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Do You Need An Immigration Attorney?

Immigration Attorney

Today, we're going to discuss a very relevant topic for most immigration clients. The topic is, "Do you need an immigration lawyer?" My response is no and yes. No, because if you can understand the law, if you have the ability and the patience to read through the laws, the contradictions of the laws, the exceptions of the laws, the exceptions to the exceptions, you don't need an immigration lawyer. You can do it by yourself. in fact, as the law was originally designed, it was designed so that anyone could technically help themselves. 

But over the years law has become very complicated and immigration law is one of the most complicated. So on the other hand, I tell people, "Well, maybe you do need an immigration lawyer. If you can't do those things. Or if there are some tricky areas. Or you may have some problems that arise out of your history, then you are certainly going to need an immigration lawyer at some point in the process. 

No 10-Year Rule And You Get A Green Card

But let's discuss how people go to an immigration lawyer and they say "Well, I have heard that I can get a green card if I have lived here 10 years." The truth is not necessarily. You have to meet other requirements. You have to meet other conditions. There are no such things as a 10-year rule and you get a green card. It just doesn't happen.

Getting A Green Card Or Citizenship Is Not Easy

Someones come to your house and they have been successful in getting their green card or citizenship papers and they tell you it is really easy. " The forms are really simple. I can help you fill them out. Your daughter can do the papers for you, your nephew can do the papers for you." Well, they look simple. The answer is simple. You know your name. You know every name you have used. You know your address. You know your telephone number. You know those things but what you do not know is the significance of how it all ties together. 

You do not know about how significant it could be when you entered the country, whether you entered with permission, what type of permission, whether you have exceeded that permission, what date you entered, or whether you re-entered and how long you were gone. Those are questions that could become very important in your case later. So if you have those types of questions, you may, in fact, need an immigration lawyer.

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Do I Need An Immigration Attorney?

1. Immigration Law Is Complicated And unpredictable.

I know of some Supreme Court cases in the last two weeks, in the last six weeks, that have changed the rules for certain permanent residents. These cases may benefit them greatly and these changes can come overnight. There could be a court case that changes the rules. There are things that Congress is discussing right now that could change the law. You have to be aware of those changes because those changes are coming very soon, then you may want to delay filing those papers if the changes will help you. On the other hand, if the changes are going to hurt you, then you may want to speed up things. 

2. Immigration Law Can Change Human Lives - Forever

The second reason why you might need an immigration lawyer is it can change your life forever. The difference between winning and losing is the difference between living here and going back to your home country, and if you come from an impoverished region of an impoverished country, well then the difference is that you would be in the United States, your children would have the right to an education there, you would be able to work there legally. You would be able to live there legally versus going back to a country that is in throes of chaos or despair or political disruption.

The very important reason why you might want to hire an immigration lawyer. If you feel that your case has some tricky issues, if you feel your case has some difficult issues, think about the difference between winning or losing. You may decide, you know what, if I lose it is going to change my life dramatically if I win, it is going to change dramatically. it is all or nothing. In that situation, you may want to hire an immigration attorney.

3. Immigration Law Is About More Than Just Law - It's About Advocacy And Commitment.

When you look for an immigration lawyer, look for one that really cares about immigration. Look for an immigration lawyer who really cares about challenging laws that are unfair. Look for a lawyer that is not afraid to stand up to immigration judges, who are not afraid to take cases to a higher court when he feels that the whole system has not been fair to you or if a judge has made a mistake. 

There are lawyers just like there are doctors, just like there are accountants, and then there are lawyers and doctors and accountants. There are some that put everything they have into it, their heart and soul, and there are some that, well, do not put that much into it. And then there are some that are really bad guys. Very few on a percentage basis. But there are those and there is no way you can tell until you go about talking to attorneys, interviewing attorneys.

But if you decide to hire an attorney, hire one who cares about more than just being a lawyer. They care about immigration. they care about justice. They care about fairness. 

Hope you learn something from our article

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