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How To Choose The Right Immigration Attorney

Immigration Attorney

We're going to be talking about how to choose the right immigration attorney for you, and to make sure that they're qualified for your case. I recently talk about immigration lawyer fees, where I show you how to get the best deal when working with an immigration lawyer, you might want to check that out. 

Alright, let's get started for choosing the right immigration attorney for you.

Choose A Lawyer Who Exclusively Focuses On Immigration Law

A lot of people if you look on their websites or even talk to them, they do multiple things, they can help you with your divorce, they can help you if you're injured, they can help you if you have problems with your boss and they can help you with your immigration matter. This person is what we refer to as a general practitioner. Somebody who dabbles in every type of law out there or dabbled in more than just immigration. 

Immigration Law Is Federal And Complicated

Immigration has always been said to be the second most complicated area of the law next to tax law. it is based on federal law and is unlike any kind of state civil or court procedure, common to other areas of the law. This combined with the reality the immigration law is constantly changing, with new regulations, new cases introduced every single day and new interpretations by CIS. 

Even immigration lawyers find themselves specializing within their own field to keep up with it all. So be very wary if you're going to someone who does more than immigration. Are they going to be competent to take on your case?

Choose An Attorney Who Will Be With You Through the Entire Process

Many people try to save a little money or hire an attorney who will just fill out the forms, but that's not immigration representation. A lot can happen even if you fill out the forms correctly if you don't submit the right things and you can follow up with the attorney and the attorney can't follow up on your behalf with immigration if something goes wrong at your interview, you want someone who's going to be with you from the very beginning advising you on what documents to provide, advising you with any hiccups that may come up or any issues that arise and also be with you to prepare you for the interview and be with you at the interview itself. 

How would you like to go through the expense and the time and get your hopes up that everything is going to go well and then at the interview, everything falls apart? It is worth talking to an attorney who's willing to take the risk with you at your side.

Ask A Lawyer For Examples Of Cases Like Yours

If you have any doubt that the lawyer you're speaking to does not devote a large amount of time to immigration work, feel free to ask them for examples of recent cases similar to yours that they've worked on. Don't be worry about offending the lawyer, this is your future, this is your life, you have the option to go to another attorney if this line doesn't fit with how you think things should run. You have choices, be careful who you choose.

American Immigration Lawyer's Association (AILA)

Choose a lawyer who is a member of the American immigration lawyer association. American immigration lawyer association is the only national association of its kind, that has the most immigration attorney as members. Is a branch of the American bar association which is the most prestigious and honored society of lawyers in the United State.

A Lawyer Cannot Legally Guarantee the Outcome Of Your Case.

It is rare that a case is perfect and no lawyer is legally allowed to guarantee you a result. So that is a major red flag if they guarantee you a positive outcome. However, do your homework, know the type of case and if you don't feel comfortable with the attorney that they know what they're doing, walk away.

Determine The Likelihood of Success Before You Sign A Contract.

Make sure you understand the positives and negatives in your case. You want to determine the likelihood of success in your case before you sign on the dotted line. it goes without saying that you should always have a contract with an immigration attorney signed by the attorney and by you, so you understand the services and the risks involved in going forward with your immigration case.

A Good Immigration Attorney Provides Excellent Service

First of all, I suggest that you choose a lawyer who provides excellent service, how accessible is your lawyer? You need to find out that if you call an emergency, are you going to be able to get through, can you get an appointment with your lawyer within the week that you call or where every single one of your questions is answered by a paralegal or support staff. 

Choose A Lawyer Who Offers Education

Choose a lawyer who also offers educational seminars or trains other lawyers. A lawyer who is constantly in the officer and is never out in public addressing the needs of the local community and clients just like you who reside there are likely out of touch with the law. Because they're often asked questions when you're out speaking engagements and if you don't know the answers then no one is going to hire you. So you want to make sure that someone who is active in their community and knows what they're doing. 

Successful Attorney Have usually Published Articles On Immigration Law

I also suggest you choose a lawyer who has written many articles for the American immigration association or has been published nationwide on immigration topics. They have to do their homework if they're going to be telling you about immigration and the law and how it affects you.

A Published Attorney Is More Experienced

Evidence of a lawyer's knowledge and expertise in any area is being recognized by his or her peers, and when you're published for national associations or newspapers then your opinion matters.

Has The Lawyer Been Invited To Write Articles For AILA?

Being asked to write for the American immigration lawyers association is one of the highest honors an immigration lawyer can receive. Because this association is in charge train all new immigration attorneys

Has The Lawyer been Invited To Speak Like An Expert Publically?

Similarly speaking at an AILA national conferences and regional conferences is also prestigious to any lawyer who is asked. Because you're asked to train people new to immigration who have clients and their lives in their hands.

Hope you found some value in this article

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