of money very fast. But yes, these ads cost money which is why I usually recommend that beginners set aside at least $500 for this business. So instead, here is what I recommend that you do. check this out. If you type in doctor mugs into google and do a search, you'll find this store here, mugdom.

They've created numerous print on demand mugs but they're also dropshipping mugs such as this mug here. this super-cool mug is actually available on Aliexpress and they are just dropshipping from there. 

These cuts snail bat tea holders are being drop shipped from Aliexpresss and would you believe that the guitar mug is also being dropshipped from Aliexpress and they are getting free customers for their mugs each and every day from Google from people just finding them and then not having to anything.

From Aliexpress

You know what? This is what you should do. Set up a store, and get free traffic and customers from Google, so of course, the question is, "How do you do that?' Well, the answer is that you make some tweaks to your website to make it more Google-friendly and most of these tweaks will revolve around adding or modifying text and making those tweaks is free. It's called SEO (search engine optimization). You can do a search on how to do an SEO for your store on google.

3. Create Youtube Tutorial Videos & Earn Passive Money From Commissions

Youtube tutorial videos are some of the easiest ways to make affiliate commissions on youtube and that's for 3 reasons.

  • 1. They are some of the most searched for videos on youtube so once you've got a great tutorial video and you SEO it up, it's really easy to get traffic for it.

  • 2. With tutorial videos, all you need to do is record your screen while you complete a task and you talk over it with any mic that you have available in the house, not expensive fancy camera required. 

  • 3. For anyone actually following along with your video tutorial, they will need to get the application that you're using anyway, so it's got a really high conversion rate of people clicking on your affiliate link and actually buying it. 

What you should do is think about something you're good at. Maybe you're good at video editing. Got to google and type in video editing affiliate program.

What you want to do is scroll down and see if there is any talk about needing to make certain requirements to join the affiliate program such as an established website or a big social media following. And no, this affiliate program doesn't require anything at all. All it requires is that you have actually made a youtube channel so that when you create your affiliate account with them, you can put that in the URL box.

Once you find a program like this that's related to something you are good at, and you will be automatically accepted for it, come to youtube and do a search to see if anyone is successfully making tutorial videos for your chosen affiliate program you want to promote. You want to make sure there is an audience for your tutorial and yes, there are a lot of videos with tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of views. 

In fact, someone has created a whole youtube channel dedicated to Movavi tutorial videos and they'll be making thousands of dollars of passive income off of these from affiliate links that they've included in their video descriptions. 

So now that you've found a great affiliate program to work with and promote, go ahead and watch the currently successful video tutorials up on youtube and make your own ones that are better. Check to see if there is a free trial of your chosen software or application that you're going to promote. If there isn't, use some money to buy it. 

Then take advantage of the free screen recording software Flashback Express to record it and yes, you can add auto commentary with it as well using either your own mic or one that you borrow from a friend.

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