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8 Habits To Stay Healthy While Traveling

8 Habits To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Today I'll be sharing 8 simple habits that are going to help you make the most of your next vacation. We all know that regular exercise, getting enough sleep and eating well are important things to integrate into our daily life but, when it comes to travel and there's so much to see and so much to do, sometimes it's not realistic to just say "I'm going to get 8 hours of sleep tonight."

These 8 things on their own are easy to implement with little money and little time involved. I was skeptical at first but then became addicted after realizing how much of an impact small daily changes can have. 

1. Drink More Water.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel is going to dehydrate you. Flying and eating out at restaurants often means excess salts, MSG, and usually alcohol. Dring water is going to help your body and your brain feel its best while also helping you fight off sickness, flushing toxins from your body, keeping your skin clear and preventing weight gain. 

Getting enough water might be the simple but often overlooked solution to many of your travel concerns. the trouble with getting enough water while you're traveling is that water is not always accessible, considering that most places in the world you can't actually dring from the tap. In order to combat this and make sure your habit of getting enough water is going to stick, here are a few actions that you can take:

Carry an empty water bottle that you can refill at fountains or even in the bottle fillers found around Thailand.

Drink Water

I also love using a platypus because it's collapsible and isn't going to take up space or have any weight once it's empty. 

Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you're staying somewhere longer than one night, buy one of the five-liter jugs and never ever go to bed knowing that you just ran out of water. As for making sure that you're drinking quality water that's not going to make you sick, be cautious when ordering water at restaurants and make sure it's bottled. Your body's not used to tap water so, even if the locals drink it, you may not agree. 
Stay Healthy While Traveling

Never ever drink water with ice. the ice may not have been made with bottled water and also may have been placed in your hapless by hand. On the same note, never drink water with fruit, like lemon or lime in it. 
Stay Healthy While Traveling

The skin has been touched by many hands, along with a lot of other things, and if it comes on the rim of your glass, I advise you to think twice before dropping in into your drink. 

Make sure that, whenever you buy a new bottle of water, that the lid is actually sealed. I've been scammed several times where I'll buy a bottle of water and the lid won't make the crack when I go to open it, which means that it was an empty bottle that was refilled somewhere and then sold to me. 

2. Commit To Getting Your Heart Rate Up Every Single Day

Stay Healthy While Traveling

I don't need to convince you about the benefits of working out for both your brain and your body. I also recently heard a quote that was "You're only one workout away from a good mood." I feel like that is just so true. Keeping up with an exercise routine while on your vacation is the key to not coming back home feeling like you need another vacation. 

Relax, indulge, but remember that one week on the beach is not worth losing months of progress to your goals or giving up a good exercise habit that you worked so hard to build. You'll also enjoy your trip so much more if you don't spend the whole time feeling bloated, hungover and lazy. Make a promise to yourself that, regardless of how you feel, you will set aside 10 minutes every single day to move your body. 
Stay Healthy While Traveling

This could be doing three push-ups, taking a one-minute break, and then doing three more, whatever it is. The key is to get consistent, setting aside the time and doing something, anything that will get your heart rate up every single day. 

3. Organize Daily

Something I hate about traveling is the thought of living out of a suitcase. I feel stressed and overwhelmed when I can't find things and end up constantly digging through a disorganized bag full of wrinkled clothing and dirth socks.

Habits that change my travel experience is to take 10 minutes whenever I arrive at a new location to organize my luggage. 10 minutes is a short enough period of time that it feels manageable, so you can be confident you'll actually do it, but it's also a long enough period of time when you know you'll be getting something done. Knowing that I was going to be giving myself that time later to get everything back in a place completely eased that nagging feeling that my whole life is a mess and everything is so disorganized. 

A daily habit that made a huge impact on how much I enjoy each travel experience is taking the time the night before to set everything up for the next day. This includes doing anything that can be done in advance, like counting out change for the bus fare, printing admission tickets, filling water bottles...
 Stay Healthy While Traveling

It also means making a list of all the things that can't be done in advance that I'll need to do the next morning. In addition to writing things down, I like to out visual cues, for example, I'll put sunscreen right in front of me in the bathroom so I know that in the morning when I see it, I'm going to remember to put it on. This works in two ways because, by putting it out the night before, I'm also easing my mind knowing that I'm going to remember, so I don't stay up all night thinking "Shut! What if I forget the sunscreen tomorrow?"

4. Wear Sunscreen, Especially On Your Face.

It's important to get out in the sun any day that you can, but you really need to protect yourself, even if you're someone that doesn't burn or if the sun is clouded over; you're still at risk to damaging your health, your appearance, and your self-confidence. If any of these things matter to you, which they really should, definitely make sunscreen a daily habit.

5. Do Something Good For Someone Else Every Single Day.

This not only helps make someone else's day but it's also going to make you feel good about yourself. My favorite way to do this is by packing little things with me before I leave Canada, like maple candy or a moose stuffy, and then leaving it with my landlord's children, or a server at my favorite lunch spot, or anyone that has made an impact on me that I meet in the destination country.

Here are a few other ways that you can integrate doing something good for someone else every day that you travel:

  • Write a postcard to someone back home
  • Take a phone of something meaningful or that would represent an inside joke and then send it over Whatapp or Facebook Messenger to one of your friends
  • Leave a note in your room for the hotel staff
  • Wake up 10 minutes early and bring your travel partner some takeaway coffee in bed.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Give someone a genuine and meaningful compliment. Small, inexpensive gestures just like these can make a huge impact on how you make other people feel and how you feel about yourself.

6. Practice Daily Gratitude

This habit may seem a little too "woo-woo" for some of you; it certainly was for me when I first considered trying it. Much to my surprise, it's completely changed my life and it's something that I do every day, whether I'm traveling or I'm at home...

Now, hear me out, it's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of everything that goes wrong and is replaying the negative over and over again in your head. When you travel, a lot goes wrong, but also a lot goes right. 

Take a few moments before bed or when you wake up in the morning to focus on the positive, could be anything, from your husband sleeping next to you to the Vietnamese coffee you get to head downstairs and enjoy with breakfast. I found this to be the most impactful when I say what I'm grateful for, either out loud or if physically write them down in a book. If I don't have a journal with me, I'll jot these notes on my phone. 
Stay Healthy While Traveling

A shift in your perspective can help you let go of the expectation you have for your trip and instead focus on what you can appreciate in reality. The unpleasant truth is that you're always going to feel your best while you're traveling, new food, jet lag, long days, loneliness... all of this can affect the way that you feel and make it hard to enjoy otherwise exciting and fun experiences. 

Committing to just one self-care or maintenance task every single day adds up to help you feel and look your best overall. 

7. Stretch Every Single Day

Stay Healthy While Traveling

It's going to get your blood flowing and also help prevents any injuries, which is a really good thing, because it would suck it you pulled something in your leg and then you couldn't do all the things that you wanted to do and that you may have already paid for. And, when it comes to fitting stretching into your day, you don't necessarily have to set aside a specific time for it. Stretch while waiting for the bus, stretch while the seatbelt sign on the plans is off, stretch while standing in line at the customs gate, or waiting for your checked baggage. 

The key is to some research in advance and arm yourself with a few go-to stretches that you know you do whenever you have that extra pocket of time. Stretching feels so good, and trust me, once you get into the habit of actually doing it, you're going to be hooked.

8. Keeping Connection

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Keeping a connection with the people that you care about most is going to have a huge impact on your mood. Make a nightly habit to send some sort of acknowledgment to those you love most and let them know that you're okay and that you thinking of them.

It doesn't have to be a big story, it can just be taking two seconds to send a little emoji and a heart to let them know that you're okay. 

I hope you got some value from this article.

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