Sunday, 6 October 2019

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance For First Time and New Drivers

Cheap Car Insurance

I am going to be giving you some tips on how to get cheap car insurance for the first time you get your car insured. I am also going to answer, is a black box worth it, I mean, do you need a black box? Should you get a black box.

Let's Get Started

1. Get An Insurance Friendly Car

I think the first and the most important thing to answer is to make sure you get an insurance friendly car. That would be a car with a small engine, a car that isn't too old but also isn't brand new, and one that is not really like a super expensive.

That is the main point to consider when buying your first car because the type of car you have really does contribute to how much your insurance is going to be. If you've got an insurance friendly car, then you are more likely to get cheaper insurance

2. Look At Price Comparison Websites

There are so many out there and they help you look at the guideline of what the prices will be when insuring your car, it's just a tip to have a look at those. Also, check out some insurance brokers, I actually got mine my first car insurance from an insurance broker. They got me the best deal that they could possibly find.

3. Add Someone with Driving Experience To Your Insurance Premium

Add someone with lots of driving experience and someone who doesn't have that many claims or any recent claims if possible on to your insurance premiums, whether that be a parent, a career, a partner, someone like that, that can help to bring the price of your insurance down.

4. Try Not To Use Your Car For Work

Because obviously the more you drive your car or the dangerous conditions like rush hours, both ways to work and from work, driving to work does add to the cost of your insurance policy. Because they know that you are driving in more dangerous conditions.

5. Try And Reduce Your Mileage

The more you are going to be on the road, the more they are going to charge you because you are more at risk of a crash.

6. Small Lifestyle Changes Can Help To Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper

The first one being rather than parking your car on the road. Park it on your drive, if you got one or in a garage if you've got one.

The Black Box

Some companies call it a telematics box. I actually did have a black box for my first year of driving and honestly, it wasn't that bad at all. It monitored my speed, my braking, my corner rind, but honestly it saves me about $200 to the cheapest non-black box policy. And it actually didn't hinder my driving experience at all.

I didn't have any curfew, I didn't have any times where it was dangerous for me to drive at certain times like I have known people with the black to not be allowed to drive between 10:00pm. And 6:00 am. 

Sometimes you need to drive between those hours, so, I didn't have anything like that. Literally, all I have to do was drive safely, if I drive safely, I would get good marks out of 100 and that ways my insurance would actually go down. Each quarter, my insurance got cheaper because I drove well.

It's important to say if you drive badly your insurance is going to go up and also you might actually even get taken off of the policy.

It's definitely worth looking into a black box, look into the conditions of the black box with the company that you are going for, but the one that I had wasn't limiting, I mean, sometimes it was painful going at 20 miles per hour, like, cars overtaking you, cars coming right up behind you cause Toothing you.

But it's got to be done, it is the law technically, so, it is not that bad. So, if it can help you get cheaper insurance why not go for a black box.

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