Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Real Estate Agent - Pros and Cons

I've gotten a lot of people who have asked me to write an article highlighting the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. Now, I want to start with the cons, because this is typically what most people will first come across

Cons 1. Negative Criticism

You will voice to somebody say hey I am thinking about being a real estate agent and they will negatively pour out the doubt or insecurities, no one will ever tell you to go for it, that you will be successful. Everyone's will be like "you, being a real estate agent" get out of here. A lot of people who never done it or have failed will tell you to get out of here, you'll never going to hear something negative from somebody who's done it and actually been on the other side of success when it comes to doing something entrepreneurial or real estate. You will be doubted, you will be told all of the possibilities or negative possibilities in particular about being a realtor

You are going to being told you can't do it, you are too young, blah blah blah, whatever it is, so be ready and that is the con, you will face a lot of criticism and negative criticism because it is a career. unfortunately where the majority of people do become a statistic and they fail. That is just the facts, if you look it up I think it's 87% of realtor within their first 2 years are out of the business, there is a reason the other 13% are still there, now, out of that 13% only a small percentage are actually really successful.

Cons 2. Easy To Get In.

This is also a con because you are going to be surrounded by people who are average or mediocre and whose advice will not be the best, so I am going to heed you with this warning and say make sure that you follow advice from the right people.

Cons 3. You Are An Independent Contractor

For a lot of people that work against them, "here is why" you suddenly get into this career where you don't have a boss or somebody yelling down your throat, you don't have to clock in a 9-to-5 setting. So, some people are like well, that is great, I have freedoms, I can do anything I want. The majority of people take that the wrong way and instead of actually buckling down and working more, they end up working less.

Cons 4. Lack Of Proper Training.

When you get a regular 9-to-5 job where you go to the special section or special career with a doctor, engineer, lawyer, whatever, you will receive a certain amount of formal training whether from your company or some sort of Avenue. That is the lack of real estate. But with that being said, we are now in a different area now, you can come to this site and learn about real estate for free or go to youtube and few other sources and get a ton of free training.

Here come the Pro

Pro 1. The Barrier Entry Is Very Low

The label real estate is an easy job, people look at it and they think it's easy, yeah, it is a direct sales job you have to talk to people and clients, but that is not the way it's packed up and sold. Is package up as an easy job, "but it's not" if you get into the business that cold hard reality is going to slap you in the face. You will be seeing a million dollar listing and some people just get on the phone and they negotiate and then they make thousands of dollars, you'll ask yourself a question, what is going on here? What I am doing wrong?

Pro 2. You Can Change Your Life In 6 Month

You can climb any kind of corporate ladder, you can just go straight to the top based on your production, so if your product you get paid, if you work on your skills and you make your learning curve shrink, and you start getting everything quickly and you can start getting sales and working hard, you can literally change your life in 6 months or a year guaranteed. There are few other avenues on this planet right now and it's a little bit easier with the internet, however, there are few careers that you can get into and have that kind of success right away.

Pro 3. You Have To Learn At Least Basic Sale Skills

Do you think it's just about persuading people, no, a lot of people will have a difficult time making a decision, but with proper persuasion techniques and skill, you can get them out of their own way, help them make a decision and when they benefit, you also benefit? Nothing sweeter than that, and it's a skill that very few people have.

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