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How To Choose an immigration lawyer & What To Know Before You Hire One

How To Choose an immigration lawyer & What To Know Before You Hire One

Today, I will be sharing with the 10 rules for finding the best immigration attorney for you. This article is very simple and straight forward. So just make sure you keep those things in mind before you hire any immigration lawyers.

Rule 1. Experience 

Immigration laws and procedures are complex and ever-changing, you may save some money by hiring an attorney. It's better to select an attorney who has a lot experience.

Rule 2. Type Of Experience

Take a look at the potential attorney's biography on his website, as the attorney ever worked for the immigration service? As the attorney been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association? You pay your dues, you are a member that is no guarantee of quality.

Rule 3. Expertise

Immigration attorneys specialize in many different niches, do you want an immigration attorney who specializes in employment-based, family-based or maybe deportation immigration law. Does the attorney discuss these type of issues on his website? You are halfway there, schedule a consultation with him on the phone and ask him some pertinent questions. If he can't answer those questions scratch them off your list. 

Rule 4. Reputation

Even if it in an attorney has the experience and expertise to handle your case, you may want to know how his is regarded by his colleagues in the immigration Bar. Again, go back to his biography on his website, there are a number of organizations that let lawyers rate other lawyers

The lawyers that you choose should be rated as a super lawyer, be listed as one of the best attorneys in American, he should have an 8 "v" rating from, that is the highest rating for competence and ethics.

Rule 5. Certified Specialist

Here's a little secret that most lawyers won't tell you about, why not, because there are only 4 states in the entire country which have programs to certify lawyers as immigration specialists. Those states are California, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

Someone I know served on the committee that rights and grades the exam for certified specialists in California, and let me tell you this exam separates the men from the mice, and besides passing the test certified specialists need quite a bit of experience and recommendations. This is a way to select an immigration attorney.

Rule 6. Location

When you are buying a house, the 3 most important words are location, location, and location. The opposite is true when you are selecting an immigration attorney, why, because immigration law is federal law, an immigration attorney licensed in any state can practice anywhere in the United State.

The law firm has individual and corporate clients in over 45 different states and in many foreign countries, almost every day for the past 25 years they have obtained temporary visas and green cards for people they have never met in person.

Rule 7. Communication

How fast does your immigration attorney answer your emails and phone calls, be reasonable, if he is immediately accessible, you may be his only client. But if you have to wait days for a reply, you may want to change attorneys.

Rule 8. Staff

Immigration is complex and no one can know it all, each attorney and paralegal in the law firm should be a specialist in a particular area. One is an expert on per applications, another is a litigator, you get the idea.

Rule 9. Selecting Immigration Attorney

The biggest mistake that immigrations make in selecting immigration attorneys. People feel comfortable selecting an immigration attorney who speaks their language or who is from the same country that they are from. This may work in choosing a spouse but it often leads to disastrous results in immigration cases.

Rule 10. Money

Yes, money is a very important consideration, that is why some people drive Honda's and other people buy Mercedes, just remember that your immigration lawyers job is to ensure that you and your family get to live in the US for the rest of your lives.

If that is important to you. why not choose the best attorney that you can afford. 

That is it for the 10 rule for selecting an immigration attorney.

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