Saturday, 9 November 2019

9 High Paying Side Hustles You Can Start (2020)

Today I will be giving you 9 side hustle that you can start right now. This article not going to talk about surveys that pay you $0.05 for an hour of your life. It's also not going to talk about a lot of things that are easily accessible and found on the Internet like Airbnb renting. These 9 side hustles will hopefully be things that you haven't heard of before and you can get into and most of them. Make a good amount of money per hour to help you bring some extra income.

Let's Get Started

1. Show Around

This one is a little hard because you don't make your schedule 100% because you have to see when people need you and if you're available you would do it, and you charge whatever rate you want to charge just to show people around your city. If you are a people person and you want to expand your network, you want to meet people, show around is the side gig for you.

2. Carvertise

They wrap your car or put like an advertisement on your car. It comes off, it doesn't damage your car at all, you might just look a little tacky, I guess if that bothers you, and they pay you weekly to drive around, live your normal life, and have the advertisement on your car. If you are looking for some quick money and you have a car and you don't really care that it has advertisements looking like a Nascar, then Carvertise is a really good way to make some quick money. You can make like $750 a month.

3. Rover and Sitter City

Rover is for a dog walk and dog sitting. And sitter city has a similar platform for pets, it's not just dogs, cats, and whatever pet that you need to take care of. My friend who is in Brookly she making $900 a month hanging around with dogs. If you live in a good area that demands it, sitter city and rover are the apps for you to use.

4. Shipt

These are delivery services where you essentially bring something to someone and get paid to do so. With Shipt, you go to the grocery store and you pick up whatever was requested by the person who requested it, and you deliver it to their home. You can do it before work, after work, on weekends, when you're off. Uber eats, door dahs, post mates, Grubhub, are basics, but you also want to check in to ship.

5. Upwork

What I like about Upwork with a little different about Upwork than counterparts like Taskrabbit or handy, Upwork, you put your skill or whatever you're good at to work. You can have a team that works with you, it can be community plumbing, web development, virtual assistant, it could be painting, it could be all these different tasks and things that you are capable of doing. You set your price, set the days you're available to work, that's it, you can start to make extra money. You do have to do a background check on Upwork, I think it's a $45 background check that you pay for yourself, once that background check clears which it will, as long as you don't have any fraud or violent penalties against you, you should be fine.

6. Amazon Flex: 

Now available in a lot more cities in the US. You need to check to see if it's available in your city. With amazon flex, you take a package and you deliver it from amazon to a home, it's like you're the prime delivery or the same day delivery. You are backed by Amazon, so people will trust you and it's fairly safe. You have to also do a background check with amazon flex.

7. Fiverr

A lot of people sleep on Fiverr, I don't know why, I was making about $300 to $400 a month on Fiverr when I first started, and I was working as a virtual assistant and a social media manager. The reason why I stop using Fiverr is that my life just got busy and I didn't have the time to sit and do good work for the clients that I had. You need to make a really good profile, set your own prices, what your skills are, Fiverr usually is for digital skills were as opposed to Upwork, it's more manual things that you can do and web development as well. But Fiverr is more of the ecumene virtual assistant, I can draw you something, I could do artwork, I could do graphic design, if those are the things that you know you're good at, Fiverr might be a better route for you to take and you can have variants price like $5 an hour or $50 hour.

8. Take Lessons

Whatever you're good at, whatever you know how to do, and it doesn't have to be like, I know math, or I know how to color. It is anything you can think of, you can be as creative as you want because there will be people out there that want to know how to do what it is you can do. You connect with people through this website and you teach them the skills. Let's say I'm good at sticking pencils, I would teach someone how to stick pencils.

9 Pleio: 

What you do is you call senior citizens or older people and you remind them to take their medication. You have to go through a background check, it'll cost you $45, I think that's usually cost for a background check.

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