Thursday, 20 February 2020

5 Highest Paid Jobs With An Associates Degree

Nuclear Technician

In this article, I will list the 5 best-paid jobs in American with just an associate's degree. What is an associate's degree? Associate's degree is a 2-years degree, you can achieve it faster or it can take you longer depending on how many classes you take per semester, you can take one class, you can take 5 classes. But I would say roughly it will take you about 2-years, which is definitely faster than a bachelor's degree which would take you 4 years.

While I was researching for this article I recognize that some jobs are better paid in American than in the Europ, the same job with the same tourists are better paid in American. 

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Let's Get Started

1. Nuclear Technician

  • Salary: $79,140/year
  • Number Of Jobs: 6,900
Nuclear Technician

This job may be something that most people never have heard before. Surprisingly, all you need is an associate's degree, a high school diploma, an associate's degree in nuclear science technology, and become a trainer in a nuclear power plant or elsewhere and there you go it. 

2. Computer Programmer

  • Salary: $79,840/year
  • Number Of Jobs: 294,900
Computer Programmer

If you like to program, coding and work with a computer, why don't you consider becoming a computer programmer? You can have just an associate's degree and work as a computer programmer. Now let's face it, everybody needs at some point in their life help to get a computer fixed, so a computer programmer is a job that is not dying out right now. 

3. Dental Hygenist

  • Salary: $72,910/year
  • Number Of Jobs: 207,900

  • Salary USA: $72,910 
  • Salary Germany: $21,455
Dental Hygenist

If you're a dental hygenist, maybe consider coming to American you can have a very good life over here.

4. Registered Nurse

  • Salary: $68,450/year
  • Number Of Jobs: 2,955,200

  • Salary USA: $68,450/year
  • Salary Germany: $35,754/year
Registerd Nurse

You can have an associate's degree as a registered nurse and you can have a bachelor's degree. Just before the associate's degree, you will already be making money than a nurse would earn in Germany. I know lots of people want to become a nurse in America it's so popular to become a nurse. With an associate screaming 2-years degree, you can earn $68,450 per year. An associate's degree is a good way to start getting into the field and gain some experience. 

Also, if you are a registered nurse outside of the United State, you can just come to America and if you pass the test to become a registered nurse, you can apply for a green card, if you didn't know it, now you know it. Just do some research it is possible to come to American by being a registered nurse and obtain your green card by the way. 

5. Funeral Worker

  • Salary: $54,830/year
  • Number Of Jobs: 54,400
Funeral Worker

Not everybody will be able to do it because it's different. it's a funeral worker. If you can handle to see dead bodies, if you can touch the dead bodies, if you don't mind, then this is a very well paid job that you might consider doing. A funeral worker can earn $54,830 a year.

Those are the 5 high paying jobs for an associate's degree, hopefully, you got some value from this article.

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