Friday, 2 August 2019

How To Come Up With New Business Ideas

Today's article is going to show you 4 Steps to come up with a good business idea. If you want to start your business, you want to be an entrepreneur but not sure what you want to do. Or what you should do to make your impact in the world, I will show you 4 steps and questions to ask yourself and some examples of what you could do.

1. What Are You Good At?

You may want to solve world hunger, or you may want to build the next great space ship, but are your skill really fit for doing something like that or putting together a team to do something like that. you need to know what you are good at.  a couple article that I would actually recommend to you for figuring this out is 4 Ways to Figure Out What You're Good at (Not Just What You're passionate About) the thing about passion is, your passion will change. What I come to learn from my own experience is that your passion can be a great fill for a few years, but then as you educate yourself more, you get more experience in a different thing, as you meet different people along the way you become passionate about other things. As you see more problems arise, as you become influenced by other factors that you wouldn't influence by before, you can't just pursue your passion because that would always be changing, and as a business, you want to be there for long. Figuring out what you good at is very important.

  • What Skills Have Helped You Thrive?

In other words, what have you done successfully, what kind of hobby did you have, what help you have an edge over other people

  • What Makes You Feel so Strong

In other words, how do you feel when you do something, do you feel in power, do you feel Good, do you feel successful when you do something or do you feel weak, things like that can be an indicator

  • What Made You Stand Out When You Are Little,?

When you are a child everything is very quick and cute because you are not into all politics of life, you are not into all this complicated relationship and decision that you have to make yet, is very clear when you grow up as a child what you might be good at, in the future. For example, if you like to draw you are pretty good as a child or if you are good with math, you are good with numbers,  you learn math very quickly. things like that.

  • What Compliments Do You Tend to Ignore or do You get very Often

Things like that can really help you, I really recommend you to read through that article

2. Where Is There a Need?

If you want to help a billion people, that is the best way to make a billion-dollar. if you want to provide very high quality to people, there are quite different ways to figure out where is a need whether is in the entertainment, whether is in health or money and finance. One person, I would recommend you to study when it comes to figuring out what you should be working on is Elon Musk: How to Build the Future, is an incredible guy who basically came out of school and focusing on 5 different industries. Some of them included energy, is now working on solar, he wants to work in with space travel, he wants to ensure that the human can survive if something happens to heart. He's also afraid of what official intelligent can do, what it could mean if the machine becomes smarter than human, now, he just started recently a company that works on combining machine with a human. I would recommend you to listen to that interview, some of the other things he talks about are just incredible. It called Elon Musk: How to Build the Future on the youtube channel.

Another place that you can find whether are need is by figuring out what common question or what common problem people having, I would recommend going to Another place might even be yahoo answer but I believe Quora in become more popular now and there is a lot of question in all different industry. What question is going unanswered, what need are going unfilled, what industry whether is self-improvement, health or technology, finance? What are people struggling with, what are people wanting, what are people needing. and going to Quora answer question, working on people question, looking at the answer to those questions from others can really give you some perspective.

3. What Kind of Product or Service That you thing is available?

one of the best ways to come up with a business that you are going to stick with and take to the top is finding something that is not available that you really which was, that would really improve your quality of life. that just isn't out there yet or isn't good enough if it's out there. one example of a company that did this is Evernote

Evernote is one of the top note-taking app and platform ever created, and what it does is, it gives you all kinds of ways Brainstorm, get feedback, create a timeline, todo list, takes note of reminding yourself things you have to do just all this way of organizing your life and organizing within your head, and back that up in an app.

Another thing you can do is look at Reddit,

Reddit is a great tool for finding what people are interested in, what people want, what people need, what problem is in the world, what solution could be possible, Brainstorm is a great thing to do on Reddit, and they are subreddit or category for every industry you could ever think of. small and large.

4. What Do You Think Is Trending Going Towards the Future?

What does the trend look like right now, what is rising, what is expected to rise in the future, one way to look at at this is Google Trends. You can look base on a year, base on month. base on the last few days, what going on today, what topic are most popular, what industry is becoming more popular, let's say you wanted to look at business in the united state. You can see what people talking about the most right now, what really on a rise in the last 24ours, the last few days, the last few months and years. Google Trends show you trends and data, that would show you from the most powerful search engine on the internet where people are looking now and the future. Another example of a way to find what the future might look like and what problems may arise in the future is looking at the TED Talks youtube channel, this channel will show you what top influencers and all different of the industry are worrying about or excited about for the future.

Many of this is about what is happening now and what will happen in the future base on data, base on trend something like, what kind of product can be created in the future, where food is going, how will going to provide for the growing heart population and ways technology can help. What will gonna do about clean water, things like that, that could happen in the future that may not be happening now? you might be able to make a greater business out of it.

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