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7 Profitable Business Ideas For 2020

Profitable Business Ideas

In today's article, we're going to share 7 business ideas that we have not discussed previously on this website, these are going to be some different ones that you probably haven't heard of. Often sometimes you'll see videos or blog posts with these business ideas that are very common like drive for uber and make money those are some very basic ones, these are going to be a little bit different I've done some of it in the past and others I just think could be really interesting idea that could be multi-million dollar businesses that you can make out of these or they could just be something to supplement your income, make an extra $10,000 to $20,000 per year, it really just depends on what you make off of it. But we're going to get into that in this article.

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1. Digital Ads Expert

Digital Ads Expert

If you look at the average age of a CEO, you look at the average age of people who are leading a company they're generally old, they're not senior citizens but they're generally old, the 40s, 50s or even older, a lot of these people don't know that much about social media they don't know how to run ads on Instagram, run ads on snapchat, tik-tok, Facebook, youtube, or google. If you can become an ads expert you can make a lot of money and this is something that you can learn for free.

You don't have to pay for a $2,000 Facebook ads course, you can do this for free looking up youtube videos on how to run facebooks ads maybe pay $10 for some udemy course and you can learn quite a bit by just doing some trial and error, helping companies make money through facebooks ads, through Google ads, youtube ads. 

Start learning it yourself online and start to market those services to companies, you can offer those services for free at first by telling some company something like, look, I'm willing to help you run some ads I'm not going to get paid you the business simply pays for the cost of the ads but I work for free for you because I want to just better myself with this and I think I can really help you out. And start to do some trial and error, start to make some money with it and start to use those businesses as reference points for future businesses in the future. 

2. Drone Pilot

Drone Pilot

If a business wants to do some shooting for maybe they want to do like a tour of their campus or they want to get some really nice commercial shots for a commercial, well, in that case, you can't just fly drones around for commercial purposes in the United States, for the most part, so what you need is a licenses to do that. Businesses are going to have to find a licensed drone pilot to get some drone footage for them, you can become that person. I don't want to downplay it's not something that's very easy to do you do have to become licensed you to have to pass a test.

But you can charge a premium amount of money to help people do this I know multiple real estate agents who will pay people to do a flyover of the property and get some pictures and videos of the house or the property that they're selling and that's something that you could do to make some money.

3. Charge Electric Scooters

Charge Electric Scooters

Not necessarily a business idea this is the only one on here that's really not like a specific business but it's still one that I think is something that you could certainly explore and do on the weekends, do just from time to time if you want some extra money for vacation or you want to get some Christmas presents for some people and you want some extra cash. Then I would consider charging electric scooters.

If you don't live in a city this might not apply to you as much but you can get paid a few dollars per scooter to charge these. One thing I want to caution you on this and the reason why it's not really a business is because you're in the hands of these scooter companies, you don't know the future, you don't know if these scooters are going to be around forever or how much they're going to be paying in the future, so because of that it's not something you can plan off of long term, but just kind of like this gig that you can do on the side to make some money.

4. Elections


This one you don't really hear of it very often but it's something that I made enough money on to essentially pay for a good portion of my freshman year of college which was making money off of the election.

This was a situation where the 2016 election, let's not get political here, but I think a lot of people weren't really big fans of either candidate as least, I mean in the United States, you can apply this to most places in the world but in the United States a lot of people weren't a big fans either candidate I found myself in that position, so I said, you know what? I'm not sure who's going to win this election but I want to make sure that I win in some way because I feel like I might lose either way because I'm not a big fan of either candidate.

I ended up monetizing the election by selling things that were closely related to these candidates without actually infringing upon any copyrights, there's a lot of different political bumper stickers that I was selling that weren't just political logos but things that you can use that are general saying or terms that you can throw on bumper stickers that you can make money on. 

I was selling those on eBay and I was selling a good bit amount I think I was doing over a $100 a day in profit from bumper stickers for what was taking me about 30 minutes a day to just slap some labels on some envelopes and mail them out. You can make t-shirts, you can make different things but I want to caution you on something, don't infringe upon copyrights, you can't just take somebody's campaign logo to slap it on a t-shirt and start selling it everywhere you're probably going to get sued for that don't do that.

Just find a way to do something without actually using copyrighted materials. The 2020 elections are coming up and if you're not in American you probably have an election cycle as well where you can find a way to monetize it.

5. Build Funnels

Email marketing

The best way to explain this is especially when you look at education businesses lets say people who are selling online courses or some other type of digital product, to be honest, about 90% of courses that are sold online like$2,000 showing you how to make a course are really not worth it. But there are ones that are worth it, what you can do in this case is not to sell an online yourself but rather to build funnels for people who are selling digital products.

I have a couple of friends who do this and they're making a lot of money off of this, when we talk about funnels what we're talking here is essentially you're going to help businesses bring in emails. Help them collect emails and then sell them a product, which then you can lead them to another product, and essentially creates this funnels where you're funneling these people in just from an email where they enter their email address and suddenly they're getting pitched all these things and some people get spammed with it a lot.

But honestly, it really does help businesses and they're willing to pay a lot of money, we're talking about thousands of dollars per month to help them with their funnels. 

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to do this there definitely a lot of skill but it's stuff you can just learn over time, learning how to do this and collect emails and send out these emails and build these autoresponders and just work with businesses to make a lot of money. They'll be happy to pay you a lot of money if you're pulling in an extra $20,000 for thems per month and you're going to take $4,000 from that they're not going to mind they're still making $16,000 in a lot of cases.

6. Screen Printing

Screen Printing

To give you prime example here, let's look at college campuses, there are so many clubs at college and they need somebody to print these shits for them where they bring out new shirt every month for their clubs, events, or maybe sororities or fraternities and they need these shirts made, you can do screen printing where you essentially just printing on a t-shirt or on clothing and selling it to this college student in the clubs and organization not only that but churches, schools, you can sell them to different community events.

It's something you can set up in your basement, in your garage, you will want to have some equipment it might cost you a couple thousand dollar to get started but then you can just do some guerrilla marketing around college campuses to start to gain some clients and start to get your name out there. 

7. Build Chatbots For Company Website

Build Chatbots For Company Website

You don't have to be a genius to do this it can still be difficult I don't want to downplay it but it's something that you could look into and that is by helping companies with their websites to have these chat Bots. When you go onto a website today and you have a question but you're not sure who's going to answer the question but then you have the little bar that pops up on the side where it's essentially this computer that you're talking to that helps you with your questions.

A lot of companies have this but still today in 2020 a lot of companies don't have this option you can pitch this to businesses tell them that you can build a chatbot where interested clients, interested customers can talk to this bots that you're able to set up for them and it's very lucrative there's a lot of money in this.


It's not going to be just clicking a button all day and making a lot of money I think the problem with a lot of these blog posts that I see about business ideas or making money, they talk about how to make a $100 an hour by clicking a button. But the truth is, you have to do something that most people aren't willing to do or that most people aren't able to think about and that's how you're going to make more money. You will always get paid for what you worth. And if you're just clicking a button for online surveys you're not going to make $100 an hour there's some type of scam behind it and you'll end up really not wining.

A lot of this business idea in this article does take skill not something you can just walk in and start doing but if anybody can do it then you would be getting paid a lot less. 

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