Monday, 9 December 2019

8 Side Hustles Ideas To Make $8,000 A Month

In today's article I'm going to share with you 8 different side hustles that you can do, most of these are at any age if there are any particular requirements I will leave that on this page. but I don't want you to feel you're not capable of doing any of these things, you don't need a degree for any of these side hustle, you just have to desire to learn new skills and put yourself out there. None of these things are going to be easy and I want you to know that if you want to reach a certain level in your life, you have to put the work in. Literally, if you put the work in and dedicate time and invest time into yourself and create a different side hustle, you will reach the goals that you want to reach. I commend you to try at least 3 different side hustles from this article. A lot of this side hustle are things that you can do in your own free time so if you cut out the time that you're watching Netflix, the time that you're playing a game, etc. And put the time in for yourself, you will be able to reach the next level that you want to reach.

Let Get Started

1. Youtube Ad Revenue

This is an amazing side hustle because there are so many different things that can do on youtube. Youtube is an amazing source of income and Youtube is so diverse, literally, you could go on Youtube and make videos on anything that you have a passion for. There are people that make gaming videos, movie reviews, or people that do relationship vlogs, college vlogs, business vlogs. There are so many different Youtube video ideas that you can do. You can make videos on stuff that you like watching videos on, you can create youtube channel on anything that you find interesting, there are so many different audiences on Youtube and you'll be surprised at how many people will love what you decide to film. My brother started his youtube channel using his iPhone 6, that just goes to show that you don't need a $500 camera, you don't need a lighting system, final cut Pro, any of that stuff, to be successful on Youtube. Because my brother was filming on his iPhone, editing on his iPhone when he first started.

2. Started A Business

You don't need much to start a business but you definitely have to put some money inside so you can mix and match some of these side hustles and start something, save some of the money to start a business or start a youtube channel and save some of that money to start a business or any of the other side hustles. But you do want to invest in yourself and I feel like starting a business is honestly one of the best ways. You can sell something that you love, even if there's anything that you're consistently buying, something that you buy every year, something that you genuinely love, you can sell it, but figure out how you're able to mass-produce it and sell it on your own website.

3. Teach A skill

There are so many different things that you can do, all you have to do is be willing to learn a new skill so you are able to master it and then obviously sell your services in the future. Aside from learning a new skill, you can teach people skills. Anything that you were able to learn you can then teach. I basically teaching somebody a skill for however much you decide to charge them for and I think that's an amazing side hustle. That's what I'm doing as well, I learned how to started a business, I was able to be proficient in it I've made a lot of money and I feel like I'm in the position to be able to teach people and now I'm able to sell my services and make money on the side from doing that as well, so that's going to be another side hustle for me.

4. Forex Trading

I know there's been a lot of skepticism behind Forex but it's definitely very legit, it's become very popular recently because of the different income streams that are underneath forex right now.  There are multiple different ways to make money off of forex trading depending on how you go about it. I don't want to tell you that forex is easy because it's not, it's definitely a skill that you have to learn and it takes years for people to master. 

5. Delivery Services

If you have a car you have so much access to different ways to make money, there're upbeat, doordash, there's amazon flex you're able to go amazon warehouse and deliver stuff that is in your area.  If you know uber eats or doordash, you basically pick up meals from different restaurants and send it to people that order their meals on uber eat or doordash, and you just deliver to their house. I like this idea better than uber itself because you don't have to have somebody in your car, you don't really have to interact with people as much, you later just pick up the food, drop it off to its location and that's it.

6. Social Media Marketing Agency

This has become very popular as social media has become very important in business structures. You can set up your own social media marketing agency where you basically just go to local businesses around you and help them with their social media, and businesses set aside money for stuff like this. Businesses have a set amount of money that they use for Facebook ads, Instagram ads, just taking pictures for their social media and posting it and making sure that you generate an audience towards their social media pages and you can get paid for that. 

I will not say it's easy it's definitely something that you have to take time out to learn, but you don't have to go to school for this, you can learn a lot of this stuff online on how to generate sales from ads on Facebook and Instagram. This can help you with your own business. For example, you can go to local pizzeria, local gym, any local businesses and offer to help them with their social media pages and they'll pay you thousands of dollars. A lot of these businesses have a lot of money to spend on social media and it might not seem like it's a hard task for you because you're on social medial probably every day, but a lot of these businesses are run by older people that are not as proficient on social media. 

7. Q Kids

teaching kids online on how to speak English, and it's not hard there are kids in different countries that are trying to learn English and they pay you $18 an hour, $12 an hour, that's if you're willing to sacrifice specific times for a certain amount of money. If you're interested you can set your own time, you can say that you're only free on these weekends and schedule in between your class schedules, in between your work schedules, and that'll just give you extra money on the side every week. And I know that do pay weekly which is really good.

8. Transcriptionist

This is where a company will pay you or an organization will pay you to just type things out. You listen to an audio or video file and you'll just be required to type out everything you hear. It might be a tedious task for people that don't enjoy typing but it's definitely a very good income stream.


Those side hustles are not really difficult if you put some hard work into it, and to be honest, I have done some of this side hustle in the past and I'm still doing some of them right now. 

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