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How To Find a Lawyer To Take Your Case For Free

How To Find a Lawyer To Take Your Case For Free

In this article, I want to talk about what you can do if you need an attorney but you don't have any money to pay them. I think everyone knows about the public defender, they have a constitutional right to counsel when you are being charged with a crime, and that is to avoid someone being denied their due process.

Because an individual can't possibly know all of the things that a lawyer knows and can't possibly know all the rule such as to provide themselves with a fair and proper defense, so when your liberties involved, which means you might be locked up in jail if you can't afford an attorney.

One will be appointed for you by the court, so that is in a criminal situation, they do not have the same protection when it is a civil matter and a civil matter is anytime someone is suing you or you need to sue someone else to enforce an obligation, to exercise or get equity or fairness out of a situation where to get money or be charged with paying someone money.

Those are all civil actions and you don't automatically get an attorney provided for you, whoever there are ways to get  representation when you have limited or no means to pay for it and here are some of those suggestions

Now, there may be additional ones based upon where you live, so hopefully, these suggestions will get you thinking if you investigate and you don't have one of these which I know you have one of these avenues.

You may just need somebody to help you find the exact right place but I know one of these will help you but there may be additional societies or associations or people that hold themselves out to do this type of work.

Let Get Started

1. Legal Aid

Legal aid are similar to public defender's office but it is for a civil matter, they have requirements on what your income is and they also as far as whether they consider you being able to pay. There is a difference between I don't want to pay for an attorney versus I really can't afford it. To have a way to check and see if you fit within their requirements to qualify to be someone who can receive legal aid which is an attorney on a limited amount or for free

You need to be able to disclose to them what the matter is about, and even if you can't pay for an attorney, if your action is something where you are going to get a lot of money then they won't take it on for the reason.

There are attorneys who will take matters on a contingency fee basis, which is they will take a percentage of what the recovery is, but you only have to pay for expenses until that point and if you do not recover, then you don't owe them anything.

2. Law Schools

If there is a law school in the state which I think almost every state at least has one, contact that law school. It's going to depend upon how far you are geographical to them, so if they're too far away for a student to get to you then they might not offer this service to your area but they might offer it in the vicinity right around the law school.

Many law schools have what you would call a legal clinic and that is where student with the supervision of a professor who's a lawyer will take on certain types of cases, They choose the cases by subject matter and they would take them every year, so if you have a particular issue that you want to bring to court then you might go ahead and send this in to them because you might have a number of years that you're able to pursue this and so if it doesn't come up this time it might come up next time and they can take it on

With the supervision of their professor who's an attorney, the student would do the work for you. They also choose the cases to have a variety so they won't do all of the same kind of case but they will do a different variety, so you might ask them, 

  1. Are they full? 
  2. What availability do they have? 
  3. When will they be able to start it? 
  4. And what types of cases are they looking for? 

and if they already have one or two of your kind, you can leave it there to get first to make sure that you'll get picked next time. The law schools are another option for you.

3. Local Bar Association

Every community has a Bar Association at least on the county or parish level, and you can contact their office and ask them about any pro bono which means for free project that they have going, or if they have a list of attorney who will accept cases on a pro bono bases and again be able to tell them what it's about, because that will help them decide whether they have something that might match up with you and they can then ask you questions and try to make the right fit.

4. Large Law Firm

Then large law firms will often have a person who will do pro bono for the firm generally, they want to show goodwill to the community they want to show that they are participating in community outreach, so contact a large law firm in your area and ask them if they have an inside pro bono attorney who can help you and that might get you where you need to go.


Finally, you've exhausted all of these options and you've looked in your local directory and you've asked around, ask an attorney do you know somebody who knows an attorney or do you know an attorney. It doesn't have to be someone who is working in the area that you need an attorney to help you in.

But they will listen to you and help you find a connection to someone who depending upon what is involved and how much time it takes, who might step up and help you.

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