Monday, 11 November 2019

15 Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money as a College Student

Today I got 15 ideas to make money on the side for college students. Some of them exchanging your time for money and others are passive income routes. There is no mention of surveys, surveys in my opinion not worth it. I am going to start with 5 passive income routes because these are my favorite.

Below are 5 Passive income Side Hustle

1. Sell Last Semesters Study Notes

If you are a college or university student, you can actually sell your notes online. I did this after high school, I sold my HSC notes, there are heaps of websites that act as a middleman for you to sell your notes to them and they sell them to other people. Go to Google and type in "how to sell study notes Australia" add your own country. This is a passive income stream because every time someone buys your notes, you get some money.

2. Sell Designs To Canva

If you're a little bit artsy and you can draw, you can sell your design to canvas. Canva is a website for making the graphic design really easy and I was designing an invitation for a friend the other day, I end up buying one of their designs, it's only $2. And then I thought, for that person, that's a passive income that comes in whenever someone buys the design. Drawing designs would actually be so easy I have an app on my phone called the Adobe Illustrator app, and you can just draw on your phone, so simple, or if you got a graphics tablet, you can draw on your computer.

3. Design And Sell T-shits

There's a website that I came across called and you can upload your design and then set a limit of how many shirts you want to sell, you choose how much profit you want and then you launch your campaign, and you set a minimum number of shirts that you would like to sell and when you reach that minimum number, the shirts will be shipped out, you'll get your get money. It's very simple. It's the kind of thing that you can just set-up, and leaves, and the money will start coming in. There are heaps of different websites you can choose, a bonfire is just the one that I used before.

3. Make An Ebook

The simple one to do is a recipe ebook, and I think the key here is to find something specific, it could be a specific diet like raw vegan, paleo, or baking recipes for celiacs who go to the gym. Bulk recipes that are easy to make for childcare centers. Because you want something that's allergy-friendly, not too spicy and the recipe can be made in bulk and it's quick to make, do you see what I'm getting out here? Like something very specific for a specific targeted audience. It doesn't have to be a recipe ebook, you can write about anything you know. 

5. Invest In The Share Market

There is a certain amount of risk involved, but it depends, you can choose how risky you want to go, you can choose to invest in companies that are riskier and there's a potential for quick growth. Or you can choose to invest in something that's going to be slow steady growth and it's like the safe route and that's good for long term investing.

The Next Idea Below Are Not Passive Income

They're more of an exchanging your time for money


I heard about it and thought it would be worthwhile including in this article. It's called rent a friend and some people just want someone to hang out with. This is a great way to improve your social skills and earn a little bit of money on the side. People will just hire you out as a friend.

7. Taskrabbit

There's this app called TaskRabbit and it basically will be just people need who tasks done, like picking up dry cleaning, calling customer service and waiting on hold for 15 minutes, or creating an Excel spreadsheet. It's just really simple tasks that you can do for a little bit of cash.

8. Uber Driving

If you have your full license and a fairly new car then you can just uber drive when you need a bit of extra money.

9. Designated Driver

If you've got a car or if you've got a friend who has a car that they're willing to let you use. This is good if you live on the same campuses with the people because you can be the designated driver, you can agree to pick these people up at the same time, from the same place, drive them home, you both trust each other, you bring them some tissues and baby wipes, bring some water bottles, maybe you charge $5 to $10 ahead. Once people on campus know that you're offering this, you'll have more business than you can handle.

10. Braid Hair At a Market Stall

If you can braid hair, you're reasonably good at it, just sit down, put up a sign, "braiding hair this much money" however much you charge and this is the sort of thing that I think would do really well at a local market. 

11. Modeling

The option for modeling is more varied than you might imagine, you can be a fit model, which means, if you have standard height and weight for a certain size, let say you're exactly a size 4 or a size 8, then fashion designers love you. All you have to do is stand there while they take measurements and fit clothes to your body and you're like the standard for that size. I actually see this all the time at my university, there are little posters like "fashion design students are looking for a fit model if you have these measurements and this height, call this number". And they pay really well.

I'm sure that they usually need someone from every size group so it doesn't matter what size you are, they'll work with you. You can also go on to model which is like a freelance modeling website, set up a little profile, put some photos of yourself, and a photographer might hire you for some modeling work.

12. Digitize People Photo Albums

This involves getting all their old photo albums and scanning them and organizing them by year. It's the sort of task that a lot of people want to do but they don't have the time to do them themselves. If you have a standard printer, scanner, that's all you need, you can charge per hour or per photo album.

13. Write For Magazines

I did this when I was about 13 to 14 years, and it made me $50 to $100 every time I did it. The magazine I wrote for was Take5, I write book reviews and movie reviews because I was a huge bookworm. If you've got a really interesting life story, you can write an article. 

14. House-sitting or Pet Sitting For People While They're on Holiday.

There's a website called petsonme, you can just register and leave your details there, and when someone wants you to pets sit for them, they will contact you. It's a really excellent option if you're a university student and you just want to have something that's not too intense because pet sitting involves going to the house. If you are staying at the house, you can just work on your assignment, otherwise, just drop in and feed them, have a little play with them. Sometimes this is paid, sometimes it's not if the accommodation is included.

15. Dog Walking or Grooming

I have a friend who does dog walking and it seems like the best job ever, if you like dogs. Basically, you can just go to a park and run around with the dogs which are good because it's like exercise for yourself as well. You can set your own pay depending on how much you do. Do you just take them for a walk, do you take them to an off-leash playground and throw a bowl for them, do you include grooming as well, and it's good because you can choose how much work you want to take on.

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