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How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance In The UK For New & Younger Drivers

How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance In The UK For New & Younger Drivers

I have known people who paid thousands of pounds for their first year driving. So today I am going to give you a few tips on how to get your insurance down as much as possible as a new and younger driver between 18 and 24, around about that age.

This can apply to anyone as well so if you are slightly older and you have just started driving then these tips could help you out too.

Let Get Started

Insurance in the UK is just one of those necessities that you are going to need to sort, it's illegal not to have it and just one of those things that protect your back if someone else crashes into you, it's one of those things you need and you just need to get sorted. It's going to be expensive, there is no escaping, it's going to be pricey.

1. Don't Stick To One Comparison Website

One of the things that I recommend to you would be comparison website when it comes to insurance, but don't just use one, uses multiple versions of comparison websites, some example, Moneysupermarket, compare them with, all those websites in the UK combine them up and see the best prices.

Search around, go direct, you are going to have to put some legwork looking for this especially if you on the best deal. It's going to take a while and you are going to have to get used to the system, because if you go in blind, then that is where the insurance companies can really screw you

Take a while, do your research and use as many websites as you can to get the best price.

2. Prices Can Go Up Slowly If You Come Back To The Same Website Regularly.

One word of warning when using comparisons websites is that if you keep coming back to check prices the price can go up because it knows how many times you've checked and this could be between 50 pounds to 100 pounds and up.

Get a program like CCleaner and wipe your cookies, cache, history, everything from your browser every time you come back to do a search, you can even create a new account on the website, because like airline prices they do go up every time you check, so refresh with the browser and do fresh searches because they do screw you like that.

3. Unusual Cars - Not Performace Cars - May Sometimes Be Cheaper To Insure " Than First Time Buyers" Cars.

An interesting tip is that going for more unusual cars may occasionally be cheaper than your standard first car. The normal first car is something like a 1.2 liter, a 1 liter Corsa, fiestas, so go for unusual engine sizes, stick to the unusual but not performance engine sizes.

Go for a car that you think would be crashed less and has a better history, try and find an unusual engine size something that not many first-time buyers will buy and that can occasionally bring the price down. 

4. Only For "Black Box/Telematics" Insurance If Your Driving Style Suits!

A lot of people ask about black boxes when it comes to insurance and personally, my experience has been good, however, I have gone with Tesco black box for the past 2 years that I have been insured and they run under the company called ensure the box. Not sponsoring them.

I think they've been really good, the price has been really good, I have heard a lot of horror stories about black boxes, it does definitely depend on the company you go with and some really aren't lenient when it comes to speed, harshness of driving, braking hard, cornering hard, driving at weird times, and they will penalize you massively for that.

If you drive at weird times day like early in the morning or late at night, they will send warnings and fines and I have heard of people having insurance canceled, they say doing things like speeding even if it's 5 miles an hour, over a 10 mile an hour, over stuff that in the real world people do, sometimes had their insurance canceled.

Tesco has been awesome and they let drive at weird times they limit your mileage but you pay for more mileage if you run out, say you go either 6,000 to 10,000-mile plan, I go on 6 because I really don't drive that much and they've been fantastic.

If you drive at the weird hour they don't give you more bonus mile which is how they reward you for good driving. But they won't cancel your insurance if you do drives at strange times.

If you have your insurance canceled, the future insurance that you are tried to get will go up a shit-ton, so be careful when you get a black box.

You can save yourself a lot of money or cost yourself a lot of money with black boxes. It depends as well how nice of a driver you are, how gentle of a driver you are, if you are someone who never speeds, you are very smooth and you are just relaxed with your driving style then yeah sure go for any black box you fancy, It would save you a lot of money if you are very relaxed driving.

If you are a higher speed driving, don't even touch black boxes because they will screw you over.

5. Add Responsible Drivers As Extra Drivers 

A tip that will work with some insurance companies too is adding responsible drivers on top of your insurance. If you have yourself down as the main driver and I'd say your mum and your dad on top of that or a much older sibling who's been driving for a long time, that can on certain insurance companies bring the price down

For example, I added my mom and dad on top of my insurance, so I am the main driver and my mom and dad can drive my car on top of the insurance. That can bring the price down.

6. Different Job Description Have Different Prices

Your job description will affect the prices of your insurance by a fair amount in some cases, for example, someone who's a librarian will pay less than someone who's under the category of dancer or photographer, because of the risk that the insurance companies set for them

It depends on the company but you will pay more for some companies. Don't lie because they will find out but try it and find a separate description for your job titles, you might have different ways of describing your job which could bring down the price.

Alright, that is it for car insurances, hopefully, you learn something.

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