Thursday, 3 October 2019

How to File For Bankruptcy Chapter 7 for Free

How to File For Bankruptcy Chapter 7 for Free

I will be answering your question, how to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy for free. Quick note, before you file for bankruptcy I highly recommend that you do at least consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer so that you can understand and learn about all the liabilities and issues that would concern in particular circumstances. 

To answer your question about how you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy for free.

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You can do it either with or without a lawyer, you would file your bankruptcy paper with the court, you can obtain the floors either by directly going to the bankruptcy court and you can get the former's for free there or you can do a search for the bankruptcy courts website in your jurisdiction and on that bankruptcy court website you will find a forms tab where you can pull down all the forms that you need to file a chapter 7 case.

  • Now, if you want to file your case for free without any filing fees, simply because you can't afford it. Then there is a form that you can file with the court, petitioning the court and requesting that they waive that fee and the waiver of that fee is on a needs basis, so, the form will show you what you need to present to the court for the court to consider whether or not to waive the filing fee

If you qualify then the court will waive the filing fee, you will not have to pay it. Again you can do this on your own by going to the court, getting the form or going on the courts website and getting the forms or you can do it through a bankruptcy lawyer who can help you with filing necessary forms to be able to file your bankruptcy case as well as to request to have your fees waived.

I hope you find this information helpful

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