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9 Things To Stop Paying For To Save Money

9 Things To Stop Paying For To Save Money

In this article, we are going to talk about 9 things you should stop paying money for. If you add all the savings that the average reader would save by not spending money on these 9 things, what you will find is that it would be a saving of probably many thousands of dollars a year.

If you want to see how much money you could be saving keep reading.

As we go through these 9 different items I'm going to put links down at the end of this article, so if you want to find out any more information or if you actually need the URL of any of the things that we mentioned, it will be down at the end of this article. All those links will be there for you so you can check those out

Let's go to these 9 things you should stop spending money on.

I would say, you probably know a couple of these because you are financially savvy person if you are reading this, you care about your finances, so you might know a few of them, but focus on the ones that you do not know and just remember one idea that you implement could save you a whole lot of money and really improve your financial life, so just one idea that you run with and execute, and take action on, can make a big difference.

1. Credit Card Interest

If you are paying credit card interest if you are carrying a balance on your credit card? You are paying for something that you should not be paying for.

I understand if you are in a situation you can't immediately pay it off because you don't have the cash available to pay off your credit card balance, this is definitely something that could save you a whole lot of money and really none of us should be spending any money on.

2. Pets

If you don't know anything about pets, pets are very expensive, even if you have small pets. I am not trying to convince you to get rid of your pet, I don't necessarily think that is a good idea, but if you are on the fence about buying a pet, you are considering getting a pet, then this is something you should think about.

There are a handful of websites you go to where you could become a pet sitter and you could maybe pets sit for a weekend or whole week. This might be the fix that you need if you are feeling like you want a pet or it might convince you that you absolutely do not want a pet.

But either way what is great about this is that you actually make money in the process, so you don't have to pay money but you make money. And you might be able to satisfy that craving that you are looking for with one of those little animals.

3. Cable

Are you still using a cable? Please tell me you are not using cable, come on, what year is it, okay maybe you didn't know but let me enlighten you, you could save a whole lot of money by getting rid of cable and switching to a service like Sling or Hulu, and you should be able to watch most of the shows you are trying to watch if not all of them, should be able to get a good amount of your sports and there are ways to work around the cable thing and save a lot of money.

4. Personal Finance Software

I am a financial guy, that is what we do on this site, we help people with their money and so this is my would, but anyway there is a lot of personal finance stuff were out there where you can spend a lot of money on it. And there is actually a tool that is better than all of them, in my opinion, and it is completely free

It's called personalcapital and they just have an amazing suite of financial tools that are all in there for free, that is one of the things that we really shouldn't be paying for because it's just so good.

5. Your Car

I am honestly not planning on getting rid of it, but I have thought about it, with Lyft and Uber being available, there is a lot of options, a lot of ways to get to places. And even if you are not in the city, I mean, Lyft and Uber are going far out and they are becoming viable options to get where you need to do.

The enticing thing about it is that owning a car is really expenses, for most of us it's probably our second biggest expenses next to rent or homeownership expenses. That is something that we could eliminate, we could save a whole lot of money.

6. Books

Some of you may remember this old place called the library and the library actually has free books there. And you can actually get ebooks there for free, you can get audiobooks for free, you can even get good old paper books for free, and there is this cool Google Chrome extension that when it's running and you are on Amazon's website, it will search your local library database to see if a book is available.

7. Tax Preparation

Every year we have to file taxes and none of us like doing it, but it's part of what we need to do but for the last few years I have noticed that TurboTax has a cool program where they will file your taxes for free. Federal and state completely for free.

There are restrictions, you have to have income qualifications and you have to be filing a simple return, but the point is that a lot of people can actually do this for free without having to pay. When tax time rolls around be sure to check that out

8. Credit Report

There are a lot of places that you can get charge for checking your credit report. But there are some free places and I have already written about that in those articles below

Read: How To Check Your Annual Credit Report Online For Free

That is definitely something that we shouldn't be paying money for either.

9. Subscriptions You Don't Use

In my case I have been using the cable alternatives for a long time I were probably going on to a decade and as a result I had a handful of these different subscriptions, I did have a Sling, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, I noticed I were not really watching any shows on there and I was wasting money on some of them.

I went through and just cut out all the ones that I wasn't using very much and saved myself like $50 a month, really simple, and this might not necessarily be TV stuff, but like amazon prime, if you are not getting your money's worth out of it, then cancel it, save yourself the money.


Free Turbotax:



Library Chrome Extention:

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